Kitten Kay Sera: The Pink-Hued Journey of Pinktastic Plastixx

Amidst the vibrant city of Los Angeles, there’s a woman who lives in a spectrum of pink. Kitten Kay Sera, with her bubblegum-colored hair and fuchsia attire, looks like she’s stepped out of a vibrant, fantastical dream. Her life is a canvas painted in varying shades of pink, a commitment she’s embraced since 1980. But Kitten is more than her pink exterior.

She’s a melodic force, leading her band Pinktastic Plastixx, infusing her love for the rosy hue into music that resonates with the hearts of many. To her, pink isn’t just a color; it’s an ethos of joy, boldness, and unapologetic self-expression. Kitten moves at her own pace, leaving a trail of pink and the scent of possibility in her wake.

She wanted female players who embraced a pink dress code, in line with her title and her feature in Ripley’s Believe It or Not. The band comprises talented musicians who fit this vibrant image, including Alexa Rae (drums), Aurora Celena (bass), Celinda Chang (guitar), Rocky Rose (keytar), and Kitten herself on vocals.

The Concept of Barbiecore

Described as the first Barbiecore band, Pinktastic Plastixx embodies a fun, fashion-forward concept. Kitten explains that Barbiecore is integral to their music and performances. The band’s colors – pink, white, and black – reflect this aesthetic. Kitten envisions the band’s potential collaboration with Mattel and contributions to future Barbie movies, emphasizing their unique style and vision.

Multi-Generational Creativity

The band’s multi-generational lineup brings diverse experiences and creativity. Kitten, with her extensive background in the music industry, leads and manages the band. She hopes for a future where established management and booking agents can take Pinktastic Plastixx to new heights, allowing her to focus on branding and publicity.

Inspiring Dreams

Pinktastic Plastixx’s message, “dreams don’t expire,” aims to inspire their audience, particularly younger fans. Kitten believes in leading by example, showing that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams. She emphasizes the importance of loving the life you live.

Brand Collaborations

When it comes to brand collaborations, Pinktastic Plastixx looks for partners that align with their pink aesthetic. Their collaborations with Secret Los Angeles and Frisco’s Car Hop are examples of how these partnerships bring mutual benefits and enhance the band’s experience.

Learning from Major Acts

Opening for acts like When in Rome, The English Beat, and The Motels has been a learning experience for the band. Kitten values the opportunity to gain new fans and is inspired by the success of young bands like the Linda Linda’s. Her personal interaction with Martha Davis of The Motels was particularly memorable.

Fashion and Style

Featured in VOGUE Magazine’s Pink Issue, Kitten acknowledges the significant influence of the fashion world on her personal and stage styles. She draws inspiration from icons like David Bowie, Boy George, and Annie Lennox, while striving to create her own unique looks.

Balancing Music and Media

Kitten finds balancing her music career with media appearances relatively easy, thanks to her love for both. The growing interest in the band has led to more time devoted to music, with individual band members gaining recognition.

Future Projects and Expectations

Fans can expect exciting performances from Pinktastic Plastixx in the upcoming West Hollywood Pride Parade and future projects, including new music and potential tours. Kitten hints at surprises for the Pride Parade and encourages fans to follow their journey on Instagram.

In conclusion, Pinktastic Plastixx, led by the vibrant Kitten Kay Sera, is a band that not only embraces a unique aesthetic but also inspires its audience to pursue their dreams. Their journey in the music industry is a testament to the power of branding, creativity, and the timeless message that dreams truly don’t expire.


The Power of Diversity

The diverse age range within Pinktastic Plastixx is not a mere coincidence but a deliberate strategy to blend experiences and perspectives. This diversity is a source of strength, allowing for a fusion of classic and contemporary styles in their music and performances. Kitten’s leadership and experience in the industry provide a solid foundation, while the fresh perspectives of the younger members infuse innovation and contemporary relevance.

Inspiring Messages

The band’s motto, “dreams don’t expire,” resonates with audiences of all ages. This message is particularly poignant in an era where people often feel pressured by time and societal expectations. By living this mantra, Pinktastic Plastixx becomes more than a musical act; they become a source of inspiration and motivation for those who may feel their dreams are out of reach.

Kitten’s Passion for Pink

Kitten Kay Sera’s passion transcends the vivid shades of pink that adorn her life; it’s rooted deeply in her love for music and her unyielding belief in self-expression. Her dedication to her band, Pinktastic Plastixx, is a vivid illustration of this passion. Each melody, each performance, is a piece of her soul, delivered with the same intensity and love as her commitment to the color pink. Kitten doesn’t just play music; she lives it, weaving her life experiences, dreams, and her unique worldview into every note and lyric. Her passion also manifests in her relentless advocacy for individuality and empowerment, encouraging others to embrace their quirks and live their truths with as much conviction and vibrancy as she does. For Kitten, passion is more than a feeling; it’s a driving force, a way of life, and an inexhaustible source of inspiration, colorfully intertwined with every aspect of her being.


Learning from Legends

Opening for renowned acts has provided Pinktastic Plastixx with invaluable experiences. These opportunities are not just performances but learning platforms, where they can observe and absorb from established artists. This exposure to different styles and stage presences enriches their own performances, fostering growth and evolution in their musical journey.

The Art of Music Videos

The music videos for “Super Sexxy” and “Kinda Crazy” are expressions of the band’s creative ethos. They blend music with storytelling, creating a visual feast that complements their auditory appeal. These videos are not just promotional tools but artworks in their own right, showcasing the band’s creativity and vision.

Fashion as Expression

Kitten’s passion for fashion is a critical element of the band’s identity. Her unique style, inspired by fashion icons, is a personal statement that extends to the stage. This focus on fashion does more than create a visual impact; it communicates the band’s essence, a blend of boldness, creativity, and individuality.

Media and Music: A Balancing Act

Kitten’s adeptness at balancing media appearances with her music career speaks to her professionalism and passion. This balance ensures that the band remains in the public eye, garnering interest and admiration from diverse audiences. Their growing recognition, even among casual observers like the Starbucks employee, is a testament to their effective branding and public presence.

Future Endeavors and Expectations

The upcoming West Hollywood Pride Parade and other future projects are highly anticipated. These events are opportunities for Pinktastic Plastixx to showcase their talents and to surprise their audience with new and innovative performances. Kitten’s hint at surprises during the Pride Parade and upcoming performances like at The Whisky a GoGo reflects the band’s constant pursuit of excellence and innovation.

As Pinktastic Plastixx looks towards future endeavors, including potential tours in Asia and new music releases, they carry with them a message of empowerment, creativity, and the enduring pursuit of dreams. Their journey, marked by vibrant pink hues and an unwavering commitment to their art, serves as an inspiration to many, proving that success is not just about talent, but also about vision, perseverance, and the courage to be unapologetically oneself.

In conclusion, Pinktastic Plastixx, under the leadership of Kitten Kay Sera, is more than a band. They are a cultural phenomenon, blending music, fashion, and a bold message of empowerment. Their journey in the world of music and beyond is a vibrant testament to the power of embracing one’s identity and chasing dreams, no matter how colorful or bold they may be.

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