From the Countryside of Australia to Becoming a LA Tech Visionary – Augmented Reality Scope

Raised amidst the tranquility of a sugar cane farm in Bundaberg (the ginger beer capital), Australia, Neil Morgan’s ascent to a tech titan (augmented reality scope) in Los Angeles’s dynamic landscape tells a tale of drive, innovation, and vision. Armed with a solid grounding in Computer Science and Business from the University of Queensland, Neil masterfully melded tech expertise with his entrepreneurial flair.

Augmented Reality Scope

Currently at the helm as the CEO of, he’s on the cusp of unveiling a state-of-the-art Immersive Media platform. Committed to leveraging technology, Neil’s mission is to tackle pressing global issues and empower the younger generation to craft inspiring narratives using advanced Augmented Reality and AI technologies.

The Augmented Reality Future Scope

Neil’s distinguished track record isn’t confined to recent ventures. His tenure as the principal at Connected Capital saw him refine his acumen in business outreach, capital mobilization, and consultancy, while also penning several motivational articles. Early in his journey, he engaged with top-tier global consultancies and birthed Morgan Executive, a platform sharpening his skills in executive headhunting and nurturing crucial business ties locally and globally.

The Long Road from Australia: Scope Augmented Reality

After relocating to the USA around four years ago, Neil’s achievements became headlines—gracing the cover of Variety Magazine, making appearances in numerous international media, featuring on podcasts, and addressing premier tech conferences. Awarded a green card in an unprecedented time, his credentials speak of his remarkable capabilities. Neil’s artistic side shone as a music and VFX producer, collaborating with Grammy laureates and spearheading novel holographic and VR experiences.

His affable demeanor aids in rapidly building trust, leading him to orchestrate and produce star-studded events, promoting pressing issues like climate change while also weaving his knack for connecting influential personalities. Neil’s ongoing endeavors involve infusing immersive tech innovations into entertainment, iconic brands, museums, and landmarks, reinventing their engagement tactics.

The Future Scope of Augmented Reality

The future scope of augmented reality (AR) is vast and poised to redefine multiple facets of our daily lives and industries. As technological advancements continue, AR’s integration is expanding beyond gaming and entertainment into sectors like healthcare, where surgeons can get real-time data overlays during procedures, and education, where students can experience immersive learning environments. Retail and real estate industries are leveraging AR for virtual try-ons and property tours, offering customers richer and more informed experiences.

Additionally, with the convergence of 5G, AI, and IoT, the capabilities and applications of AR will further amplify, paving the way for more interactive, personalized, and context-aware digital overlays in our physical world. As AR devices become more accessible and software ecosystems mature, the transformative potential of augmented reality will be realized in unprecedented ways, marking a new era of human-computer interaction.

Looking to the Future

Yet, beyond these commendable professional feats, Neil’s essence lies in his values—kindness, deep-rooted family bonds, and an unwavering zeal to better the world. His adventurous side has tales of running alongside bulls in Pamplona, conquering Africa’s Mountains of the Moon, and battling the rapids of the formidable Zambezi. Guided by the principle of “learn, earn, return,” inspired by his mentors, he cherishes the adage, “The spirited horse, though eager to win, runs even faster with a tad encouragement.” His family, especially his daughters Ashley and Charlotte, reflect the principles he treasures.

Fondly labeled as the “Human LinkedIn,” Neil’s vast network, dependability, and business fervor are legendary. Tracing back to his modest beginnings on an Australian farm to his stature as an LA tech visionary, Neil Morgan epitomizes dreams achieved, tenacity, and an unwavering pledge to instigate positive global shifts in the augmented reality scope.

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