photographed by David Christopher Lee

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Casting Call for kids 3-12 years old at an exclusive, invite only, monthly kid’s photo shoot event with celeb portrait photographer David Christopher Lee. 

We are looking for 3 kids to be featured on the cover of David’s Guide Magazine ( in collaboration with Kinoo Magic Wand September 24th in Los Angeles. We are looking for 3 kids to be on the cover of the magazine each month with celebrities, influencers, sponsors and Kinoo team in attendance.

David’s Guide celebrates the new Renaissance with higher consciousness. Previous covers have featured Mandy Moore, John David Washington, Emily Ratajkowski and many more. You can see celebrity photographer, David Christopher Lee’s work at or his Instagram at 

We are guaranteeing high resolution portraits for all casting participants including a family portrait by celebrity photographer David Christopher Lee for you to post a picture or video of your kid having fun playing with a “pretend” magic wand or real one on Instagram or Tiktok and tag @kinoofamily @davidsguide @davidcleephotography #kinoomagicwand 

By doing this, you will get an invitation to the exclusive kid’s photoshoot event by emailing me your post. 

Kinoo Magic wand is an active learning tool that combines the 3 learning styles: visual, auditory and kinesthetic all in one to help kids academically, enhance learning skills/ life skills, kid’s development, literacy development, learning basic skills and more.

A previous live story on instagram if you want to know more info of the Kinoo magic wand.

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