The Entrepreneurial Journey of Elijah Kim: Catching the speed of innovation

In the big city of Los Angeles, the story of Elijah Kim unfolds—a tale of entrepreneurship, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of impact. Elijah’s career is a mosaic of experiences that speak to a unique ability to see beyond the horizon, to find harmony between creativity and analytics, and to foster environments where ideas blossom into tangible outcomes.

Elijah’s journey is not just about the positions he has held or the ventures he has led; it’s about the profound impact he has had on every project he touches.

Collaboration and Innovation at LVLON

Elijah is a founding partner at LVLON (pronounced Level On), a dynamic platform comprising over 100 collective members. Among them are more than 12 active venture partners who have previously held executive/c suite roles with Fortune 500/major multinational corporations (e.g. former President of Magic Leap, former CTO of Trip Advisor and Fandango, former Managing Director and Head of IBM Watson, CEO of Daimler Mercedes Innovation Lab). Additionally, LVLON has formed strategic partnerships with platforms like Nerd With Purpose, collaborating to design, produce, and launch bleeding-edge innovations in Artificial Intelligence.

Working within a collective of diverse multidisciplinary talents has reinforced the value of leveraging varied perspectives to drive innovation and solve complex problems effectively,” says Elijah Kim, reflecting on his experience at LVLON. This experience laid the groundwork for his approach to entrepreneurship, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and adaptability.

LVLON is an innovation studio and advisory firm that helps businesses accelerate breakthroughs and navigate the changing AI landscape with speed and efficiency. We go beyond traditional corporate innovation limits, unlocking visionary ideas, co-creating narratives and roadmaps, and validating and building market-leading products. 


Turning Ideas into Impact

Elijah details the transformational process at LVLON with precision, “We prioritize identifying market needs, validating concepts through prototyping and testing, and iterating based on feedback to ensure successful implementation and scalability.” This diligent and structured approach to bringing ideas to fruition underlines Elijah’s knack for balancing creativity with analytical rigor.

The Quest for Product-Market Fit

Elijah’s strategy for navigating diverse industries is methodical and user-centric. “To find product-market fit in diverse industries, we employ a multifaceted approach, including market research, customer feedback, rapid prototyping, and iterative refinement,” he states. This approach ensures that the development of a product is not just innovative but also resonates with the target audience.

Mastering the Art of the Pivot

“Pivoting a venture when necessary requires a combination of strategic foresight, agility, and resilience,” Elijah explains. His ability to pivot is not reactive but a strategic realignment to the ever-changing market dynamics, showing his understanding that true entrepreneurship is as much about resilience as it is about vision.

Lessons in Leadership from C-Suite Executives

The insights gleaned from C-suite veterans have been transformative for Elijah. “Their diverse backgrounds and experiences enrich our collective knowledge and enhance our ability to tackle complex challenges and drive meaningful impact,” he says. Such collaboration underscores the value he places on wisdom and experience in the journey to success. A Decade-Long Vision Comes to Life

The story of, a platform aiming to revolutionize the fashion industry with shoppable content, is close to Elijah’s heart. “Inspired by the intersection of technology and consumer behavior, we embarked on a journey to create a platform that integrates contextual content and business intelligence,” Elijah shares, showcasing his passion for innovative solutions that meet the evolving demands of consumers with his co-founder Roel De Jong from NWP.

The Inception of Bumo

Bumo is an innovative child care solution founded by Chriselle Lim and Joan Nguyen designed to meet the dynamic needs of modern families. Understanding the unpredictable nature of parenting, Bumo offers a flexible and reliable service that allows parents to book quality, vetted child care with the same ease as making a restaurant reservation.

The service caters to those moments when parents require immediate backup care—whether it’s due to unforeseen work commitments, last-minute changes in routine, or simply a need for a few hours to focus on personal tasks. Bumo’s system is straightforward and user-friendly, enabling parents to schedule child care by the half-day or full-day, tailored precisely to when and how much care they need.

As founding member and advisor, when it comes to Bumo, Elijah speaks with pride about the vision that propelled the venture forward. “By prioritizing the parent experience and leveraging technology, Bumo aims to make a meaningful impact on families’ lives.” His belief in Bumo’s mission is evident, reflecting a business model that places human needs at its core.


Leading Digital Transformation in Major Companies

Elijah’s role in web3 strategy and digital transformation projects is marked by a commitment to strategic visioning and stakeholder alignment. “By leveraging emerging technologies and innovative methodologies, we help organizations navigate digital disruption,” he remarks, pointing to the crucial balance of innovation with strategic direction.

Innovation with Practicality

When asked about consulting, Elijah says, “Balancing innovation with practicality in consulting projects requires considering factors such as market readiness and risk tolerance.” His consulting projects exemplify a visionary yet grounded approach, one that recognizes the importance of deliverable results alongside groundbreaking ideas.

Mentoring at 500 Global

Elijah finds mentoring at 500 Global a profound experience, emphasizing the need for resilience and continuous learning. “It’s about empowering aspiring entrepreneurs,” he shares, which reflects his belief in nurturing the next generation of business leaders.

Diverse Ventures, Unified Vision

Elijah’s passion for co-founding ventures in various sectors stems from his desire to innovate and his ability to spot untapped opportunities. “We aimed to address critical challenges and drive positive change,” he comments, showcasing a visionary mindset that transcends industry boundaries.

Investment Philosophy

Elijah’s investment and advisory roles are underpinned by comprehensive analysis and strategic foresight. “We make informed investment decisions that maximize value creation and mitigate risks,” he says, emphasizing a disciplined approach to venture selection.

Technology’s Pivotal Role

Technology is a cornerstone in all of Elijah’s ventures. He sees it as “a catalyst for innovation, efficiency, and differentiation,” showcasing his belief in leveraging tech to unlock new opportunities and enhance user experiences.

The Big Picture in Strategic Planning

In strategic planning and decision-making, Elijah’s big-picture thinking ensures initiatives are mission-aligned and future-oriented. “I ensure that our strategic initiatives are aligned with our mission, values, and vision for sustainable growth and impact,” he remarks, solidifying his reputation as a visionary leader.

Leadership Grounded in Humanity

For Elijah, leadership is deeply human. “Embracing the human experience has shaped my leadership style,” he notes, highlighting the importance of empathy and inclusivity in building effective teams.

As Elijah Kim continues to explore new industries and technologies, his narrative speaks volumes about the transformative power of entrepreneurship. It’s a chronicle of successes that span sectors, yet the core remains constant—a steadfast commitment to impact, innovation, and the human element that binds the fabric of a successful venture.

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