Sustainable Fashion Brands Los Angeles: Reweave LA

In the world of fashion and design, where trends change as swiftly as the seasons, there emerges a brand that defies conventional norms and places sustainability at the heart of its creations. Reweave LA, a company founded by Julie Benniardi and Debbie Ouyang, is more than just a brand; it’s a testament to the power of artistry and sustainability converging to create a unique and lasting impact. Reweave LA is one of the sustainable fashion brands Los Angeles.

Sustainable Fashion Brands Los Angeles: Reweave LA

A Journey Rooted in Passion

The story of Reweave LA begins with a shared passion for textiles, design, and sustainability. Julie, an accomplished interior designer with projects spanning the U.S. and beyond, teamed up with Debbie, a former banker turned remodeling enthusiast. Their shared love for textiles sparked a partnership that would redefine luxury in the fashion and design industry.

The company’s inception was driven by a fundamental belief – that discarded fabric samples from interior design showrooms could find new life as exquisite home goods and fashion pieces. As these two friends embarked on their journey, they were driven by a simple principle: a love of textiles and an aversion to waste.

An elegant dining room with white tablecloths, red chairs, chandeliers, large windows, and ornate decor.

From Waste to Art: The Upcycling Philosophy

The heart of Reweave LA lies in its commitment to upcycling – a creative process that transforms discarded materials into something new, unique, and beautiful. The company sources materials from interior design showrooms, rescuing these swatches and textiles from destined landfill burial. The vision is not just to reuse, but to reimagine, crafting one-of-a-kind luxury items that embrace the story of each fabric’s journey.

An elegant dining room with white tablecloths, red chairs, chandeliers, large windows, and ornate decor.

From intricate brocades to sumptuous silks, every material tells a story. The concept of “upcycling” is ingeniously woven into the brand’s DNA. They receive fabrics of all sizes, from small swatches to larger rolls, and each piece finds its place in a meticulously crafted creation. The result is a collection of fashion and home goods that are not only sustainable but also bear a distinct narrative, preserving the essence of each fabric.

Crafting Sustainability with Purpose: Sustainable Fashion Brands Los Angeles

Reweave LA’s mission goes beyond creating visually striking products. Their commitment to sustainability extends to every aspect of their operations. By partnering with interior design showrooms in Los Angeles, they redirect unused textiles away from landfills. Rather than manufacturing new fabrics, the brand crafts its products using repurposed materials, minimizing their environmental footprint.

An elegant dining room with white tablecloths, red chairs, chandeliers, large windows, and ornate decor.

Local production is a cornerstone of their sustainability efforts. Operating in Los Angeles, the brand supports local artisans and invests in the community. From design to creation, every step is infused with purpose. Even packaging is carefully considered, ensuring that the commitment to sustainability resonates throughout the customer experience.

Empowering Communities, One Stitch at a Time

Reweave LA’s impact extends beyond fashion and design. By collaborating with local artisans, the brand supports job creation and fosters economic empowerment. Their partnerships with organizations like the Downtown Women’s Center and AILA underscore their commitment to giving back. Job training and housing for the unhoused are causes close to their heart, and they contribute a portion of their sales to these organizations.

Distinctive Designs: A Fusion of Art and Culture

One cannot discuss Reweave LA without delving into their designs. The brand’s creations are an embodiment of artistry, sustainability, and cultural fusion. Drawing inspiration from diverse cultures and artistic elements, Julie and Debbie infuse each piece with a unique narrative. Their Asian heritage – Julie from Indonesia and Debbie from the Philippines – plays a role in shaping their designs, which are a reflection of the beauty that arises when cultures intertwine.

An elegant dining room with white tablecloths, red chairs, chandeliers, large windows, and ornate decor.

Sustainable Luxury Redefined

Reweave LA’s products embody a new kind of luxury – sustainable luxury. Their fashion items, from tops and dresses to coats and jackets, are not mere garments; they are wearable art. Each piece carries a story, a connection to the past, and a commitment to the future. By embracing upcycled materials, the brand has redefined what luxury means, showing that beauty can arise from repurposing and creativity.

Building a Community Around Values: Sustainable Fashion Brands Los Angeles


Reweave LA’s engagement with its customers is deeply personal. Through trunk shows and direct interactions, they establish relationships that go beyond transactions. Customers can experience the textures, colors, and stories behind each piece. It’s an invitation to embrace a lifestyle that values sustainability and artistry.

Looking Ahead: Collaborations and Inspirations

The journey of Reweave LA continues with exciting collaborations on the horizon. Partnerships with esteemed entities like Rubelli, a historic textile house, and Halim Flowers, an artist, promise to bring new dimensions to their creations. These collaborations underscore the brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring innovative avenues while staying true to their sustainable ethos.

A Message of Empowerment and Conscious Choices

Reweave LA’s journey carries a powerful message for those seeking to embrace sustainable fashion and conscious purchasing. In a world where fashion’s environmental impact is a growing concern, the brand’s approach offers a solution that marries artistry, luxury, and sustainability. Each piece is a testament to the potential of repurposing, reminding us that fashion need not come at the cost of our planet.

As Julie and Debbie continue to weave their sustainable dream, Reweave LA stands as an embodiment of purpose-driven creativity. Their story is a reminder that innovation and beauty can emerge from unlikely places, redefining industries and inspiring us all to make choices that resonate with our values and shape a more sustainable future.


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