List of richest kids in the world 

Most people must try hard during their lives to make money to have a comfortable life, while some others are fortunate enough to be born into a wealthy family. There are many kids in the world who are rich despite their age. Children who have wealthy parents, special talents, or just amazing fortune can probably help them make progress sooner than others, while few people can perform better despite their extensive effort. These lucky people either come from rich families or have specific abilities which help them reach incredible wealth. 

The richest kids in the world

It is necessary to pay attention to this point that most of the kids on this list are kids that inherit incredible wealth. They easily become billionaires since they have rich parents whose wealth they inherit. Also, there are some kids who collected their wealth via hard work. Akshay Ruparelia, the Indian Origin British entrepreneur, is a good example. Let’s have a look at the richest kids in the world. 

1. Prince George Alexander Louis 

Prince George Alexander Louis is a member of the British royal family. He is the richest kid in the whole world. His net worth is equal to $5 Billion. He is the oldest kid of William and Catherine, the Prince and Princess of Wales. He is also the oldest grandchild of King Charles III. He is the second person after his father, who succeeds to the British throne. It is also believed that he will inherit a wealth of around $40 million from his father, Prince Charles. He is one of those fortunate kids who was born into a royal family, and such a huge wealth is awaiting him.  

2. Princess Charlotte of Cambridge 

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge occupies second place on the list of the richest kids in the world. His net worth is around $3 Billion. Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, who is the only daughter of Prince William and Cathrine, was born in 2015. She is also the sister of Prince George Alexander Louis. She is another one of those richest kids in the world who have inherited their wealth.   

3. Blue Ivy Carter 

Blue Ivy Carter is the daughter of a successful and affluent couple in the hip-hop music industry, Jay Z and Beyoncé. She is proud of being the richest kid in the USA, with a net worth of roughly $1 billion. Taking into account her various award victories, musical achievements, and awaiting inheritance from her parents, it is believed that Blue Ivy’s net worth will be much more in the near future.

4. Akshay Ruparelia 

Akshay Ruparelia, an Indian Origin British entrepreneur, has gained incredible power by executing his unsophisticated yet useful idea. He transformed his idea into a million-pound business. He established in December’2016. This is an online real estate agency that makes the process of buying houses for its customers easy with very little commission. When he was getting ready for his school exams, he became successful in selling his first house. This step eliminates the necessity of traditional agents and thereby reduces their operational costs considerably.

5. Valentina Paloma Pinault 

Valentina Paloma Pinault is such a fortunate girl since her mother is Salma Hayek, and her father is the billionaire CEO François Henri Pinault. This lucky girl can obtain an inheritance wealth of roughly $12 million. Some people also believe that she can even inherit a higher amount of money. Pinault boasts of being the CEO of the lavish fashion group Kering, which accommodates brands like Gucci, Saint Laurent, and Balenciaga. Pinault’s father, who is also known as François, is one of the wealthiest men in the world, securing his place at number 23 on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. 

6. Ryan Guan 

He is one of the most renowned internet celebrities since he has millions of followers. He has a YouTube channel named Ryan Toys, which has around 17 million subscribers. Ryan Guan is a YouTuber who makes a lot of money by discussing new toys and sharing videos where he is playing with these toys. YouTube Videos as a sharing social media platform is a great platform for the younger generations where some internet celebrities have much more subscribers and views than T.V actors.

7. Ryan John and Pheobe Adele Gates 

Bill Gates, who founded the Microsoft Corporation, is very famous both for his charitable purposes and his incredible wealth. Ryan John and Phoebe Adele Gates are proud of having such a rich father, the founder of Microsoft Corporation. Bill and Melinda formally announced that their three children would inherit a very small amount of their total wealth of only $10 million each. They have done this to motivate their kids to follow their own goals and dreams instead of planning what to do with their parents’ wealth. 

8. Dannielynn Birkhead 

Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead is a very famous and recognized American reality television personality and model. The American Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith and his husband, Larry Birkhead, who is a celebrity photographer, are such lucky to be the parents of Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead. Anna Nicole Smith and Larry Birkhead have only this daughter. Her net worth is currently around $ 3 million.  

9. Saxon Musk 

Another rich kid in our list is Saxon Musk. Despite his young age, he has become a very famous and well-known person due to his famous father, Elon Musk. He always tries to inspire and motivate the young generation to follow and achieve their dream. Based on some claims, Saxon Musk’s net worth is equal to 6 million dollars.

10. Syed Sumail Hassan 

Syed Sumail Hassan could win a prize worth roughly $6.5 million. He set a record by turning into the youngest person to be the winner of more than $1 million in a single esports championship. He is one of the most influential teenagers in the world. Syed Sumail Hassan is a very successful Dota 2 player and one of the members of the ‘Evil Geniuses’ team who was the winner of lots of Dota 2 championships, including The International 2015.


There are some lucky guys in the world who are considered the richest kids in the world. They either inherit their wealth or gain it through personal effort. The list of the richest kids in the world includes princes and princesses, entrepreneurs, celebrities, esports players, YouTubers, and some other kids who have famous and rich parents and will inherit their wealth eventually.  

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