The Nathalie Dubois Gifting Suite: A Golden Globes Affair with Luxury Brands


As the stars aligned for the Golden Globes, the Nathalie Dubois Gifting Suite became a confluence of luxury, innovation, and taste. The event was hosted at the Luxe Hotel on Sunset. It is known for its exclusivity and high-end offerings, presented an array of brands that not only added sparkle to the day but also promised to enhance the lifestyle of the glitterati.

Dion Michaels
Skincare for the modern man was redefined by Dion Michaels, providing a grooming solution designed to simplify and elevate the daily routine of the discerning gentleman.

Skin Medica
The pursuit of flawless skin was catered to by Skin Medica, offering a line of scientifically formulated skincare products to rejuvenate and enhance natural beauty.

The suite was refreshed by the presence of Caliwater, the desert-derived cactus water known for its vast wellness benefits. With its subtle fruit flavor and hydrating properties, it was the perfect antidote to the bustling energy of the event.

Glow Energy Drink
For a boost of vitality, celebrities reached for Glow Energy Drink, a beverage designed to invigorate the body and mind. Packed with vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants, Glow provided a healthy, effervescent lift to the attendees’ spirits.

Lisa Greenfield
Intuition and insight were on offer through the talents of Lisa Greenfield, a renowned hand analyst who combines palmistry with tarot to provide guidance and clarity. Her sessions added an element of introspection to the suite’s vibrant atmosphere.

The Catcher Dream by Kelly Anne Manuel
Literature and mysticism entwined in Kelly Anne Manuel’s “The Catcher Dream,” a book that explores the power of dreams and the human psyche, enchanting many with its promise of otherworldly insights.

Pearson Brothers Winery
Sips of sophistication came courtesy of Pearson Brothers Winery, whose selection of wines without added sulfites offered a pure taste of viticulture, capturing the essence of their vineyards with every bottle.

Perduret Sparkling Wine
The effervescence of celebration was embodied by Perduret’s sparkling wine, a bubbly testament to life’s festive moments. It added a touch of effervescent luxury, perfect for toasting to success and future endeavors.

Stay Alive Book
The written word continued to resonate with Oshri Hakak’s “Stay Alive,” a gripping narrative found at Bookshop that promises to keep readers on the edge of their seats with its thrilling storyline.

Innovation ticked a notch higher with NOWATCH, a unique timepiece that offers a mindful approach to the day, providing biofeedback instead of the relentless ticking of seconds, encouraging a more present and stress-free lifestyle.

Aimee Ann Lu
Fashion found its narrative through Aimee Ann Lu, whose designs speak to the modern woman seeking elegance with an edge. Her collection added a whisper of haute couture to the suite’s ambiance.

Sienna Sinclair
Seduction was in the air with Sienna Sinclair, whose brand is synonymous with the allure and empowerment of women. Her offerings spoke to the daring and the bold, to those unafraid to embrace their sensuality.

Hide and Stone Jewelry
Jewelry with intent adorned the space, with Hide and Stone Jewelry presenting pieces that are as meaningful as they are beautiful. Their mission to craft jewelry with a soul resonated with the attendees.

Culinary delight was rolled into flavorful packages with Omusubi, traditional Japanese rice balls that provided a taste of authenticity and comfort in bite-sized treats.

Brique French Toastery
And for those with a penchant for Parisian flavors, Brique French Toastery offered a slice of France with their exquisitely prepared French toasts, turning breakfast cuisine into gourmet fare.

The Nathalie Dubois Gifting Suite was more than just a prelude to the Golden Globes; it was a celebration of brands that define luxury, wellness, taste, and innovation. As the celebrities indulged in the offerings, each brand left its mark, promising to bring a bit of the Golden Globes’ sparkle into the everyday lives of those who attended.


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