GMC Hummer EV Pickup: Over-The-Top Luxury

A close-up image of a car's automatic gear shift lever and multimedia control knob on a console with carbon fiber detail.Unsplash – CC0 License


The GMC Hummer EV Pickup version is perhaps the oddest luxury car we’ve ever had the privilege of reviewing. This vehicle tells an interesting story that makes it hard to place in the pantheon of practical vehicles. 


The fact that it is all-electric is a miracle in itself. It’s 2023, and the seemingly impossible has happened: GMC – a car company famous for consuming oodles of gasoline – is now offering a vehicle with all the bulk of a 2000s Humvee but without any of the carbon emissions. Perhaps, you really can have your cake and eat it. 


Not only that, the automaker also equips the vehicle with futuristic technologies and numerous features that improve its off-road capabilities tremendously. Here’s what you need to know: 




The exterior of the GMC Hummer EV pickup is unlike anything on the road (except, perhaps, another Hummer). The automaker wasn’t afraid to take risks with the new vehicle, giving it the same street presence as the Tesla Cybertruck. (Yes, it is nearly that crazy). 


But it’s the presence that the vehicle offers you that really sets it apart from anything else on the road. At nearly two meters wide, it is enormous and pitches you high in the cockpit for a superior road presence. The unique lighting at the front, the cavernous cabin’s large windows and the lunar sunroof make it something every wealthy person will want in their garage. 

Whether there is space for dually tires remains to be seen. However, GMC is keen to point out that the Hummer EV continues its legacy of producing high-spec vehicles that can deal with the worst abuse you can throw at them. Everything is massively over-engineered – and that’s a good kind of decadence. 




The interior is what you would expect from a GMC. The space between the driver and the front-row passenger is enormous, with a large cubby in the muddle and plenty of additional features to keep you busy. 


You also get premium leather seats, which GMC says will withstand dirt and grime, as long as you clean them regularly. Chairs are comfortable and adjustable, allowing you to get into the perfect position on long drives. 


The 14.2-inch touchscreen is a nice addition and is visibly larger than those from most manufacturers. It’s just a shame it doesn’t extend along the entire dashboard to give the vehicle an ultra-futuristic feel, helping it compete with the likes of Tesla and Mercedes. 


Finally, you get both heated and cool seats. That makes this vehicle suitable for people cruising through Las Vegas or hitting the northern reaches of Michigan. 




Needless to say, the performance is ridiculous. GMC gives the Humvee EV 1,000 bhp, making it more powerful than most supercars. It also comes with Adaptive Air Ride suspension to make ploughing through challenging off-road terrain even more enjoyable. You’ll feel like you’re on the road, except in the most extreme environments. 


All that’s left to do is try this ridiculous vehicle. It could be the last word in off-road pickup performance.A close-up image of a car's automatic gear shift lever and multimedia control knob on a console with carbon fiber detail.

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