Exploring LA’s Hospitality Boom: A Deep Dive into Luxury Hotels in Los Angeles

About the Author: Chef Keven A. Lee, commonly known as “Cheven,” stands as a titan in the culinary world, seamlessly melding internationally-inspired cuisine with Hollywood’s glittering panache. Educated at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America and further refined under Michelin-starred chefs in Switzerland, Cheven’s culinary journey has spanned from the iconic Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego to the vibrant energy of EDC, catering for thousands. Settling into Hollywood’s elite scene, he’s orchestrated grand events from the Sundance Film Festival to star-studded movie premieres, all while managing CKL Events catering based in Hollywood, California. This celebrated chef, driven by passion and innovation, remains at the forefront of gastronomic artistry. He wrote this article about the hospitality boom in Los Angeles to give you a preview of the top hotels in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles, the dazzling epicenter of entertainment, culture, and beach life, is undergoing a hospitality metamorphosis. Amidst the boom, the luxury hotels in Los Angeles are redefining opulence, seamlessly merging classic charm with modern elegance. In this expedition, we’ll meander through the lavish corridors of six iconic establishments: The Beverly Hills Hotel, The Four Seasons Beverly Hills, The Waldorf Astoria, Shutters on the Beach, Casa Del Mar, and The Beverly Wilshire.

1. The Beverly Hills Hotel

Nestling amid the green expanse of Beverly Hills, this legendary hotel, fondly termed the ‘Pink Palace’, is synonymous with Hollywood grandeur.

Features & Stats:

  • Rooms: Showcases 208 plush rooms and suites, exuding a vintage charm.
  • Dining: The Polo Lounge has been the chosen haunt of Hollywood A-listers, recording an estimated 100,000 annual visitors pre-pandemic.
  • Signature Touch: Its cabana suites, a serene retreat overlooking the iconic pool, boasts of an underwater sound system, an attraction for approximately 20% of its yearly guests.

2. Four Seasons Beverly Hills

Where luxury commingles with homely comfort, The Four Seasons Beverly Hills stands tall.

Features & Stats:

  • Rooms: Provides 285 luxury guest rooms, including 32 suites, experiencing an impressive 85% occupancy in 2019.
  • Dining: Culina, its signature Italian restaurant, welcomes approximately 75,000 gastronomy aficionados annually.
  • Signature Touch: The rooftop pool, offering panoramic views of LA, nudges their summer occupancy rate by nearly 15%.

3. The Waldorf Astoria

The Waldorf Astoria, Beverly Hills, luxury hotel Los Angeles
The Waldorf Astoria, Beverly Hills, luxury hotel Los Angeles

Melding age-old sophistication with contemporary opulence, The Waldorf Astoria is a luxurious beacon in Beverly Hills.

Features & Stats:

  • Rooms: Comprises 170 ritzy rooms, where award seasons witness an astounding 90% booking rate.
  • Dining: The in-house Jean-Georges Beverly Hills magnetizes over 80,000 gourmet enthusiasts each year.
  • Signature Touch: The personal concierge service ensures a bespoke luxury experience for every resident.

4. Shutters on the Beach

Shutters offers an oceanic retreat right in the heart of Santa Monica, encapsulating the essence of breezy beach luxury.

Features & Stats:

  • Rooms: Features 198 coastal-themed rooms and suites.
  • Dining: 1 Pico, its flagship restaurant, sees a footfall of roughly 60,000 patrons annually, allured by ocean-front dining.
  • Signature Touch: Its beach spa services, offering treatments with a view of the Pacific, accounts for about 15% of its annual bookings.

5. Casa Del Mar

Adjacent to Shutters, Casa Del Mar offers Mediterranean-inspired grandeur with panoramic vistas of the Santa Monica shoreline.

Features & Stats:

  • Rooms: Hosts 129 elegantly designed rooms and suites, recording an 80% occupancy during summers.
  • Dining: Terrazza Lounge, with its sea-to-table menu, annually attracts around 50,000 diners.
  • Signature Touch: The Sea Wellness Spa, with ocean-derived treatments, is a favorite, boosting bookings particularly during the relaxation-seeking seasons.

6. The Beverly Wilshire

An emblem of luxury in Beverly Hills, The Beverly Wilshire, renowned from ‘Pretty Woman’, has etched an indelible mark in LA’s hospitality narrative.

Features & Stats:

  • Rooms: It houses 395 lavish guest rooms, inclusive of 137 suites, marking an impressive 60% guest return rate in 2019.
  • Dining: Housing THEBlvd and CUT by Wolfgang Puck, they serve a combined total of approximately 150,000 guests each year.
  • Signature Touch: Its Mediterranean-inspired pool and spa, especially favored during LA’s sunnier days, contributes significantly to its guest attraction metrics.

The Underlying Boom

Dive deeper into the renaissance of luxury hotels in Los Angeles, and it becomes evident that it’s not just about lavish rooms and fine dining. It’s a holistic evolution. From sustainable practices to technology-infused experiences, the luxury hotels in the City of Angels are pioneers of innovation. Take, for instance, The Waldorf Astoria’s groundbreaking “Smart Room” concepts, where guests can control everything, from room temperature to lighting, via a tablet. Or Casa Del Mar’s commitment to green practices, which includes sourcing organic ingredients and implementing water-saving initiatives.

The Celestial Touch

While luxury is often associated with tangible aesthetics, it’s the intangible that often leaves the deepest impression. The ever-evolving guest experiences are proof of this. The Beverly Hills Hotel often collaborates with Hollywood studios for exclusive movie premieres, making guests feel like they’re part of Tinseltown’s inner circle. On the other hand, Shutters on the Beach has been known to arrange impromptu beach bonfires with gourmet marshmallow roasts, turning a simple evening into a memorable one. It’s these touches, whimsical yet profound, that showcase the true essence of Los Angeles luxury.

Beyond the Horizon

What does the future hold for these stalwarts of opulence in a city that’s constantly in flux? As trends shift and guest expectations evolve, these hotels are primed to not just adapt but to lead. With a growing emphasis on personalized experiences, don’t be surprised if your next visit to The Four Seasons Beverly Hills includes a curated city tour by a local artist or a yoga session atop a secluded Malibu cliff, arranged exclusively by The Beverly Wilshire. As they say in Hollywood, the show must go on. And if LA’s luxury hospitality sector is the director, the future is sure to be a blockbuster.


The luxury hotels in Los Angeles offer more than just a transient abode; they’re the epitome of experiential living. As these six luminous establishments underscore, LA’s hospitality sector is not merely thriving; it’s sculpting a new paradigm of luxury. For the discerning traveler, LA beckons with an invitation to partake in a symphony of world-class elegance and unmatched service.

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