The NFT of Hospitality: Angry Falcons

What makes Angry Falcon different from other NFTs?


  1. Art – very exceptional art 
  2. It’s a utility NFT that provides real value 
  3. The key is that it is a great investment for those who travel. If you enjoy traveling, you will save money and experience a better lifestyle while doing it


Who is the artist behind Angry Falcon?

Artist Khaled Allahou designed 3D rendered attributes for a mind-blowing 25 million+ possible unique characteristics to create a rare piece of art.  Each of the 10,000 falcons is individually designed by Allahou and reflects the attributes which holders relate to – confidence, strength and aspiration.  

What is the inspiration for the design?

Birds / Falcons fly high and with the Angry Falcons Membership you can live a lifestyle where you ‘fly high’ and enjoy an exclusive lifestyle 

‘Angry’ standing for confidence, power, strength… 


What makes your concierge service different from others?

Frillstyle offers very personalized services and unique services – no matter if you’re looking for access to a concert that is sold out, a sporting event, travel deals, help with e.g. a bodyguard in Columbia etc. Frillstyle can arrange and assist with everything which is very unique. 

What are some of the exclusive events that it gives you access to?

Past examples include Elton John’s Oscar Party, Dinner with a Maharaj at a Palace Hotel, Invite Only boxes at the Royal Ascot, Gran Prix Paddock Club & Amber Lounge access, Coachella VIP Experience 


Tell me how Angry Falcon got started. Who is behind it?

The Kuwait based Founder used Frillstyle for his Honeymoon – was so impressed by the services and how personal it is – that’s how the idea got started, and he wanted to create something that is a mix of amazing art, Frillstyle’s unique travel and lifestyle services and the NFT component. 

Why is Angry Falcon a good investment?

If you are not going to be traveling it is not for you. If you are, you will save money and experience a better lifestyle while doing it.

Value of Ethereum will most probably go up and given the current value it is cheaper to invest now and get access to the membership versus paying for services, travel deals etc. through Frillstyle. 

David Christopher Lee


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