photographed by David Christopher Lee

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David’s Guide

Cole Walliser: The King of Slow Motion

Cole Walliser is a Canadian filmmaker, director and host, based in Santa Monica. He gained his Bachelor’s of Arts degree from the University of British Columbia in Psychology before making the big move to Hollywood to pursue film. He has established himself on both sides of the camera, directing talent like Pink/Katy Perry and commercials for brands like Red Bull/Chevy. He also shot for Covergirl, including female pop stars; Cher, Britney Spears, Selena Gomez, Tinashe, Laura Marano and more.

Cameron Silver: International Man of Style

Cameron Silver,​ a global fashion expert, celebrity stylist, fashion influencer and international best-selling author, is the founder of Decades, an acclaimed vintage retail store in Los Angeles. In 2012, he published the industry tome DECADES: A Century of Fashion​ and has written for publications including The New York Times, Harpers Bazaar,​ and  Departures.​ Cameron brings his expertise on the history of fashion to speaking engagements around the world, focusing on the past, reflecting on the current state of fashion, and contemplating the future of fashion. 

Eugene Choi – the Fit 44 Year Old Doctor

Eugene Choi is a physician with 15 years of clinical experience.  He was pre-med biology major at Princeton University, went to medical school at Weill Cornell Medical College, and did his residency training at UCLA.  He is a life-long fitness enthusiast and dedicated Crossfitter over the last decade. He currently practice and lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two young boys.  

The Lincoln Lawyer Star Christopher Gorham

Christopher Gorham circles back to Netlfix for which he starred in two season of the original dark comedy series „Insatiable“ for their anticipated legal drama, „The Lincoln Lawyer“ series with Neve Campbell based upon Michael Connnelly’s best-selling novels.

Gorham previously starred as fan-favorite blind CIA operative, Auggie Anderson, in USA’s hit original series “Covert Affairs,” for which he was awarded the Seeing Beyond Vision Loss: Special Achievement Award from the Canadian National Institute for the Blind.  His “Covert Affairs” presence extended off camera as well.  He directed episode 313, “Man in the Middle,” as well as the Auggie centered season four episode “Covert Affairs: Sights Unseen” which he also produced.  Additional directorial episodes include 414, “River Euphrates,“ and 512, “Starlings of the Slipstream,” during the final season.

Fabian Arnold, Model & Influencer

Fabian Arnold is 25 years old and  from Cologne, Germany. He grew up in a small town country side right before the city cologne. His hobbies were soccer, handball and hanging around in the forest building tree houses. As he got bullied in school he wanted to change something and started going to the gym in age of 16.  That changed his  life as he got scouted for modelling in age of 18 at a fitness faire in Cologne.