EPX Space Cowboy Retreat

photography & article by David Christopher Lee

50 members from around the globe gathered at the EPX Ranch located 15 miles from Barstow, California. They came from as far as Madrid, Spain to camp in luxurious RVs and partook in Bacchanalian festivities. EPX Founder Paul Kirchoff & Brooke Kirchoff single-handedly organized this mini “burning man” retreat where members ate, drank, danced, and enjoyed the desert sunsets’ pure red and purple light.

I treated guests to two photoshoots, one on top of the hill and the other at dinner. Guests dressed up to express their creativity with spacey costumes, cowboy hats and sparkly outfits. I grouped people together based on their outfits and staggered them onto the mountainscape to design the proper perspective and composition for the photographs.

behind the scenes

Pianist Will O’Brien and electric Violinist Dave Kim showcased their incredible talents with a moonlight impromptu music session. DJs Ofier Zig and Alejandro Illera Daccach got the crowd going two nights in a row. The first night featured a space-cowboy theme where guests raged between glowing planets and a gargantuan inflatable astronaut. They played deep sexy beats and progressively got the crowd jumping up and down.

The second night was hosted in the Valley of the Gods with a mini Acropolis setup complete with Greek statues and Roman columns. The surprise of the night were glowing 10-foot-tall puppets and danced with EPX members. One of the afternoons was hosted by the talented Kent Kellough as he did a deep house afternoon in the midst of the canyon.

Alejandro Illera Daccach, Dave Kim, & Ofier Zig

One of the most relaxing moments was chilling on the vibrating floor filled with grass which was brought to us by Craig Goldberg and Lin Fisher. The last evening was hosted in the middle of the desert with an all-white audience. Guests sipped on white wine and ate wood-fired pizza.

The party doesn’t end until sunrise!
Dancer, flamed thrower, gymnast and ultimate badass Foxie Flambe, provided the energy of the weekend.


clothing by Maison Marvaan

For more information, visit EPX.

jacket by Maison Maarvan

EPX is a super hot next gen social and business network dedicated to accelerating success, living a life of adventure, building powerful and authentic relationships, and dramatically increasing one’s personal performance across health, mindset and leadership. Members range from legendary astronauts to pioneering explorers to World Cup and gold medal champions and business thought leaders in multiple industries around the world. In the next 30 days, the company will announce a new platform and invite others to join.

For more pictures from the weekend, click here.

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