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A woman in a red dress is smiling with her hand on her chin on the cover of  David's Guide  magazine.Hollywood’s resident Beauty Guru, Robyn Newmark comes from a heritage of strong, independent, and fierce women who made their mark in the world, and Robyn proves that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


A smiling woman standing with her arms crossed, wearing a stylish green tweed jacket with frayed edges and gold buttons.As one of the beauty industry’s top professionals, Robyn’s body of work for 20 years has always been about making people shine. As the founder of Newmark Beauty, her expertise as a makeup artist and aesthetics has been appreciated by her celebrity clientele. Now,  she further expands her repertoire with a full-service medical spa specializing in regenerative treatments.  

Photography: Rowan Daly

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A smiling woman standing with her arms crossed, wearing a stylish green tweed jacket with frayed edges and gold buttons.

David’s Guide sits down with the charming Robyn to find out more about The Hollywood Beauty Guru, skincare, and new projects on the horizon.


As children, we often play with our mother’s make-up kits, try on their clothes, and get creative with how we would put them together. For you, what was the first memory you had when it came to expressing an interest in beauty and wellness?


Both my grandmother and my mother were very sophisticated women. I grew up watching them put themselves together very well. They also both had very successful careers. My grandmother worked as an executive in the Burbank television studios, and my mother was a senior vice president at a large insurance brokerage in downtown LA. It is no accident I am ambitious and put together as I had 2 “boardroom babes” as examples. My mother taught me how to blend my makeup and style my hair. She never let me leave the house looking disheveled and always found time to get herself fully together each morning and do my hair however I wanted. My mother is still my most prominent example of Beauty and grace. I would not be where I am today without her.


A smiling woman standing with her arms crossed, wearing a stylish green tweed jacket with frayed edges and gold buttons.You have been in the aesthetics  industry for more than 21 years. What was it like when you first started? What made you want to be in this realm?

Every trade secret for makeup is posted out there, and people are wearing so much more of it. When I started as a makeup artist, we didn’t have Instagram, TikTok, or even online courses. We had to seek out our mentors and apprentice with them face to face. You often worked for little or no pay or paid them to learn. When I was younger, people wore a full face of makeup to a gala, wedding or a red carpet. Now I feel like young people are wearing more heavy makeup daily which is fun so long as people can still have an identity without it. 


Where did the name ‘The Hollywood Beauty Guru’ come from?


My dear friend Derek Warburton started calling me that, and it just stuck. I have a well-known celebrity clientele and educate other professionals and share my beauty advice in magazines worldwide. 

I love the name because The Hollywood Beauty Guru is a character I can lean into and create a better version of myself. She is my highest self, always generous with information, and aims to bring out the fullest potential in others. That is what a guru does: helping others feel beautiful and confident in my passion and my purpose. What’s great about being the Hollywood Beauty Guru is it’s not about me at all! 


A smiling woman standing with her arms crossed, wearing a stylish green tweed jacket with frayed edges and gold buttons.There are plenty of beauty and wellness entrepreneurs out there. What do you think sets you apart from the rest?

My experience as a 20-year practitioner both in makeup and in clinical skincare and permanent cosmetics sets me apart. I am also an educator and a supplier. My purpose is to ensure that beauty professionals are well educated, use quality products and provide safe and result-oriented services. I also coach them on how to be entrepreneurs. It’s not something they teach in beauty school, but I focus a lot on that in my online academy. I also empower my clients to commit to their own self-care regimens, and we reach goals together. Nobody’s beauty and skin journey is the same and changes at any moment. I’m committed to results, so my clients can ultimately think about their appearance less. 



How would you describe the Hollywood Beauty Guru Philosophy? 

The Hollywood Beauty Guru philosophy is about being your true authentic self. Not being like anyone else but rising to the full and unique potential. I love showing people what is beautiful about themselves,, and it is rewarding to help them feel comfortable in their skin and emerge with style. See, no one will ever feel uncomfortable being themselves. 





What are your thoughts on the latest beauty trends, and how do you differentiate which is a fad and what works?                                         

 Makeup trends that come and go are harmless and can be fun to join in on, but I recommend staying away from any trends that can be damaging or have permanent side effects. I always stick with scientifically proven treatments and have been through clinical trials. I don’t jump on new trends and only offer permanent or semi-permanent treatments. I am more interested in building the foundations of beauty and bringing health, clarity and balance to the face. 


What are some of the products and treatments you swear by that are Hollywood Beauty Guru Approved?

I would recommend Micro-channeling. It’s the newer, safer version of micro-needling and our top anti-ageing treatment in the spa. This is combinined with human growth factors for significant skin regeneration. It also helps tightens skin and reduce scarring anywhere on the body. 

It also helps to reduce sun damage, melasma, and acne and even helps regenerate hair. My clients who do it regularly,, along with some mild peels, look like they had a CO2 laser treatment. The best thing about it is it’s safe for all skin types and only requires 24 hours of downtime. It can safely be done monthly, unlike traditional micro-needling, which requires 5-7 days of rest. I like to combine it with red light therapy to enhance the result and speed up the healing time. 


If you had a magic wand and could change the landscape of the beauty world what would you do and how would you enhance it? 


I want to see more beauty professionals succeed and support their families. This is a highly skilled field. Those great at it spend a lot of time and money advancing their skills and educating themselves. There is no reason why people in this profession should be struggling. I aim to change not just educate people to give good treatment but to become promising entrepreneurs and business owners. That’s what people don’t learn in beauty schools. Clients also should not bargain shop for their beauty service. It’s only putting yourself at risk. It’s also cheating yourself and adding to the problem. I ask that clients only support a licensed professional who takes the time to deliver a quality service. 


Do you have new projects that you are currently working on with Newmark Beauty, and what’s next for you this year?


I just opened up a new facility in Rancho Mirage, California. It’s a full med spa and beauty academy that teaches advanced beauty treatments and business tools. We offer everything from permanent makeup to advanced skincare, permanent hair reduction, eyelash extensions, body contouring, PRP and other regenerative therapies. Plus we are working on the development of our new skincare line we hope to have out by the beginning of 2023. 

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