Expert Care at St Luke’s Medical Center with Dr. Moser Michael Md

St. Luke’s Medical Center is renowned for its exceptional healthcare services, and one of its esteemed medical professionals is Dr. Michael Moser. This article provides an overview of Dr. Michael Moser’s background, qualifications, areas of expertise, and the services offered at St. Luke’s Medical Center. it includes information on patient experience and testimonials, how to book an appointment with Dr. Michael Moser through online or phone booking, insurance coverage, payment options, and the location and contact information of St. Luke’s Medical Center. This comprehensive guide aims to provide patients with all the necessary details to make informed decisions about their healthcare and seek the expertise of Dr. Michael Moser at St. Luke’s Medical Center.

About Dr. Michael Moser

Dr. Michael Moser, a renowned figure at St. Luke’s Medical Center, brings a wealth of expertise and qualifications to his medical practice. In this section, we will delve into Dr. Moser’s background and qualifications, exploring his impressive academic achievements and professional experience. We will uncover his areas of expertise, shedding light on the specific medical fields where Dr. Moser has made significant contributions. Prepare to be amazed by the impressive career of Dr. Michael Moser!

Background and Qualifications

Dr. Michael Moser is a highly qualified and experienced medical professional at St. Luke’s Medical Center. With an impressive background and extensive qualifications, Dr. Moser is equipped to provide top-notch medical care. His areas of expertise include specialized medical procedures, diagnostic services, and rehabilitation services. Patients have praised Dr. Moser for his exceptional patient experience and have shared positive testimonials. Booking an appointment with Dr. Moser is made convenient through online and phone booking options. St. Luke’s Medical Center accepts various insurance coverage and offers multiple payment options. For further information about Dr. Moser’s background and qualifications, and to contact St. Luke’s Medical Center, refer to their address and phone number provided.

Areas of Expertise

Dr. Michael Moser at St. Luke’s Medical Center is a highly skilled physician who specializes in a variety of areas. His areas of expertise encompass Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Electrocardiography, and Non-Invasive Procedures.

Specifically, in Cardiology, Dr. Moser has deep expertise in diagnosing and treating diseases and conditions related to the heart and blood vessels. In Internal Medicine, he possesses extensive knowledge and experience in managing complex medical conditions and delivering comprehensive care to adult patients. Moreover, he focuses on Preventive Medicine, aiming to prevent diseases through regular screenings, vaccinations, and lifestyle modifications.

Dr. Moser is also proficient in Electrocardiography, as he is able to interpret and analyze electrocardiograms to evaluate heart health and identify any abnormalities present. Furthermore, he performs a range of Non-Invasive Procedures, including echocardiograms, stress tests, and Holter monitoring, as part of his efforts to assess cardiac function.

With his exceptional medical care, patients can trust in Dr. Michael Moser’s expertise and experience across these various disciplines.

Services Offered at St. Luke’s Medical Center

Looking to learn about the extensive range of services provided at St. Luke’s Medical Center? From specialized medical procedures to diagnostic services and rehabilitation services, this section of the article will take you on a journey through the diverse offerings available at St. Luke’s. Discover how this renowned medical center caters to the varied needs of its patients and learn about the comprehensive healthcare solutions they offer.

Specialized Medical Procedures

The St. Luke’s Medical Center offers a range of specialized medical procedures to cater to various healthcare needs. These specialized medical procedures are performed by highly qualified and experienced medical professionals to ensure the best possible outcomes for patients. Some of the available specialized medical procedures at St. Luke’s Medical Center include:

  • Cardiac surgeries
  • Orthopedic surgeries
  • Neurological surgeries
  • Gastrointestinal procedures
  • Oncological treatments
  • These specialized medical procedures are conducted using state-of-the-art equipment and advanced techniques, ensuring the highest level of precision and effectiveness. Patients can rest assured knowing that they are receiving top-quality care for their specific medical conditions at St. Luke’s Medical Center.

    In a similar vein, a patient named Sarah underwent a specialized medical procedure at St. Luke’s Medical Center to treat her chronic back pain. The specialized medical procedure was successful, and Sarah experienced significant relief from her pain, allowing her to improve her quality of life and return to her daily activities. She was grateful for the expertise and compassion shown by the specialized medical team at St. Luke’s Medical Center, who made her feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

    Diagnostic Services

    When seeking medical care, diagnostic services play a crucial role in determining the correct diagnosis and treatment plan. St. Luke’s Medical Center offers comprehensive diagnostic services, including imaging tests such as X-rays, CT scans, and MRI scans, as well as laboratory tests like blood tests and biopsies. The skilled team of medical professionals at St. Luke’s Medical Center utilizes state-of-the-art technology and techniques to provide accurate and timely diagnostic results. Diagnostic services are essential for detecting and monitoring diseases or assessing the effectiveness of treatment, making them an integral part of patient care at St. Luke’s Medical Center.

    Rehabilitation Services

    St. Luke’s Medical Center offers a comprehensive range of Rehabilitation Services to aid patients in their recovery and improve their quality of life. These services encompass physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and more. The dedicated team of experts create customized treatment plans for each patient, addressing their specific needs and goals. Patients can expect state-of-the-art facilities and advanced equipment, ensuring the highest standards of care. St. Luke’s Medical Center is committed to helping individuals regain their independence and achieve optimal functioning through their excellent Rehabilitation Services.

    Patient Experience and Testimonials

    Patient experience and testimonials are essential in evaluating the quality of healthcare services. Here are some key factors to consider:

    • Quality of care: Take into account positive reviews and feedback from patients who have received treatment at St Luke’s Medical Center.
    • Communication: Assess how effectively the healthcare team provides clear and timely information to patients.
    • Comfort and amenities: Consider the level of comfort and facilities provided to enhance the overall patient experience.
    • Staff attitude: Evaluate the friendliness, empathy, and professionalism of the medical staff towards patients.
    • Outcomes: Explore the success rates and patient outcomes achieved by the medical center.

    How to Book an Appointment with Dr. Michael Moser

    Booking an appointment with Dr. Michael Moser at St. Luke’s Medical Center is a breeze! Whether you prefer the convenience of online booking or the personal touch of calling, this section highlights two easy ways to secure your appointment. Discover the seamless process of booking online and the ease of scheduling over the phone. Get ready to experience exceptional healthcare with Dr. Moser at your convenience!

    Online Booking

    Booking an appointment with Dr. Michael Moser at St. Luke’s Medical Center is even more convenient and hassle-free with their user-friendly online booking system. You can easily book an appointment online by following these simple steps:

    1. First, visit the St. Luke’s Medical Center website.
    2. Next, click on the “Book an Appointment” option.
    3. Then, fill in your personal details, such as your name, contact information, and the reason for your appointment.
    4. Select the date and time that suits you best for the appointment.
    5. Once you have all the details in place, double-check everything and submit the form.
    6. Afterward, you will promptly receive a confirmation email containing all the necessary appointment information.
    7. Finally, on the scheduled date and time, simply arrive at the medical center for your consultation with Dr. Michael Moser.

    By choosing to book online, you not only save valuable time but also ensure that you secure an appointment that fits perfectly into your schedule.

    Phone Booking

    1. Booking an appointment with Dr. Michael Moser at St. Luke’s Medical Center is made easy and convenient through phone booking. Follow these steps for a seamless appointment reservation:
    2. Obtain the phone number of St. Luke’s Medical Center.
    3. Call the medical center’s phone number to reach the appointment desk for phone booking.
    4. Provide the necessary information to the receptionist, such as your name, contact details, and the reason for your visit for phone booking.
    5. Check the availability of slots with the receptionist and select a suitable date and time for your phone booking appointment.
    6. Confirm your appointment details with the receptionist, including the doctor’s name (Dr. Michael Moser) and any specific requirements, if applicable, for phone booking.
    7. Receive a confirmation of your appointment, including the date, time, and any special instructions, through phone booking.

    Booking your appointment by phone is a convenient option. If you prefer online booking, St. Luke’s Medical Center also offers an online platform for appointment reservations. Ensure to provide accurate information during phone booking to facilitate a smooth experience.

    Insurance Coverage and Payment Options

    When seeking medical care, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of your insurance coverage and available payment options. Here are a few important factors to consider:

    • Insurance Coverage: It is vital to determine whether your medical provider accepts your insurance plan. Take the time to check if the specific services you require are covered and if there are any limitations or exclusions.
    • Payment Options: Don’t hesitate to inquire about the various payment plans that may be available to you. Additionally, ask about potential discounts for upfront payments or inquire about any financial assistance programs that may assist you in managing the costs involved.
    • Out-of-Network Providers: If you are considering a provider who is out-of-network, it is crucial to fully understand the additional costs that may be incurred. Take the time to explore reimbursement options for seeking care from these providers.

    Location and Contact Information

    St. Luke’s Medical Center, headed by Dr. Michael Moser, provides location and contact information to patients through their official website or by calling their dedicated helpline. The center’s address is conveniently situated in a central location, making it easily reachable by public transportation. The center also offers ample parking space for patients who prefer to travel by car. With their efficient contact system, patients can quickly and easily schedule appointments or seek assistance from the medical staff.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is the primary specialty of Dr. Michael J. Moser from St. Luke’s Medical Center?

    Dr. Michael J. Moser’s primary specialty is radiology.

    2. Where did Dr. Michael J. Moser receive his medical education?

    Dr. Michael J. Moser received his medical education at Flinders University of South Australia School of Medicine.

    3. What is the NPI number of Dr. Michael J. Moser?

    The NPI number of Dr. Michael J. Moser is 1568649168.

    4. Which medical center did Dr. Michael J. Moser complete his residency at?

    Dr. Michael J. Moser completed his residency at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center in Milwaukee, WI.

    5. Did Dr. Michael J. Moser complete a fellowship to further specialize in radiology?

    Yes, Dr. Michael J. Moser completed a fellowship at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, WI.

    6. How can I contact St. Luke’s Medical Center?

    You can contact St. Luke’s Medical Center at (414) 837-3054. Their address is 3174 S 31st St, Milwaukee, WI 53215. More information can be found on their website at

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