David Esquivel: A Visionary’s Journey in Fragrance Creation

David Esquivel’s journey from the bustling cities of San Diego and Westwood, Los Angeles, to becoming a recognized name in the fragrance industry is a tale of passion, innovation, and relentless pursuit of excellence. We explore the pivotal moments, inspirations, and aspirations that have shaped his career and vision for his fragrance line.

The Master of Sales

In an impressive feat within the retail sector, David Esquivel played a pivotal role in propelling the Suitsupply store in Century City to unparalleled success. Under his stewardship, the store witnessed a staggering increase of over $500,000 from the previous year’s earnings in a single month, edging close to a monumental $2 million in monthly revenue.

This remarkable achievement not only set a new benchmark for the store but also catapulted it to the forefront of Suitsupply’s global operations, securing its position as the #1 store worldwide. Esquivel’s contribution to this success story underscores his exceptional ability to drive sales and manage high-performing teams, marking a significant milestone in the competitive landscape of luxury retail.

The feat described by Esquivel encapsulates not just the triumph of a single store but illustrates a broader narrative of dedication, strategic prowess, and the capacity to achieve the extraordinary in the fast-paced world of retail.

Early Influences and Career Beginnings

Growing up between the dynamic environments of Westwood and San Diego, David Esquivel was captivated by the vibrant cityscapes and the notion that success is not just about what you know, but also who you know. This early realization spurred his interest in customer service and management, laying the groundwork for his future endeavors. Opting to immerse himself fully in the senior year experiences of high school rather than graduating early, Esquivel’s time was deeply influenced by the contrasting cultures and opportunities of his two homes.

His career began with a significant decision during the Great Recession to drop out of college and work full-time at the award-winning Dearinger Salon in La Jolla, California. Here, Esquivel honed his customer service skills, learning to treat each client with equal importance, a principle that would become a cornerstone of his professional ethos. Under the tutelage of Mark Dearinger, he learned valuable lessons in work ethic and the importance of maintaining high standards.

Transition to Fragrance Creation

Esquivel’s fascination with fragrances began in childhood but was truly ignited during his tenure at Macy’s fine fragrance department in 2006. His experiences there, particularly the personal connections formed through the selection of fragrances for special occasions, deepened his passion for perfumery.

A pivotal trip to Paris in 2007 marked the beginning of his journey into fragrance creation, where he experimented with blending different notes to create a signature scent that was uniquely his own. Despite initial failures, these experiments taught him the complexity and artistry of perfumery.

“In 2006 I worked at Macy’s in the fine fragrance department, that’s where I started to develop my deep passion for fragrance. I had two memorable sales, one in the moment and another 10+ years later.

Vera Wang launched her fragrance which was floral in the shape of a wedding dress, I remember helping a customer choose her wedding fragrance, we probably smelled everything in the store that day, but she ultimately decided on the Vera Wang.

I remember all my coworkers thinking I was crazy because It took so much time assisting her, but I was so happy at the end knowing she was happy with her choice for her special day. The other sale was to a man who asked for my suggestion for a gift for his girlfriend, I suggested Calvin Klein Euphoria as it had an aphrodisiac ingredient. 10+ years later when I was working for Nordstrom in Los Angeles, I came across the couple and he remembered me and was with his wife, who at the time was his girlfriend. They took me out to lunch to tell me how I influenced their love life.

When I created my first fragrance in 2007 I wanted something different, but young, I remember mixing lavender with citrus, with everything else I liked, and when I smelled the final product it was terrible. I created another one which had less ingredients and was more pleasant. That’s when I discovered not anybody can make a hit fragrance,” said Esquivel.

Managerial Expertise

With over a decade of experience in management positions at renowned companies like Nordstrom, Caleres, and Creed, Esquivel has learned the importance of empathy in leadership.

Understanding and respecting the perspectives of both employees and customers have been key to navigating challenges and driving business success. His honesty and dedication to customer service have fostered trust and loyalty, essential components of his managerial philosophy.

“You must have empathy with everyone, especially your employees. When you understand, and your employees know you understand their point of view, you can leverage difficult situations,” he says.

Innovation and Marketing Passion

Esquivel’s innovative spirit extends to his approach to fragrance marketing and product development. His insights gained from attending Paris Packaging Week and his experience in the beauty industry have informed his strategies for making his fragrance line stand out in a competitive market.

David said, “My last is around marketing, I don’t plan to spend much on marketing, I will adopt a very healthy and financially lucrative environment for my employees, I believe that when your employees are happy they will do the marketing for you that is far more effective than expensive ads.”

By focusing on customer experience, transparency, and employee satisfaction, he aims to redefine marketing in the fragrance industry.

Education and Future Plans

Balancing his academic pursuits in international business with managing his YouTube channel, “David Esquivel Reviews,” showcased Esquivel’s exceptional ability to juggle multiple projects. These endeavors complement his plans for launching a fragrance line, allowing him to leverage his growing online presence and business acumen for future success.

YouTube Channel Insights

David Esquivel Reviews” has been a platform for Esquivel to engage with a broad audience, sharing his insights on various products and consumer preferences. His innovative approach to digital marketing through the channel has shaped his understanding of the market and influenced his strategies for his fragrance line.

Creating Custom Perfumes

Esquivel’s custom perfumes are the result of a thoughtful process that delves into the memories, experiences, and dreams of his clients. His ability to create memorable fragrances that resonate on a personal level is a testament to his creative talent and deep understanding of the emotional impact of scents.

“The process is complex and requires a lot of thought, I often think of what they have and avoid some of those main notes. But because is so personal, part of my creative development process goes very deep into the memories, experiences, and dreams of my clients. After all, Fragrance is all nostalgic,” reveals Esquivel.

Mentorship and Influences

Throughout his journey, Esquivel has been influenced by mentors and significant figures who have shaped his approach to business and creativity. These relationships have enriched his perspective and inspired him to pursue his passions with determination and integrity.

“Alon Shtruzman, Connie Huerta, Dr. Fabio Albano, V. Stiviano and my first professional mentor in Real Estate who departed us Bob Zay. My best friend who I don’t speak
about publically, we can call him “Sam”, we travel the world together and explore any perfume shop we come across. His collection exceeds 1K+ and he’s also involved in the creative process.”

Vision for Your Fragrance Line

Esquivel’s upcoming fragrance line aims to evoke the emotions of his travels, experiences, and connections, offering scents that capture the essence of memorable moments. His vision is to create fragrances that transport wearers to times and places dear to their hearts.

Engagement with Cultural Influences

Incorporating the diverse cultural influences from his travels into his fragrance line, Esquivel plans to offer a collection that celebrates diversity and caters to a wide range of preferences, reflecting the rich tapestry of human experience.

Sustainability and Ethical Leadership

As consumer awareness around sustainability and ethics grows, Esquivel’s commitment to these principles becomes even more significant. His ambition to implement ethical standards across all aspects of his business, from sourcing to sales, positions him as a leader in the movement towards a more responsible and sustainable beauty industry. By prioritizing the welfare of people and the planet, Esquivel’s fragrance line aims to not only captivate the senses but also contribute to a positive impact on the world.

“I want transparency from farm to bottle. I want customers to see “who created your perfume”. I will adopt many ethical standards, including carbon tracking, equal pay with gender, and many more. Businesses have the power to do this now but sacrifice high million-dollar benefit packages for their CEO and board members over these practices,” he says.

The Future Scented with Ambition

Looking ahead, Esquivel’s vision for his fragrance line is clear: to create scents that evoke memories, tell stories, and inspire emotions. He seeks to blend the essence of his diverse experiences and cultural influences into a collection that speaks to a global audience. His ambition is not just to launch another product line but to redefine what it means to experience fragrance, making it a deeply personal and transformative journey for each individual.

Conclusion: A Legacy of Innovation and Impact

David Esquivel’s journey in the world of fragrance is a narrative of innovation, passion, and purpose. His commitment to excellence, transparency, and ethical practices sets him apart as a visionary in the industry.

As he continues to build his brand and share his unique perspective on scent, Esquivel’s legacy promises to be one of lasting impact, inspiring future generations of creators and entrepreneurs to pursue their passions with integrity and creativity.

In a world where the beauty of fragrance can transcend mere sensation to become a powerful medium of expression and connection, David Esquivel stands as a beacon of innovation and inspiration.

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