What is the best? The best defined by when you experience an emotion of joy, when you live in the moment, when you create an enchanting memory. The best is when you share these moments with your friends and family. Emotions of abundance, exhilaration and feeling special flood the brain with bewilderment and delight.

One must realize that the best comes from within. To live this way, you need to maintain the proper mindset through meditation, gratitude, and appreciation. There is inspiration around you wherever you go and whatever you do; just don’t close your eyes to it. Your thoughts are so powerful and with intuition, you can design your life, your own paradise. 

Imagine staying in the Royal Suite of the Imperial Hotel in Vienna. Lay on the 15 foot bed under the 20 foot ceilings. Admire the baroque painting on the walls and gaze at the pristine chandeliers that hang over you. Experience the best service in the world at the Michelin Star Restaurant Santceloni in Madrid or connect with some of the innovative people in the world at an EPX Space Cowboy Retreat. The possibilities are endless.

David’s Guide was founded by photographer David Christopher Lee who has experienced life in 40 countries for months at a time at each. He has scoured the globe to find these hidden gems and bring them to you. David plans to give you the insider glimpse into the most exclusive, the most elusive and the experiences that will bring you joy.

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