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Charles Chen is a wellness expert & social impact entrepreneur who lost over 100 pounds and transformed his life. Featured as a regular on Good Morning America, Dr. Oz, Food Network, TLC Discovery, Netflix. Charles is the founder of 888 Process , a wellness platform focused on amplifying diverse wellness leaders through events, content, and products. Charles has consulted top CPG & lifestyle companies such as Nestle, Clorox, Whole Foods, Amazon & more.

Tell me about your upbringing. Were you always creative as a child?

I was always creating something, whether that be testing out recipes, drawing, dancing, or  filming a homemade movie and casting my friends.

How did you get into the culinary arts? How did you find your passion?

I grew up raised by a single mother. My sister and I tried our best to contribute at a early age to take some work load off my mom as she was working a full-time job, taking care of us, and also going to night school to get her masters. I watched my aunt cook growing up, and also fell in love with the Food Network, so whenever my sister and I were hungry I would cook. This is when I started creating healthier dishes to classic American & Taiwanese dishes. I never thought it would be something I did for a living. 

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Tell us about 888 Process:

This came through meditation. A lot of people would ask me about my weight loss transformation and how I did it. I have coached other clients to lose 100 pounds, and transform their lives multiple times. I realized I had a process, 8 resembling the infinity sign. Three 8’s for ( mind, body, and spirit). Transformation is a lifelong journey, the idea is creating micro habits daily that have a tremendous impact with consistency. I quickly realized many people have their daily 888 Process, so we feature other wellness leaders and share their daily 888’s through content, events, and a monthly curated self-care kit. 

How do you work with brands? What are some of the brands you are currently working with?

We have worked with many Fortune 500 to small up-and-coming CPG companies. The key things we look for is brands with soul, brands with a strong mission, and integrity. We curate the brands we would recommend to our own friends & family. 

How do you achieve higher consciousness?

Through my daily 888 Process that includes, meditation, yoga, swimming, nourishment and the most important is community. I believe transformation is a collective experience, when we turn inwards to hear our own traumas, we can share that light with others and support our community. Having a support system of brothers and sisters holding you accountable to live your full potential keeps us grounded, and continuing to show up for each other. 

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Why is gratitude so important?

With gratitude you can transmute any pain, darkness into light. It’s a shift in perspective of “ why is this happening to me?” to “ what is this here to teach me?”  I try my best to start my mornings with everything I am grateful for. What we focus on expands, so if we focus on the all the good in our lives, we continue to attract more good into our lives. 

One’s reality is achieved through the thoughts one believes in their head. How do you take a thought and manifest it into your dreams?

One of my favorite manifestation exercises is to tap into frequency. I like to listen to specific binaural frequencies in the morning or night either 888hz or whatever chakras vibrations that is intuitively wanting some realigning. I visualize my dream reality, and tap into specific emotions. How am I feeling in this relationship, what do I smell? What do I hear? Who is with me? What are all the feelings ( confidence, radiance, love, compassion..) And then I embody those emotions, and act as if they are already real. Law of attraction is frequencies meeting frequencies. So in order for us to attract and manifest, we first must become the vibration. 

Everyone has a past…sometimes, it can be quite dark. How would you suggest letting go of your past so that you can achieve great results for the future? 

Everyone has a soul purpose for why they are here now.. As soon as we get about the business of sharing those specific gifts with the world the more we experience flow and ease. Darkness, resistance, self-sabotage are all forms of stuck energy, we must release the trauma and old stories that no longer serve us, as our light, and soul purpose is so much bigger than ourselves. 

When we are in alignment we are operating from the infinite self that is made of unconditional love. Part of the lessons we are here to learn is to transmute darkness into light, not being attached to the physical but to utilize this physical form to materialize the spiritual into heaven on earth. It’s like detoxifying the body, we must clear up all the excess toxins first ( trauma, heal the inner child) before we can welcome in optimal health. I truly believe excess weight is stored trauma in the body, as we heal, we become energetically and physically lighter as we are no longer holding on to the baggage of toxicity. We can heal through plant medicine, energy work, movement, sound, and prayer.

What is the best way of connecting with someone? 

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I typically connect with others energetically before any words are exchanged. I enjoy connecting heart to heart with others. I don’t judge people based on their career accolades but as a soul. I like to observe the way people show up, the way they treat others, and the way they serve others who can’t do anything for them.

What are your views on psychedelics?  

I believe psychedelics are powerful tools when used intentionally. No of which should be abandoned, or abused. We also must pay respect to the ancestors and tribes who made these medicines available to us in the western culture. One should have a dedicated mindfulness practice prior to exploring these medicines to help navigate and also work with a qualified professional in this field. Integration is key to any journey, make sure you have resources and have done your own research prior to any ceremony.

Do you have any biohacking practices that you do?

I enjoy daily cold showers, monthly cryotherapy, red light therapy. Also I am a big believer or colon hydrotherapy and coffee enemas ( via Max Gerson of Gerson Therapy) if you know, you know. 

Who inspires you? 

I am inspired by Oprah, my mom, and the everyday hero who is putting in work without seeking outside validation. The one who does what’s right even when noone is watching, because there is always someone watching. 

What projects are you working on now?

Currently building 888 Process wellness community, a podcast, writing my first book, and developing a non-scripted tv show. 

What would be your ultimate dream project?

I would love to be a coach on a health transformation tv show

What does beauty mean to you?
Beauty has always been energetic to me, and deeper than the physical form. It’s that radiance that is exuded from within, it is truly knowing who you are, and standing for the truth even if you voice shakes when speaking. 

How would you describe success?

 Success to me is inner peace. 

Where are your favorite places to travel to? 

Barcelona, Paris, Taiwan

Where can we find you? 

@CharlesChenTV or


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