Burning Man Photo Etiquette: Capturing Moments Without Breaking Boundaries

The world beyond the default: For one week, Black Rock City (BRC) rises from the dust of the Nevada desert, bringing together a unique community for the annual Burning Man event. Amidst the art installations, themed camps, and extraordinary outfits, it’s tempting to capture every mesmerizing moment with your camera. But before you click, it’s crucial to understand and respect Burning Man’s photo etiquette.

1. Ask First, Shoot Later

Burning Man isn’t your typical festival. It’s a temporary city where participants come to express themselves freely, often in ways they wouldn’t elsewhere. Before snapping a photo or recording a video, always ask for permission. This simple gesture ensures that you respect the privacy and comfort of your fellow Burners.

A person wearing a cowboy hat, sunglasses, a bandana over their face, and blue pants stands on a bright, sandy background with text about Burning Man photo etiquette.2. Understand Personal Boundaries

If someone declines to be photographed, accept their decision gracefully. No questions, no pressure. BRC thrives on mutual respect and understanding; violating this can not only hurt individuals but also erode the trust within the community.

3. Remember: Not All Cameras Are Welcome Everywhere

Certain spaces within BRC, like some themed camps or events, may have rules against photography. These rules are set to ensure the privacy and comfort of participants. Always respect these boundaries and look out for signs or guidelines regarding photography.

4. Limit the Use of Drones

While drones can capture breathtaking overhead shots of Black Rock City, their use is restricted. If you plan to fly a drone, ensure you’re aware of the guidelines and have the necessary permissions. It’s also crucial to avoid invading people’s personal spaces or disrupting events.

5. Think Before Sharing Online

The principle of Decommodification at Burning Man implies resisting the substitution of consumption for participatory experience. When you share photos online, especially of other people, consider the implications. Does it commodify their experience? Would they approve? Anonymity and privacy are essential values at Burning Man, and not everyone might want their moments at BRC to be broadcasted on the internet.

6. No Commercial Use

One of Burning Man’s core principles is Decommodification, which means the event aims to exist outside the realm of commercial interests. Unless you have explicit permission, using photos or videos from Burning Man for commercial purposes is strictly forbidden.

7. Focus on Experience, Not Documentation

It’s easy to get caught up in documenting every moment, but remember, Burning Man is about the experience. Sometimes, it’s best to put down the camera and immerse yourself fully in the present moment. Memories can often be more vivid than photographs.

8. Be Conscious of Night Photography

The desert nights at BRC are dark, punctuated by art installations, fire performances, and glowing camps. While these are beautiful to photograph, remember to turn off the flash. A sudden burst of light can be blinding and disruptive.


Capturing the beauty and essence of Burning Man is a tempting endeavor for any photographer, amateur or professional. However, as with everything at BRC, it’s rooted in respect, understanding, and adherence to the event’s core principles. By practicing thoughtful photo etiquette, you can ensure that your memories of the playa are both beautiful and respectful of the unique community that calls Black Rock City home.

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