Joel Sebastian Makeup Artist: The Artistic Alchemist of Beauty and Style

From the vibrant streets of the Philippines to the glitzy avenues of Los Angeles, Joel Sebastian’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of passion and perseverance. An artist by nature and a celebrated makeup artist and hairstylist by profession, Joel’s story is a vibrant canvas of dreams, dedication, and destiny. (Joel Sebastian Makeup Artist)

Early Aspirations and the Shift to Business

Joel’s tryst with beauty began in his formative years, with a deep-rooted interest in fashion designing. Sketching out designs and fashion illustrations, he harbored dreams of revolutionizing the fashion world. However, respecting his parents’ wishes, Joel pursued a degree in Business Management, setting aside his creative aspirations momentarily.

LA Dreams: From Mortgage Loans to Makeup Brushes

Post-college life saw Joel relocating to Los Angeles to join his family and work as a mortgage loan specialist. The fashion-forward dream seemed distant, yet his youthful spirit found solace in makeup and dress-up sessions with friends. What started as playful indulgence soon became a serendipitous pivot to the world of beauty, as friends began seeking his knack for makeup artistry.

Finding a Mentor and Embracing Beauty

Fate intervened when Joel’s day job intersected with an opportunity that rekindled his artistic flame. A friend, who also happened to own a salon, recognized Joel’s talent and introduced him to the bridal and photoshoot glamor. Under the guidance of his friend and mentor, Ed Rodriguez, Joel delved into the realm of makeup and hairstyling, a side job that blossomed into his mainstay after a corporate layoff.

The Path of Learning and Growth

Determined to hone his craft, Joel returned to school for cosmetology, earning his beauty license. His dedication paid off when he was hired at the prestigious Juan Juan Salon in Beverly Hills. Though he started at the bottom, washing hair and cutting foils, Joel’s ambition drove him to seek higher opportunities. His search led him to the doors of Chanel Cosmetics, where he served as a resident makeup artist, followed by a managerial role at Christian Dior cosmetics. These stints provided invaluable experience, knowledge, and a plethora of beauty training.

A New Chapter with Wella & Sebastian

Joel’s career took a glamorous turn when he auditioned for Wella/Sebastian’s global artistic team for makeup, TRUCCO cosmetics. Outshining dozens of artists, Joel secured his place and began a journey that polished his skills further, teaching makeup and discovering new techniques.

Traveling the Globe and Fashion Highlights

Working with Wella & Sebastian unlocked a world of travel for Joel, a dream for any Asian immigrant passionate about beauty. His stints at New York and Los Angeles Fashion Weeks, travels across Asia, Europe, Latin America, and collaborations with illustrious designers like Versace, Maison Margela, and Michael Cinco alongside the iconic Pat McGrath team have been career-defining.

Inspiration, Advice, and Giving Back

Joel’s inspiration stems from diverse cultures, lifestyles, and his interactions with various people. His advice to budding artists is to network relentlessly, continue learning, and maintain humility. With a career brimming with accolades and experiences, Joel now looks to mentor the next generation, passing on the torch of creativity and skill.

A Legend in the Making

Today, Joel Sebastian’s name is synonymous with innovation in beauty. As he continues to enchant the fashion world with his work, his legacy is not just the looks he creates, but the inspiration he ignites in aspiring artists worldwide. With a heart full of gratitude and eyes set on future endeavors, Joel Sebastian stands as a beacon of artistic brilliance in the beauty industry.

Embracing the Creative Call

Despite an initial detour into the world of business management, Joel’s creative spirit never waned. In the dynamic cityscape of Los Angeles, Joel’s latent passion for fashion and beauty found a new lease on life. He recounts, “My early days in LA were about discovery and play, but soon, my friends’ requests for makeup and hair styling opened the doors to a whole new world—the beauty world.”

Climbing the Ranks in the Beauty Industry

From the glamorous halls of Juan Juan Salon, Joel transitioned to a role that would mark the beginning of his ascent in the beauty world. As a makeup consultant for Chanel Cosmetics, he honed his craft, working across multiple department stores, touching lives and beautifying clients. His expertise caught the eye of Christian Dior Cosmetics, where he took on the mantle of a manager. There, Joel expanded his knowledge, absorbing techniques, and mastering the art of beauty and client satisfaction.

Global Artistry and Recognition

The move to Wella & Sebastian was a turning point. Not only did Joel excel among his peers, but the role also unleashed his potential to a global audience. His work with the Global Artistic Team for Makeup afforded him the freedom to explore, create, and teach. Joel recalls, “The transition from learning to teaching was exhilarating. Sharing knowledge and witnessing the growth of others in their craft was as rewarding as it was educational for me.”

The World as a Canvas

Travel became an integral part of Joel’s life, each destination enriching his palette with new hues and textures. The experience of working at prestigious events like the New York and Los Angeles Fashion Weeks, and collaborating with fashion giants, was surreal. “It was like living in a dream, where each day unfolded a new chapter of creativity and innovation,” Joel reminisces.

Beyond the Aesthetic: Cultural Immersion and Inspiration

Joel’s artistic inspiration is as much about the places he has visited as it is about the people he has met. “My travels across continents have been a treasure trove of inspiration. The cultures, the landscapes, and the faces—they all tell a story that I bring back to my canvas,” he shares. The diverse experiences have not only broadened his artistic horizons but have also embedded a cultural sensitivity and adaptability in his work.

Advice from the Heart

Joel’s advice to emerging artists is born of experience and reflection. “The beauty industry is vibrant and ever-evolving. To make your mark, you need to network, but you also need to constantly refine your art. Stay humble and build relationships, because the connections you make today will pave your path tomorrow,” he advises.

Philanthropy through Mentorship

With a career spanning over two decades, Joel’s current focus is on giving back to the community that nurtured his talent. He aims to mentor young artists, sharing his journey, the lessons learned, and the skills acquired. “Mentorship is my way of nurturing the future of beauty. It’s about lighting the path for those who follow,” states Joel.

A Legacy in Progress

As Joel Sebastian looks back on his illustrious career, he does so with a sense of contentment and an eagerness to contribute more. His work ethic, coupled with his artistic flair, continues to leave an indelible mark on the industry. He is not just creating beauty; he is crafting a legacy—one that is defined by passion, artistry, and an unyielding pursuit of excellence.

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