JP Mallo: The Marketing Maestro Behind Max Originals

As the Vice President of Marketing for Max Originals, JP Mallo is at the helm of consumer marketing, orchestrating campaigns for a diverse slate of original content, from gripping dramas to insightful documentaries.

A man poses on the red carpet wearing a stylish red patterned blazer over a black shirt and trousers, paired with black boots.Crafting Successful Campaigns:

For JP, the key to a successful marketing campaign lies in a robust strategic framework. This foundation informs the creative and tactical elements that follow. By fostering strong synergy with research, programming, publicity, and global teams, JP ensures that each campaign is not only memorable but also resonates with the brand’s objectives.

A man poses on the red carpet wearing a stylish red patterned blazer over a black shirt and trousers, paired with black boots.

Global Expansion with Netflix:

Before joining HBO Max, JP played a pivotal role in Netflix’s global expansion. He recalls the launch of “Sacred Games” as a significant milestone. As Netflix’s first large-scale local original campaign in India, it was a challenge to introduce both the series and the brand to a market dominated by other players. Through meticulous research and a strategic approach, JP and his team successfully launched the series, likening its impact to that of “Narcos.”

Essential Qualities for Success:

While drive and hard skills are crucial, JP believes that empathy is the game-changer in the entertainment marketing realm. He advises budding professionals to remain curious, challenge the status quo, and strive to leave a lasting impact on culture.

Achieving Higher Consciousness and Gratitude:

For JP, higher consciousness is about balance. Surrounding oneself with people and experiences that challenge, inspire, and bring peace is essential. He also emphasizes the importance of gratitude, advocating for moments of reflection to appreciate life’s journey.

Connecting and Inspiration:

Genuine conversations, vulnerability, and taking the time to understand others are JP’s ways of connecting. When asked about his inspiration, he fondly remembers his mother and draws motivation from his community, friends, and family.

A man poses on the red carpet wearing a stylish red patterned blazer over a black shirt and trousers, paired with black boots.

Current Projects and Representation:

JP is currently working on a slew of titles for Max, including “Dune,” “Harry Potter,” and “The White Lotus.” He’s also passionate about his work with FACE, a non-profit that empowers Filipino creatives.

Discussing Asian American representation, JP notes significant progress in the past five years. He celebrates the shift from labeling content as “foreign language” to recognizing it as universal, emphasizing the importance of telling diverse, multifaceted stories.

Defining Beauty and Success:

For JP, beauty is about presenting one’s best self, while success is about finding daily happiness in one’s passion.

Connect with JP Mallo:

You can follow JP’s journey on his social media handle: @jpreyesmallo.

In a rapidly evolving entertainment industry, JP Mallo stands out as a beacon of innovation, empathy, and passion. His journey, from Netflix’s global campaigns to Max Originals’ strategic marketing, showcases his dedication to telling stories that resonate and inspire.

A man poses on the red carpet wearing a stylish red patterned blazer over a black shirt and trousers, paired with black boots.

Diversity in Storytelling:

In an era where representation matters more than ever, JP Mallo’s commitment to bringing diverse stories to the forefront is commendable. He understands the power of storytelling in bridging cultural gaps and fostering understanding. By championing shows and films that reflect a myriad of experiences, JP ensures that audiences see themselves represented on screen. This not only enriches the entertainment landscape but also paves the way for more inclusive narratives in the future.

The Digital Evolution:

The digital age has revolutionized the way we consume content. With streaming platforms becoming household staples, the competition to capture audiences’ attention is fierce. JP’s expertise lies in navigating this digital maze. He harnesses the power of data analytics, audience insights, and cutting-edge technology to craft marketing campaigns that resonate. By staying ahead of digital trends and understanding the evolving consumer behavior, JP ensures that Max Originals remains a dominant player in the streaming world.

A man poses on the red carpet wearing a stylish red patterned blazer over a black shirt and trousers, paired with black boots.

Mentorship and Giving Back:

Beyond his professional achievements, JP’s dedication to mentoring the next generation stands out. Through his work with FACE and other initiatives, he provides guidance to budding creatives, ensuring they have the resources and support to thrive. JP believes in the power of mentorship, understanding that today’s leaders have a responsibility to nurture tomorrow’s trailblazers. His commitment to giving back is a testament to his character and his belief in the potential of the next generation.

A Vision for the Future:

As the entertainment industry continues to evolve, JP Mallo’s vision remains clear: to tell stories that matter. Whether it’s a gripping drama, a thought-provoking documentary, or a heartwarming comedy, he believes in the power of content to inspire, challenge, and entertain. With his finger on the pulse of global trends and a keen understanding of audience preferences, JP is poised to lead Max Originals into a future filled with compelling narratives that resonate with viewers worldwide.

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