LOS ANGELES, October 10 – Marking its 5th year, Vegan Fashion Week (VFW) showcased compassionate style in the luxurious California Market Center in downtown Los Angeles. The event championed the blend of fashion with sustainability, attracting a galaxy of stars advocating for cruelty-free fashion.

Vegan Fashion Week

Among the celebs present were motivational guru Jay Shetty, Netflix sensation Richa Moorjani from ‘Never Have I Ever’, Maggie Baird – acclaimed actress and Billie Eilish’s mother, and the upcoming starlet, Caylee Cowan. Additionally, personalities like Lilly Krug, Tara Reid from ‘American Pie’, Natasha Basset of ‘Elvis’, Jessica Belkin, and ‘Bling Empire’s Kelly Mi Li voiced their support by attending.

This anniversary didn’t just commemorate VFW’s journey, but also spotlighted the industry’s dedication to animal welfare, social justice, and environmental concerns. Setting the stage with “Harmony” as its theme, VFW highlighted the harmonization of fashion, ethics, and nature’s elements. Brands at the forefront of sustainable sourcing, responsible water practices, innovative design, and upcycling, all collaborated to envisage a future that seamlessly unites fashion with ethical principles.

VFW Ambassador, Richa Moorjani, commenced the event with a stirring call-to-action, underlining the imperative for authentic sustainability.

“Today, I stand in gratitude, inspired by Emmanuelle Rienda, Vegan Fashion Week’s visionary founder. Her commitment to intertwining respect for all life forms and planet health, while lauding inventive designers, is commendable. A future that doesn’t eradicate exploitation from fashion, is no future at all.” – Richa Moorjani, VFW’s Ambassador

Dutch brand A Perfect Jane, in alliance with Emmanuelle Rienda, brilliantly captured the essence of water, juxtaposed with earthy hues of selectively chosen thrifted and vintage apparel, emphasizing fashion reusability and enduring quality.

Championing earth’s solid essence, Guillaume Larquemain unveiled a unique apple skin luxury range, marrying earth-friendly materials, state-of-the-art technology, and impeccable French artistry.

Representing the fervor of fire, Nikki Green blazed the stage with her all-vegan luxury line, marking her brand’s trailblazing role in sustainable fashion. The show also showcased Willa Phoenix’s groundbreaking plant-based shoe, the first of its kind to grace the Oscars.

Emmy nominee Mychal-Bella Bowman, representing the air, graced VFW with poetic eloquence, weaving the event’s themes together and amplifying the designers’ united vision.

“Vegan Fashion Week isn’t a fleeting trend. It lights the path towards a world where humans and animals thrive in mutual respect. Representing the youth, I realize the movement’s potency. Our present actions mold our future. The choices we make, the fashion ethos we nurture, speak volumes about our aspirational world.” – Mychal-Bella Bowman

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A model is walking down a runway in a green two-piece outfit during a fashion show.A model is walking down a runway in a green two-piece outfit during a fashion show.A model is walking down a runway in a green two-piece outfit during a fashion show.

Photo by Gilbert Flores/WWD via Getty Images 

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images 

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