Magical Hotels to Visit in India

India is the land of seven holy rivers, the country where Lord Ram was actually born and died–not said to be India but in a small town called Janakpuri, and is home to some of the most beautiful symbols of culture. These are five hotels that you absolutely need to visit when you’re in India. Ever thought about a country where you want to visit, but haven’t really made plans because you are having to save money? Here are the five best Indian hotels for the purpose of saving your pennies.

The Hyderabad Palace

A luxurious building with intricate architectural details overlooking a tranquil pool surrounded by lounge chairs and lush greenery.

If you’re looking for a luxurious retreat in the sunny environments of India, check into the Hyderabad Palace. This hotel offers amazing amenities that include a swimming pool, world-renowned restaurants, and luxurious rooms. Make your stay even more special with additional discounts offered by earning loyalty points over time.

La TalThe Oberoi Grand, Kolkata

In the heart of Kolkata on Jawaharlal Nehru Road, the Oberoi Grand is one of the greatest masterpieces from the colonial era.  It was made in an incredible neo classical style during the early 20th century bringing up the English population of the city to celebrate New Year party and other events. Today, the Oberoi Grand, Kolkata is one of the luxury hotels in India and the stunning marble architecture along with colonnaded verandahs and balconies, projecting portico and ornamented façade offer an amazing experience of rich and preserved heritage. 

Ashoka Tree House

A serene outdoor pool area with hanging lights, sun loungers, lush greenery, and a hammock, exuding a tranquil tropical ambiance.

Escape in bliss with the experience of a lifetime, situated on the banks of River Ganga. Experience all the untouched wild beauty you could ever ask for in this lavish retreat that offers a traditional Indian setting and local artisanship to its guests who want to enjoy an unforgettable stay. Ashoka Tree House is considered one of the finest tree houses in India with a built-in porch that circles it and boasts branches “reaching out to touch the sky.” There’s something uplifting about witnessing nature on its grandest scale right at your back door.

Sofitel New Delhi

Hotels in New Delhi | Book Online Now |

The Sofitel New Delhi is on a luxurious stretch of Connaught Place, and the hotel offers 332 rooms, as well as a gym. Rooms at The Sofitel start at about $270 per night, or for about $385 for a grand king size bed. This stay comes with complimentary Wi-Fi, bottled water, and 24-hour room service.

Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

The Taj Mahal Palace – Hotel Review | Condé Nast Traveler

Taj Mahal Palace Hotel is an expansive and divine hotel which boasts a wide array of amenities. For example, there are 25 swimming pools on site where guests can relax. There are nearly 700 staff members on hand to deliver impeccable service. Guests also receive complimentary valet parking, Wi-Fi throughout the property, daily breakfast and dinner buffets, housekeeping and laundry services.


 India is a beautiful country and there are many things to be amazed about. The futuristic technology, the traditions and culture, the wildlife – all of these things make India an awe inspiring place to visit. However, without fail, it’s people are what takes this mountain nation’s breath away. There are so many interesting people to interact with – in fact, at five of the most popular hotels India has to offer will get you your best chance to meet one.

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