SVRN Curates Exclusive Symposium for Milken Attendees, Uniting Founders and Investors for A New Social Paradigm

Ben Spievak and David Li, the co-founding duo behind SVRN, an esteemed social club, are reintroducing human-focused encounters for entrepreneurs and investors, gradually expanding their influence in various cities. The SVRN Symposium, held at the Sixty Hotel in Beverly Hills during the Milken Conference in LA, welcomed 250 influential attendees, including founders, thought leaders, angel investors, and family offices.

This year’s Milken Conference, centered around the theme “Advancing a Thriving World,” drew the participation of 3,500 prominent bankers, investors, and government officials. Over the course of four days, attendees engaged in insightful discussions and lively festivities to foster the exchange of ideas and potential solutions.

“To flourish in the present-day society, we must transition from an attention-driven economy to an intention-driven economy, actively opposing the culture of instant gratification fueled by consumption and technology,” articulated Ben Spievak at the Symposium. Committed to reintroducing purposeful and meaningful social experiences to a carefully curated network of entrepreneurs and investors, the SVRN team places great emphasis on education and intellectual growth.

The Symposium featured an engaging fireside conversation on the structuring of family offices, featuring esteemed speakers such as Josh Roach from Meritage Group, Luka Prelevic from Heritage Holdings, veteran investor Martin Jenkins, and Alex Johnson, co-founder of Velvet. This enlightening discussion explored valuable insights and best practices in family office investment strategies, enriching the knowledge base of the audience.

Distinguished figures who graced the Symposium included Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin, the visionary founder of SohoMuse, and Aloe Blacc, a Grammy-nominated artist and esteemed member of SVRN, who enthralled the audience with a captivating live acoustic performance.

“When assessing potential members, the most crucial attribute we seek is their inclination to lead with value. Each member brings their unique gift to enrich the experiences of others, and we express deep gratitude to Aloe for generously sharing his talent,” commented Ben on the performance.

Initially conceived by Ben and David as a means to enhance their own social lives by surrounding themselves with like-minded entrepreneurs and investors, SVRN swiftly identified the archetype that thrives in an increasingly challenging future—a sovereign individual unafraid to chart their own path and pursue their personal legend. By facilitating intentional connections among these individuals based on trust and shared purpose, SVRN strives to spearhead a new social paradigm.

Upon reflection, David shared, “We must rejuvenate the declining social fabric of our society, prioritizing human connections and friendships before investments and partnerships. Our aim is to showcase the power of genuine connections, where the finest opportunities are always fostered by trust and compassion. While observing a remarkable level of collaboration among our members as a positive byproduct, we fundamentally regard it as an essential element.”

SVRN envisions establishing a global network spanning key locations such as New York City, San Francisco, Miami, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, and London, fostering a vibrant community of exceptional individuals across continents and granting its members access to a sovereign lifestyle.

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