Thomas Orlina: A Journey Through Entertainment and Influence

Born and raised in the bustling city of Los Angeles, Thomas Orlina’s passion for entertainment was evident from a tender age. As a child, he would often immerse himself in the world of make-believe, using toy microphones to emulate his favorite artists. His teenage years were marked by a keen interest in tabloid magazines, further fueling his fascination with celebrities and the world of entertainment.

photography by David Christopher Lee

His academic pursuits mirrored his passion. Drawn to the world of Cinema and Television Arts, Thomas pursued a bachelor’s degree in the field. Night classes at CSUN played a pivotal role in cementing his decision to make a mark in the entertainment industry.

Career in Entertainment:

With a career spanning over a decade, Thomas has donned various hats. However, music holds a special place in his heart. The thrill of collaborating with a team, brainstorming ideas, and bringing visual projects to life is what excites him the most. His song “Brush It Off” being featured in Forbes was a defining moment, signaling his transition from an artist to a global influencer.

Your Time With Thomas:

Thomas’s experience in production laid the foundation for “Your Time With Thomas.” This reality show, which has garnered hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, showcases a different side of Thomas. The show’s success can be attributed to Thomas’s authenticity and his knack for highlighting impactful moments from his life.

Music and Creativity:

As a songwriter and recording artist, Thomas’s music is a reflection of his originality and deep introspection. Drawing inspiration from artists like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and Britney Spears, his songs resonate with listeners worldwide. Songs like “Brush It Off” and “Journey” are not just melodies but stories that evoke strong emotions.

Modeling and Brand Representation:

Thomas’s collaboration with the Overwatch League campaign marked his foray into brand partnerships. Representing both the Asian and US markets, he emphasizes the importance of Asian representation in mainstream media.

Current Roles:

Juggling multiple roles, from a Customer Success Manager to a correspondent at red carpet events, Thomas’s mantra is time management. A memorable moment from his red carpet experiences includes meeting Olivia Rodrigo during her documentary premiere for Disney.

Digital Influence:

With a growing YouTube channel, Thomas’s advice to budding content creators is simple – stay authentic and collaborate with like-minded individuals. As he celebrates the milestone of 100,000 YouTube views, his next goal is to have one of his songs featured in a show or commercial.

Network and Industry Relations:

Social media has played a pivotal role in Thomas’s journey, opening doors to numerous opportunities. Building and maintaining strong professional relationships have been key to his success in the industry.

Personal Insights:

Thomas’s journey hasn’t been devoid of challenges. Preparing for a performance at the OC Fair tested his creativity and leadership skills. However, these experiences have only prepared him for bigger platforms, like his recent television performance.

As he gears up for new projects, including recording a new song and a top-secret project, Thomas and his team are on full throttle, ready to conquer new horizons.

In the words of Thomas Orlina, “The possibilities of what can happen is what drives me to continue this journey.” And indeed, the journey seems promising and inspiring for many.

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