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Oliver Trevena is a British host and actor who’s interviewed hundreds of celebrities and musicians at the likes of The Hollywood Reporter, YoungHollywood, GQ.com, Sirius XM’s “Dirty Pop” alongside N-Syncs Lance Bass, as well as Esquire Network’s “Joyride” alongside T- Pain & Mischa Barton.  As an actor, he’s appeared in “The Rising Hawk,” “Embattled,” “The Reckoning,” “Grand Isle” (with Nicolas Cage and Kelsey Grammer), “Out of Death” and “Wire Room” (both with Bruce Willis), and just wrapped “The Plane” (with Gerard Butler) and “The Bricklayer” (with Aaron Eckart) feature films and guest-starred on numerous series. 

Oliver Trevena: Entrepreneur

He launched his Caliwater beverage with business partner Vanessa Hudgens as well as his Tudor Rose jewelry line. Oliver is also an established entrepreneur with the US reporter recently naming him “One to watch”. Oliver has an investment portfolio of many successful brands in the health & wellness space. 

Oliver Trevena
photography by David Christopher Lee makeup by Hillary Clark styling by Jnet

Oliver Trevena Background

Tell us about your background. Where are you from and what was your upbringing like?

I’m from Hastings, East Sussex. It was a small town experience. My Mum and dad started a trucking company, so as a kid I was watching them work tirelessly to build something that could afford us a comfortable life.  

Oliver Trevena

Oliver Trevena Acting

How did you find your passion for acting?

I was a dancer as a kid, performing ballet for 12 years and took up singing too. Being on stage was my favorite place to be and eventually I decided that it’s all that I wanted to do. 

Oliver Trevena

How do you achieve higher consciousness?

Honesty with myself. Accountability with the people around me. Staying curious! 

Why is gratitude so important?

What goes out, comes back around. 

One’s reality is achieved through the thoughts one believes in their head. How do you take a thought and manifest it into your dreams?

I act. Sometimes I even get ahead of myself! 

Oliver Trevena

Oliver Trevena Forgiveness

Everyone has a past…sometimes, it can be quite dark. How would you suggest letting go of your past so that you can achieve great results for the future?

Forgiveness is key. Extend it to yourself and to the people you know. We all gotta believe that we’re doing the best with what we have. 

What is the best way of connecting with someone?

I guess people have different wants and needs, love languages and all–but I would say listening is the most important thing to do if you want to connect with anyone. 

Oliver Trevena

Oliver Trevena Caliwater

Tell us about Cali Water:

Caliwater is a prickly-pear cactus beverage. We are moving into our second year of production. It is really my pride and joy. Not only did I start it with one of my best friends on the planet, Vanessa Hudgens, but it’s also a truly healthy and sustainable product. In order to start a business today there are a lot of things you have to consider for the planet, and I am extremely proud that Caliwater is backed by eco-friendly practices and will nourish the person who buys it. 

Tell us about your health/fitness routine.

I stay as active as possible. I am on a soccer (football!) team and we play every Tuesday. I train at Dogpound throughout the week and usually do a few boxing sessions there as well. If I’m at home, I take a walk to the Hollywood Reservoir in the morning. I love balancing outdoor exercise and indoor gym time. I have my CLMBR machine set-up at home too and spend 20-30 on it each day. 

Do you have any meditation/mindset practices?

I journal about what I am grateful for and what I want to see change in my life. I meditate and do breathwork sessions regularly. 

Oliver Trevena

What are some of your favorite biohacking practices? How are you involved in the biohacking community?

I am an investor in a company called Next Health & also a company called VITAL REDLIGHT. Between those 2 – its all the biohacking I need!! 

Oliver Trevena
David Christopher Lee & Oliver Trevena

What about your diet?

Im pretty relaxed on diet. Everything in moderation. 

I’m on the go often, so plenty of protein smoothies. I’ve been eating a vegetarian diet for a while now and it’s already been really rewarding. I also have a sweet tooth and love chocolates from back home 🙂 

Oliver Trevena

Who inspires you?

My mum and dad. 


What projects are you working on now?

Have 2 more movies going into production this year. Just invested in a company alongside Venus Williams that I’m extremely excited about called “Happy Viking”. 

What would be your ultimate dream project?

Making my own movies! 

What does beauty mean to you?

Being present lends itself to seeing beauty. 

How would you describe success?

 Success is a journey of health. It starts within you and it ripples out to become your reality.

What is the greatest struggle in your life that you have overcome?

Moving to another country to start a career. I know thousands of people are doing this everyday and I sympathize so much. It’s really scary. Luckily, I can now say that it was worth it! 

Where can we find you?

Instagram @OliverTrevena 

David Christopher Lee


David Christopher Lee launched his first online magazine in 2001. As a young publisher, he had access to the most incredible events and innovators of the world. In 2009, he started Destinationluxury.com, one of the largest portals for all things luxury including 5 star properties, Michelin Star Restaurants and bespoke experiences. As a portrait photographer and producer, David has worked with many celebrities & major brands such as Richard Branson, the Kardashians, Lady Gaga, Cadillac, Lexus, Qatar Airways, Aman Hotels, just to name a few. David’s work has been published in major magazines such as GQ, Vogue, Instyle, People, Teen, Men’s Health, Departures & many more. He creates content with powerful seo marketing strategies.

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