Reinvent Your Style: Discover the Fashion Hacks Men Swear By

Fashion weeks around the globe showcase designers’ visions for the season, from avant-garde silhouettes to daring color combinations. While these runway looks may seem out of reach for the average man, the essence of these designs can be distilled into practical everyday styles. Here, we break down how to translate runway trends into wearable outfits for the modern man.

A male model is walking down the runway in a stylish white trench coat and turtleneck at a fashion show.

1. Understand the Theme Behind the Look

Runway Insight: Runways often weave a narrative, expressing a designer’s inspiration. This could range from retro revivals to futuristic visions.

Reality Tip: Rather than replicating the exact look, understand the theme and incorporate elements of it into your style. For instance, if the trend leans towards the ’70s, introduce wider collars or vintage accessories to your ensemble.

A male model is walking down a fashion runway wearing a colorful jacket, yellow pants, and a green shirt.

2. Focus on Colors and Patterns

Runway Insight: Designers play with bold colors and patterns, making a statement on the runway.

Reality Tip: Choose one standout color or pattern from a runway look and integrate it into your outfit, be it through a vibrant tie, patterned socks, or a statement shirt.

3. Tailoring is Everything

Runway Insight: Custom-fitted outfits on models emphasize the importance of a good fit.

A model is walking down the runway in a fashion show dressed in a stylish suit, surrounded by seated audience members.

Reality Tip: Even the most basic shirts and trousers can look high fashion when tailored well. Invest in a good tailor to ensure your clothes fit your body perfectly.


4. Accessorize Wisely

Runway Insight: Runways frequently showcase statement accessories, from oversized hats to chunky jewelry.

Reality Tip: Pick one statement accessory and let it shine. A bold watch or a distinctive belt can elevate an outfit without overwhelming it.

5. Play with Textures

Runway Insight: Mixing textures, such as silk with wool or leather with linen, creates visual interest on the runway.

Reality Tip: Introduce varied textures into your wardrobe. Pair a sleek leather jacket with a soft cotton tee, or a woolen blazer with a silk pocket square.

A male model walks on a runway wearing a stylish outfit amidst an audience attending a fashion show.

6. Embrace Versatility

Runway Insight: Many designers showcase convertible or multi-use pieces, highlighting versatility.

Reality Tip: Invest in versatile pieces that can be styled in multiple ways, like a reversible jacket or a shirt that looks good buttoned up or layered.

7. Stay True to Yourself

Runway Insight: Authenticity is key. Designers have signature styles that they remain true to, season after season.

Reality Tip: While it’s fun to experiment, always ensure the outfit feels “you”. Your comfort and authenticity will always be in vogue.

A model walks a fashion runway, showcasing a bold, avant-garde outfit with pronounced shoulders and sleek accessories, amidst an audience either side.


Fashion runways are a source of inspiration, offering a glimpse into the designer’s creative mind. But remember, these shows are about pushing boundaries and presenting a vision. It’s up to you to interpret these trends in a way that suits your personal style. By understanding the essence of runway looks and incorporating elements in moderation, you can stay fashionable and relatable.

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A male model is walking down a runway during a fashion show, dressed in a stylish white coat with audience members on either side.

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