8 Tesla Drawbacks to Look Out For

Driving a Tesla is cool. With a sleek design and interactive display, what possibly could go wrong? However, that’s not the case. As much as EVs seem efficient, they’re not as reliable. Advantages aside, EVs pose threats worth discussing.

From charging issues to maintenance, there’s a diverse set of problems that you could face. However, such problems may subside with time. With technology perfected in the future, EV conditions are bound to improve.

The EVs are yet to be perfected, and with current cons, there’s still a long way to go. This article is focused on discussing potential problems that Tesla may have. So, if you have an EV, this article may save or warn you from trouble. So, let’s dive and explore what obstacles you can face in an EV.

  1. Limited Dealerships

Most dealerships have some kind of maintenance workshop attached to them. It helps the customers easily maintain their vehicles. Since Tesla took this responsibility, finding Tesla’s workshops has become difficult.

Even the available maintenance centers are swamped with vehicles. Car owners have to wait hours to get their vehicles inspected. Moreover, over-the-air update features can only solve petty problems. A trip to the dealership is mandatory to repair physical damage or battery malfunctions.

  1. Unreliable Warning Lights

The more technology something has, the greater the chance of glitches. Such is the case with Tesla’s EVs. The chances are that the drivers may miss warning lights as everything is visible on the digital dashboard.

Moreover, AI-powered systems may get disturbed by a bug. So, there are chances that you might see warning lights without any actual warning or vice versa. Consequently, warning lights may confuse drivers.

This unreliability can be a significant problem, considering the low number of Tesla’s maintenance centers.

  1. Full of Distractions

A Tesla can be anything. But surely, they’re not boring. The infotainment panel ensures maximum entertainment for drivers and passengers. With a lot of features such as games, movies, and shows, it’s guaranteed that you won’t get bored. However, this feature is a double-edged sword.

The infotainment panel can distract the driver. Instead of keeping an eye on the road, it can attract the driver’s attention, posing a serious threat. However, such an infotainment screen can come in handy in parking lots. 

It can keep us entertained while waiting. From games to shows and many more, the infotainment screen includes everything. You can enjoy all the perks of an infotainment tab, assisted by a great connection.

Talking about the internet, we recommend a connection like Optimum. Such a top-notch connection will maximize your entertainment. To find out more, you can visit Optimum’s website. Spanish customers can explore offers at Optimum ofertas de internet.

  1. Self-Driving Cars and Autopilot

A fascinating innovation by Tesla, but is it safe? Tesla is offering self-driven cars and autopilot features. However, still some assistance from the driver is required. Nevertheless, safety concerns with such features have become more important. There’s a question mark on the practicality of the idea.

Being so much dependent on the AI makes us vulnerable. A lack of judgment or a minor error can cause a serious accident. Moreover, high-end sports cars use electric-powered steering units. In no time, such units can lock and stuck in one place. So, there’s a high-risk factor involved in using such features.

  1. Frequent Updates

Similar to an app, Tesla gets updates as well. Often, such updates cause a headache. Simply because frequent updates are difficult to get a hold of. Although, the main purpose of updates is to fix the existing bugs. 

However, some updates can cause bugs. The users then have to wait for another update to fix those errors. So, an update may fix the existing errors but can create new bugs, and this is how the cycle keeps on repeating.

  1. Expensive Batteries and Tires

Almost every EV is heavier than a normal car. The reason is simple. With no ICE involved, EVs work with a set of batteries. In addition, they’re placed below the seats or rear end of the car. This increases the overall weight of the car.

As the weight increases, so does the torque. Consequently, the tires wear more rapidly than an average car. Moreover, we’re not implying that inferior quality tires are put in Tesla’s EVs. Quality-wise, tires are as good as in any other car. 

However, the additional torque and friction make tires burn readily. Also, a person may get a hold on how to resolve minor ICE problems. But with batteries placed below the passenger seats, it might be difficult for them to fix them.

  1. Privacy Concerns

Technology is great but sometimes, too much excess of anything is bad. The same is the case with Tesla’s in-built cameras. Tesla claims to collect information regarding driver’s experience with cameras.

However, in-built cameras can take pictures and videos even when the car is parked. So, such cameras pose serious privacy concerns.

  1. Intense Automatic Braking

Automatic braking is only useful when a driver applies it. But in Tesla, it’s a lot different. With sensors mounted in the front of the car, it can assess where to apply brakes. It can be beneficial in certain situations. However, it takes some control out of the driver’s hands.

Moreover, these cars can apply brakes where they’re not needed. So, the drivers have to be more cautious while driving a Tesla.

Winding Up

Tesla is drastically changing the automotive industry. They have surely made vehicles cleaner and greener. However, some flaws question the practicality of Tesla’s EVs. With time, Tesla may overcome such hurdles. As technology grows, Tesla may find ways to resolve existing problems. 


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