Financial Analyst, Former Nurse, finds Wealth and Wellness 

The recent years have seen a whirlwind of changes, presenting both challenges and opportunities. Many found themselves at pivotal moments, having to adapt and evolve. Among them was Financial Consultant, Gisella Vasquez, who chose to embrace change and thrive in the evolving landscape.  

A woman with shoulder-length hair wearing a white blouse is sitting and smiling at the camera.Gisella’s humanity and compassion can partially be attributed to having a successful career in Nursing prior to entering the financial sector.  Born in New York and then raised in  Coral Springs, Florida during her formative years.  Gisella moved to her familial home in the  Philippines at age 10. Shortly after she began attending Sacred Heart,  a Chinese Catholic All Girls, and graduated with a nursing degree at age 20. Gisella’s mother was a strong reason she pursued medicine, being a Family Doctor and General Practitioner herself. 

After leaving Subu (The Philippines), Gisella moved back to the United States landing in Los Angeles and working at the renowned cancer and treatment center City of Hope.  This provided her with a unique insight to people which eventually would parlay to her financial career years later. 

She describes her years of nursing as both stable and exciting. 

 “I was going out of town and having fun and overspending because I knew I could make it up the next two weeks by picking up extra shifts at the hospital on the weekend.”

A woman with shoulder-length hair wearing a white blouse is sitting and smiling at the camera.

After 8 years of being a Registered Nurse. She had saved $80,000. An opportunity arose to invest in a family restaurant back home in the Philippines . Whilst still living in California she had a family member set up a restaurant with the intention of one day returning full-time and living out her days of cooking and hospitality.  She began travelling back and forth to Subu from Los Angeles and was enjoying the process of seeing what her investment was providing to her family and the community. 

People would say to her “Do not work too hard, Gisella you are still young, just enjoy your life”, and for all intents and purposes, she was. She was financially supporting herself and her family. Working hard was something she thrived with and her family was proud of her She was proud of herself.

A woman with shoulder-length hair wearing a white blouse is sitting and smiling at the camera.

Shortly thereafter, however, in 2014 her life changed. Gisella suffered a severe neck injury as a byproduct of a car accident. This affected her health and well-being. She began withdrawing from the things in life she enjoyed. Primarily as a result of the physical pain. After 6 months of stagnation and a brief period of not working, she made a resolve to regain her confidence, rejoin the world and do what she loved. 

A woman with shoulder-length hair wearing a white blouse is sitting and smiling at the camera.

Prior to the accident she had sat down with a financial consultant to re-evaluate her fiduciary wants and needs. This had thankfully provided her with a structure that helped her make it through her recovery.  

 From hospital bills to family obligations, time spent recovering from her injury had taken a small toll.  When her financial consultant was able to redesign her personal spending with aplomb she was so inspired that Gisella decided she wanted to help people with their money. A task and subject difficult for most persons to master. Giselle speaks of her philosophy as one where -she states

“My goal is to free people. I found a new passion in the financial industry helping families from all walks of life who wanted to build a better financial foundation. I found pleasure in teaching simple concepts such as saving money early versus later, more nuanced elements such as the impact of taxes, living without debt, proper protection and compound interest.”

After making the decision to pursue financial education and consulting full time she was introduced to a financial firm  before branching out and developing her own team

When I sat down with Gisella, I was pleasantly surprised to find her to be as kind and gracious as her philosophy states to be. When talking about how the past year and the pandemic reshaped her in personal and professional ways she referenced an acronym that became a mantra of sorts.

CHANGE-representing her evolution during this time it stands for, C is for challenge. To convert to what is and to let go of what was one must always be challenging themselves. H-Happen. Those who make things happen, those who watched what happened, and those who go ‘What the Hell Just happened?’ Decide which one you are.  A stands for Appreciate and Action. Appreciate all that you do and make sure to take action. N is New Reflections and Innovation. How are we looking at life and business in a post-covid world and look at what new Innovations society has developed as a by product of the pandemic. G is for Growth. Continue growing and evolving in all areas of life. Finally E, which is for Empowerment and Enjoy. Empower all those around you and yourself. Enjoy all that you do and the money will come. 

This reverence towards personal development, actualization and strengthening her relationships with everyone whom she encounters has made Gisella Marie Vasquez the go-to financial strategist.  Gisella is currently licensed in California, Virginia, Washington State, the District of Columbus, Florida, Nevada, Arizona, North Carolina, Alaska, and Utah She  can be found at


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