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Looking for the best bars in New York City? Whether you’re a local or just visiting, the city’s bar scene offers a diverse array of options for every taste and preference. From trendy cocktail lounges to historic pubs, the city is home to some of the most iconic and well-loved bars in the world.

In this article, we’ll explore the key elements that make a bar great, including the atmosphere and ambiance, drink selection, food options, and the quality of service. Then, we’ll delve into a curated list of the top bars in NYC, including The Dead Rabbit, Attaboy, The Up & Up, Death & Co, Bar Goto, Employees Only, Angel’s Share, BlackTail, The NoMad Bar, and PDT (Please Don’t Tell). So, whether you’re seeking a swanky cocktail experience or a laid-back dive bar, this article has got you covered with the best bars NYC has to offer.

Key Takeaways:

  • Atmosphere and ambiance are key factors in making a bar great – make sure to choose a bar with a vibe that suits your preferences.
  • When it comes to drink selection, the best bars in NYC offer a wide variety of options, from classic cocktails to unique creations.
  • Don’t overlook food options when choosing a bar – the best bars in NYC offer delicious bites to accompany your drinks.
  • What Makes a Bar Great?

    A great bar is a combination of various elements that come together to create an exceptional experience for patrons. From the ambiance to the selection of drinks and the quality of service, every aspect plays a crucial role in shaping the overall perception of a bar.

    One of the key components that contribute to the greatness of a bar is the ambiance. The decor, lighting, and overall atmosphere should be inviting and conducive to socializing. A diverse and well-crafted drink selection is paramount. A bar’s offerings should cater to various preferences, including classic cocktails, innovative mixes, and quality spirits. The availability of delectable food options can elevate the experience, turning a visit to the bar into a delightful dining affair. The quality of service, including attentive bartenders and efficient waitstaff, adds a personal touch that can make or break a patron’s perception of a bar.

    Atmosphere and Ambiance

    The atmosphere and ambiance of a bar set the stage for the overall experience, creating a distinct mood and environment that resonates with patrons.

    One of the key elements contributing to the ambiance of a bar is the lighting. Whether it’s dim and moody for a relaxed and intimate feel, or bright and vibrant for a lively and energetic atmosphere, lighting plays a crucial role in shaping the bar’s character.

    The decor also plays a significant role in creating a unique ambiance. Whether it’s a sleek and modern design, a rustic and cozy aesthetic, or a themed decor, it sets the tone and enhances the overall experience.

    The music choices can greatly impact the atmosphere, influencing the mood and energy of the space. From mellow jazz tunes to upbeat electronic beats, the music sets the rhythm of the evening, further defining the bar’s ambiance.

    Drink Selection

    The drink selection at a bar is a pivotal aspect that often defines its identity and appeal, offering a diverse array of cocktails, spirits, and non-alcoholic options to cater to varying preferences.

    Signature cocktails add a unique flair, often showcasing the creativity and expertise of the bartenders. They can become an iconic representation of the bar’s specialty drinks, inspiring patrons with their distinctive flavors and presentation. Offering unique concoctions can elevate the experience, providing an exciting and memorable drinking experience.

    Non-alcoholic alternatives are essential for inclusivity, ensuring that all guests can enjoy a refreshing and flavorful beverage. A well-curated drink selection not only enhances the overall ambiance but also establishes the bar as a destination for exceptional libations.

    Food Options

    The availability of enticing food options complements the drinking experience at a bar, offering patrons a chance to indulge in delectable dishes that complement their choice of drinks.

    The menu varieties, which often include local flavors and globally inspired cuisines, add an extra layer of excitement to the overall bar experience. From light and crispy appetizers to savory entrees and decadent desserts, patrons can find a plethora of options to satisfy their gastronomic cravings. Knowledgeable staff or menus with recommended pairings further elevate the dining and drinking experience by helping patrons discover delightful combinations that enhance the flavors of both the food and the drinks.

    Service and Staff

    The quality of service and the demeanor of the staff significantly contribute to the overall satisfaction of patrons, creating a welcoming and hospitable environment that elevates the bar experience.

    Attentiveness and knowledge are key traits that patrons seek in bar staff. A friendly greeting and quick, efficient service can set the tone for an exceptional experience. Staff members who engage with patrons, offering recommendations or sharing their extensive knowledge of the drinks menu, leave a lasting impression. A smile, a personal touch, and genuine interest in the patrons’ preferences can make all the difference. Such professionalism and engagement contribute significantly to the ambience and enjoyment of the visit.

    Top Bars in NYC

    New York City boasts a vibrant cocktail scene, with an array of top-notch bars that offer unparalleled experiences for cocktail enthusiasts. From hidden speakeasies to renowned establishments, the city’s bar landscape showcases a diverse range of offerings that cater to different preferences and palates.

    Visitors can embark on a journey through classic cocktail culture at Dante, a beloved Greenwich Village institution known for its exquisite Negronis and warm, welcoming ambiance.

    For those seeking a touch of mystery, Please Don’t Tell presents a unique speakeasy experience behind a phone booth within Crif Dogs, serving up ingenious cocktail creations.

    Meanwhile, the Dead Rabbit in the Financial District pays homage to NYC’s historical Irish-American roots through its meticulously curated menu and award-winning mixology.

    The Dead Rabbit

    The Dead Rabbit in New York City is a celebrated bar known for its exceptional cocktail menu and immersive Irish coffee experience, complemented by live music performances that add an extra layer of entertainment to the overall ambiance.

    What sets The Dead Rabbit apart is not only its outstanding cocktail menu but also its unique Irish coffee offering, which has earned a prominent place in the hearts of patrons. The blend of aromatic coffee and flavorful Irish whiskey creates a distinctive taste that keeps guests coming back for more.

    Adding to the allure of this establishment, The Dead Rabbit hosts live music events that elevate the atmosphere, creating a lively and dynamic experience for visitors. This infusion of music and mixology sets the bar apart from conventional venues, drawing in a diverse crowd seeking a multi-sensory experience.


    Attaboy stands as a revered speakeasy in New York City, renowned for its original cocktails and intimate, cozy ambiance that resonates with patrons seeking a distinct and personalized cocktail experience.

    The bar’s unassuming entrance, marked only by a small sign, sets the stage for the exclusivity and allure that awaits inside. Once patrons step through the doors, they are greeted by an intimate setting, characterized by dim lighting, vintage decor, and a warm, inviting atmosphere.

    At Attaboy, personalized service is paramount, with skilled mixologists crafting bespoke cocktails tailored to each guest’s individual preferences and tastes. This dedication to individualized attention ensures that every visit is a memorable and unique experience.

    The Up & Up

    The Up & Up in New York City exudes a classic yet vibrant atmosphere, positioning itself as a go-to destination for cocktail enthusiasts seeking a hip and sophisticated bar experience with a diverse selection of classic cocktails.

    Located in Greenwich Village, The Up & Up boasts a rich history and is known for its intimate and alluring setting. The nostalgic yet modern décor creates an inviting ambiance that appeals to both locals and visitors alike.

    The skilled mixologists behind the bar craft innovative cocktails that pay homage to the classics while infusing their own unique twists, ensuring a memorable tasting experience for patrons.

    Death & Co

    Death & Co has established itself as a trendsetting destination in New York City, celebrated for its innovative approach to craft cocktails and mixology, creating a trendy and dynamic environment for cocktail aficionados.

    With a commitment to elevating the art of cocktail making, Death & Co showcases a menu that reflects a deep understanding of flavor profiles, using high-quality, artisanal spirits and locally sourced ingredients. The attention to detail extends to their meticulously curated ice program, which ensures that every drink is served with the perfect chill.

    The ambiance exudes sophistication and creativity, attracting both locals and visitors seeking an unparalleled cocktail experience in the heart of NYC.

    Bar Goto

    Bar Goto in New York City presents a sophisticated fusion of Japanese flavors and cocktail craftsmanship, offering patrons a unique and refined bar experience accentuated by its distinct emphasis on sake-infused creations and innovative mixology.

    The elegant ambiance of Bar Goto captures the essence of Japanese hospitality, enveloping guests in an inviting atmosphere adorned with traditional elements seamlessly integrated with modern design. The meticulously curated selection of sake and Japanese spirits complement the expertly crafted cocktails, creating a harmonious blend of East and West flavors. Guests can indulge in the signature Sakura Martini, a delicate balance of floral notes and botanical infusions, or savor the Yuzu-Calpico cocktail, which masterfully balances tartness with a refreshing sweetness, exemplifying the bar’s dedication to innovative mixology.

    Employees Only

    Employees Only in New York City embodies a unique blend of psychic-themed speakeasy allure and energetic hospitality, fostering a lively and engaging environment that resonates with patrons seeking an immersive and distinctive bar experience.

    The ambiance at Employees Only is enigmatic yet inviting, with intriguing decor and subtly-lit corners that create an alluring, almost mystical atmosphere. The staff’s intuitive service adds to the mystique, as they seem to anticipate guests’ needs effortlessly.

    The bar’s mixologists craft spellbinding cocktails that contribute to the psychic theme, enhancing the overall experience. The dynamic interactions and vibrant energy of the crowd infuse the space with an electrifying buzz, making a visit to Employees Only a truly unforgettable experience.

    Angel’s Share

    Angel’s Share in New York City stands as a hidden gem renowned for its intimate ambiance, Japanese influence, and exceptional mixology, offering patrons a unique and captivating bar experience that celebrates the artistry of cocktail craftsmanship.

    Tucked away in the East Village, Angel’s Share exudes an air of exclusivity, inviting guests into a mesmerizing realm where the meticulous preparation of each cocktail is an art form. The bar emanates an intimate and alluring aura, with traditional Japanese decor, including sliding doors and dim lighting, transporting visitors to a world of refined elegance.

    The menu is a testament to the bar’s commitment to innovation, featuring signature concoctions that beautifully blend Eastern flavors with modern mixology techniques. Patrons revel in the delightful complexity of drinks that are meticulously prepared with precision and flair, embodying the essence of Angel’s Share’s dedication to impeccable cocktail craftsmanship.


    BlackTail in New York City pays homage to Cuban cocktail culture, exuding a vibrant and historic ambiance that resonates with patrons seeking a spirited and immersive bar experience imbued with the essence of classic Cuban rum cocktails.

    The bar’s Cuban-inspired decor transports visitors to a bygone era of Havana, with its nostalgic memorabilia and period-style furnishings that evoke the colorful vivacity of pre-revolutionary Cuba. A cozy and inviting atmosphere prevails as guests are enamored by the timeless allure of rum cocktails while being serenaded by the authentic sounds of Cuban music, fostering an unparalleled sense of escapism. For a list of the Best Bars in NYC, check out this reputed source.

    With an extensive menu highlighting the richness of Cuban flavors, enthusiasts can savor meticulously crafted concoctions like the Mojito and Daiquiri, each a captivating masterpiece that speaks volumes about the artistry of Cuban mixology.

    The NoMad Bar

    The NoMad Bar in New York City epitomizes opulence and elegance, offering a refined and immersive bar experience complemented by its culinary excellence and expertly crafted drink pairings that captivate the discerning palates of patrons.

    Upon stepping into The NoMad Bar, guests are enveloped in a world of sophistication and luxury. The intricate decor, featuring rich velvet seating and ornate chandeliers, sets the stage for an evening of indulgence. Patrons are treated to an exquisite menu curated by renowned chefs, showcasing culinary excellence through innovative dishes that intertwine flavors and textures with artful mastery. To complement the gastronomic delights, the bar’s selection of expertly crafted drink pairings offers a symphony of flavors, from classic cocktails to inventive concoctions, elevating the overall bar experience to a new level of refinement.

    PDT (Please Don’t Tell)

    PDT, more commonly known as Please Don’t Tell, stands as a pioneering speakeasy in New York City, renowned for its innovative mixology, secret entrance, and the unique twist of serving gourmet hot dogs alongside expertly crafted cocktails.

    The bar exudes an air of mystery with its unassuming entrance, accessed through a vintage phone booth within Crif Dogs, a Lower East Side hot dog joint. Once inside, patrons are transported to a dimly lit, intimate space adorned with upscale leather banquettes and a captivating ambiance.

    PDT’s highly skilled mixologists craft innovative cocktails using top-notch spirits and fresh, seasonal ingredients, setting the bar apart from the city’s bustling cocktail scene.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are some of the best bars in NYC for a casual night out?

    Some of the best bars in NYC for a casual night out include The Dead Rabbit, The Up & Up, and Employees Only.

    Where can I find the best rooftop bars in NYC?

    Some of the best rooftop bars in NYC are The Press Lounge, Westlight, and The Crown.

    Are there any budget-friendly bars in NYC?

    Yes, there are plenty of budget-friendly bars in NYC such as The Library, The Trailer Park Lounge, and The Whiskey Brooklyn.

    What are the best bars in NYC for craft beer lovers?

    For craft beer lovers, some of the best bars in NYC are Blind Tiger Ale House, The Ginger Man, and Torst.

    Can I find any unique or themed bars in NYC?

    Absolutely! Check out The Way Station, a Doctor Who themed bar, or The Ship, a nautical-themed bar, for a unique experience in NYC.

    Where can I find the best cocktail bars in NYC?

    The Dead Rabbit, The Nomad Bar, and Death & Co. are all highly rated for their delicious and creative cocktails.

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