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The 10 Most Inspiring Fashionistas of the Last Century

New research from JewelleryBox reveals the most popular fashionistas of every era since the early Y2K days by looking into Pinterest, TikTok and Google Searches. The full research can be viewed here.The 10 most inspiring fashionistas of the last century

Annual Google search volume
1Jennifer Aniston1990s66,130,000651,50013,98019,200
2Billie Eilish2020s117,280,000373,60035,20037,200
3Harry Styles2020s75,990,000275,300154,20032,200
5Kate Middleton2010s39,470,000145,600102,80041,900
6Marilyn Monroe1950s34,820,00088,50027,50092,200
7Victoria Beckham2010s10,547,000102,30043,50066,600
9Dua Lipa2020s73,340,000122,50017,70029,500
10Meghan Markle2010s90,410,00095,60064,60048,000

The research reveals: 

  • Ranking as the most inspirational fashionista of the last century is none other than Jennifer Aniston, who played the fashion-obsessed Rachel Green in Friends. Her signature hair look “the Rachel” inspired her fans all around the world throughout the late 90s, however, Aniston always thought “it was the ugliest haircut [she has] ever seen”.
  • Billie Eilish takes the second spot in this ranking. Her look has changed a lot since she rose to stardom, her initial bold and colourful baggy style was a double-edged sword. A way to get out of her comfort zone, but also a way out of the sexist criticism surrounding her success, the global icon now rocks outfits reminiscent of the 90s and much more gothic looks.
  • Third most sought-after icon is Harry Styles. The British pop star style has blossomed since leaving One Direction. Defying traditional gender norms, he has become Gucci’s muse, wearing the most avant-garde garments, from custom-made leather suits to baggy slacks and polka-dotted sweater vests.

You’ll find the full, detailed version on JewelleryBox’s website, here

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