Discover the Top 10 Beach Towns on the East Coast

If you’re looking for a beach vacation this summer, consider visiting one of the top 10 towns on the East Coast. With two sure-fire picks on either coast, eight additional potential destinations near just about everyone’s hometown. The beach towns range from Cape May to Manasquan, Schooner to Fenwick. What isn’t there to love? If you’re looking for summer serenity, the Atlantic coast is your best bet. We’ve included all of the top spots that run along New Jersey’s coastline and much more.

Tampa, North Carolina


Tampa is a beautiful beachfront town with beaches from Kiddick Beach to Fort Macon. They have several visitors during July and August. The population is densely packed with many fond memories to share.

Cape May, New Jersey


Cape May is the perfect place to go for those looking for a quick getaway from your daily routine. Lying on the southern tip of New Jersey, this place has all sorts of attractions, including a beach with a historic lighthouse pier that will make you feel as though you’ve travelled back in time. Along with its ocean location, Cape May is a great town for those who love golfing and fishing.

Plymouth, Massachusetts


Everyone dreams about going back to their hometown or vacationing in the place where they grew up. With Plymouth as your destination, you’ll find a mixture of high-rises and classic New England architecture alike. The downtown area has a historic harbour on the breathtaking shores of Plymouth Bay on the Atlantic Ocean that was established as a settlement in 1620.

Fire Island, New York


Fire Island, New York, is one of the best places to visit this summer. It’s a tiny island off the southern coast of Long Island. The little village isn’t much to speak of, but the beaches are what you go for. White sand, beautiful clear water, and unbeatable coastal views will keep you coming back for more every weekend.

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware


Rehoboth Beach is a popular tourist destination that attracts two million people every year. The warm surf could lure families, couples, and singles looking for a great beach environment. Rehoboth has something for everyone- there are museums, history tours, spas, the pier with food vendors, bike rentals, kids activities throughout the summer months.

Newport, Rhode Island


The beaches in Newport, Rhode Island, offer something for everyone. If you love to relax and spend some time on the sand, look no further than Salty Brine Beach. Or, if you’re searching for a more secluded space to get away from city life and head out to the countryside, set your sights on Ninigret Park. The crowds may be busier in other areas of the East Coast, but Newport’s beachside town offers peace and relaxation.

Nova Scotia, Canada


Nova Scotia is a bay situated off the east coast of Canada. It was granted a province to start its government in 1867 and holds many towns with long sandy beaches and ocean views.

Vero Beach, Florida


Vero Beach in Florida is a great vacation spot for people who enjoy beach life. It stretches 8.2 miles in length with over 20 miles of sandy reef. Vero Beach has many amenities in town for visitors to enjoy, including many top-notch restaurants open year-round for foodies in search of lobster rolls.


The East Coast is home to many beautiful beaches towns where tourists from all over the country tend to spend their summer days and nights. All these towns offer a distinct character and set of attractions, but the number one town would have to be Miami Beach in sheer beauty and size.

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