Travel Influencers to Follow

One of the hottest travel trends these days is influencers. In fact, today, even though there are millions of travelers in the world, only a few thousand have any major impact on camera sales! One key reason these unnamed people have such a large influence is because they give us tips that makes our travel times much more enjoyable.

5 Travel Influencers to Follow

Sorelle Amore

This Woman Got Paid to Travel the World in 5-Star Luxury

Seriola is known for her active lifestyle on Instagram and it’s only right that she shares with us some of her favorite bloggers to follow. Sorelle Amore is an Instagram influencer with a large following of over 3,100 and counting. She is a traveler and blogger who loves going to different countries. Sorelle’s blog is mostly photos that she uploads during her travels as well as her interior design style. Follow Sorelle on Instagram @sorkellemore

Oneika the traveller

A woman in a blue swimsuit posing beside a pool.

Oneika is a full-time international DJ and travel blogger whose posts about happiness and upbeat life videos have garnered over 5.5 million followers across her personal Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube accounts.

Ella ha creado tres marcas en lo que va de 2018: Aussayats which a retail eco jewellery brand has been created by Oneika and Three Roads based on her belief of travelling “without displacement,” Two Birds which produces neo-sushi rolls (sushi rolls made with premium vegan ingredients), y Goodwell which is a personal service that looks after the wellbeing needs of its team members as they travel to destinations around the world.


Wonguy is a travel influencer who shares attractive photos and video clips of her travelling abroad. She shares tips for people who like exploring different countries too. I found that Wonguy is an excellent online resource for people curious to learn about travel. Cédric Leennec, better known by his online alias Wonguy, is a travel blogger who writes about his experiences living on the road. He also posts regularly on Snapchat in videoblog format, or vlogs. 


The Best Travel Blog Posts Around the World to Inspire You | Voyagefox

voyagefox is a social media site with blogs written by travelers from around the world that travel for their career. They offer commentaries about where they went and what they did, including guides on ingredients to pack, should you be planning to break your own travels soon or eat local foods. They also offer “What’s trending” posts, where they talk about hottest Instagram photos. With the help of some amazing travel influencers, you can discover what destinations are worth it and where to go.


Many Seekers are trying to find and emulate the perfect lifestyle. Some would rather travel around the world for a year or travel for just one week. The Internet has widened our horizons and put us in touch with those who have similar interests. Vagabrothers is a newly founded social network for those who travel, at other times fill their time with adventures, hobbies, or even controversial subjects compared to their typical life at home.


There are so many travel bloggers, influencers and Insta-movies with magical landscapes. However, we only have time to follow a few that know what they’re about, stay ahead of the service desk for their itineraries and language preferences that seamlessly meet our needs. When deciding if you should follow a brand on their social media accounts, it is important to KNOW WHY. 

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