GRAMMY Museum® presents “The Roxy: 50 and Still Rockin’” Exhibit

 In commemoration of The Roxy’s 50th anniversary, the GRAMMY Museum® had launched a retrospective exhibit titled The Roxy: 50 And Still Rockin’. This display delved into the iconic venue’s origins and its significant musical legacy. Attendees were transported to the epicenter of The Roxy’s stage, the star-filled On The Rox VIP lounge, and the unique “Rocky Horror” theatrical and cinematic experiences. The presentation had begun at the GRAMMY Museum on Sept. 15, 2023, featuring a film premiere, a rooftop gathering, and an interactive session with Lou Adler and his sons, Nic and Cisco. It remained open until Jan. 7, 2024.

“I was eager to share and relive The Roxy’s half-century legacy as captured by the GRAMMY Museum,” Lou Adler had commented.

Jasen Emmons, the then Chief Curator and VP of Curatorial Affairs at the GRAMMY Museum, noted, “The Roxy and the Sunset Strip were icons in the music realm. Decades later, The Roxy remained a hub for defining musical moments. Our exhibit celebrated the pioneering spirit of Lou Adler and The Roxy, allowing attendees to immerse themselves in the vibrant history of this L.A. landmark.”

The Roxy Theatre made its mark on the Sunset Strip on Sept. 20, 1973, under the guidance of Lou Adler and Elmer Valentine, with notable figures like Peter Asher, David Geffen, and others as consultants. The venue was inaugurated with performances by Neil Young and the Santa Monica Flyers. By March 1974, The Roxy had showcased the U.S. premiere of “The Rocky Horror Show,” which later transformed into the renowned movie, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, produced by Adler. The exhibit, The Roxy: 50 And Still Rockin’, showcased significant Roxy artifacts, films, and photos.

Key features of the exhibit included:

  • A collection of 60 photographs showcasing artists such as The Clash, Bob Marley, Patti Smith, and others.
  • Exclusive snapshots from On The Rox featuring celebrities like Jack Nicholson.
  • Captivating images from the “The Rocky Horror Show” stage production and film.
  • Treasured Roxy keepsakes from Adler’s collection, like the inaugural Roxy invitations and original “Rocky Horror Show” debut cards; an exclusive On The Rox membership form and the venue’s signature white upright piano, which had been graced by legends such as Elton John and Bruce Springsteen.

An exclusive documentary short, spotlighting interviews with Lou Adler, his family, and other industry icons, including David Foster, who recalled his initial L.A. performance as “The Rocky Horror Show’s” pianist.

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