The Vibroacoustic Bed by Dr. Steven Schwartz

The world of alternative medicine and therapy is vast and varied, but every once in a while, someone comes along with a vision so revolutionary it captures the imagination of many. Dr. Steven Schwartz, also known as Dr. Vibe, is one such individual. With a keen understanding of the power of vibrations, he has managed to bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern technology. He has pioneered the VIBES ( which stands for vibrational individualized body enhancement system),  a vibroacoustic bed.

The Vibroacoustic Bed & Dr. Steven Schwartz

Dr. Steven Schwartz: Pioneering the Power of Vibrations in Healing and Wellbeing

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A man in a light green suit stands with his hands over his chest against a grey background.This is where his innovative VIBE System comes into play. The VIBE System, as described by Dr. Schwartz, engulfs users in a relaxed meditative state with full body vibration. This state, he claims, starts the process of releasing trauma and unwanted patterns from one’s cells.

  • 4 Vibration Activation Centers
  • Thicker foam and a more ergonomic design 
  • 300 Watt Body Vibration Amp 
  • Dedicated Headphone Amp to Control Ear Volume 
  • High quality upgraded headphones 
  • Custom dedicated android tablet 
  • New Bioharmonic Technology App for Apple & Android 
  • Metal Frame 

A man in a light green suit stands with his hands over his chest against a grey background.

Amplifying the Power of Subconscious Reprogramming: The Vibroacoustic Bed

What’s more intriguing is the claim that adding the VIBES to any subconscious reprogramming technique can drastically enhance and expedite clinical outcomes. In the realm of psychology and personal development, subconscious reprogramming is often used to shift deep-seated beliefs and habits. By using the VIBE System in conjunction with these techniques, individuals might be able to achieve their desired outcomes much faster.

A man in a light green suit stands with his hands over his chest against a grey background.

Connecting on a Deeper Level with the Vibroacoustic Bed

Beyond the technology, Dr. Schwartz’s approach to connection stands out. He emphasizes the power of simple actions like making eye contact, being present, asking questions, and being a good listener. It’s a reminder that amidst the buzz of technology, the human element remains essential.

A man in a light green suit stands with his hands over his chest against a grey background.

Career Advancement and Alignment

Dr. Schwartz’s career advice focuses on surrounding oneself with a loyal team. Even solo entrepreneurs, he notes, rely on tools to scale their operations. But the key, he believes, is that growth should be vibrationally aligned. When team members resonate on the same frequency, optimization naturally follows.

A man in a light green suit stands with his hands over his chest against a grey background.The Essence of Dr. Schwartz’s Work

At the core of Dr. Schwartz’s philosophy is the belief that our bodies are not just physical structures; they are intricate networks of vibrations, all resonating together. He argues that traumas and negative patterns can be stored in our cells as disruptive vibrations. By addressing these negative patterns with counteracting vibrations, one can promote healing and overall well-being.



A man in a light green suit stands with his hands over his chest against a grey background.

Venturing into the Realm of Psychedelics

Steven Schwartz’s view on psychedelics reflects his overall philosophy. He describes them as “portal pathway openers” but also cautions users to reflect on their intentions before indulging. His recommendation for those looking to use psychedelics as a healing method is to complement the experience with the V.I.B.E. System for optimal results.

Biohacking and Personal Practices

For Dr. Schwartz, the ultimate biohack is the VIBE System, which uses harmonic sound vibration to clear cellular memory and optimize human physiology. Yet, he also stresses the importance of hydration and the simple act of smiling at oneself in the mirror daily.

A man in a light green suit stands with his hands over his chest against a grey background.

Inspirations and Ongoing Projects

Dr. Schwartz draws inspiration from various figures, from Bruce Lipton and Joe Dispenza to cultural icons like Elvis and fictional characters like Luke Skywalker.

His ongoing projects reflect his commitment to his vision. The next-generation V.I.B.E System promises to revolutionize the way we perceive music and vibrations. Alongside, the Vibrophile App aims to become the world’s first immersive music app, offering a unique blend of music and immersive resources.

A Deeper Look into Beauty

When asked about beauty, Dr. Schwartz provides a unique perspective. For him, beauty isn’t just visual. It’s about vibrational resonance, something that aligns with cellular memory. This view complements his foundational beliefs and work.

A man in a light green suit stands with his hands over his chest against a grey background.

Defining Success

Success, in Dr. Steven Schwartz’s words, is aligning one’s intentions with physical manifestations. It’s not just about achieving a goal but doing so with happiness, excitement, and enthusiasm. Success should be a journey that nourishes the mind, body, and spirit.

Connecting with Steven Schwartz

For those interested in diving deeper into the world of Dr. Schwartz, he can be found on various platforms, including his official websites and social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

In conclusion, Dr. Steven Schwartz, with his innovative approaches and deep understanding of vibrations, offers a fresh perspective in the world of alternative healing and therapy. His work, merging ancient knowledge with modern techniques, promises to pave the way for a future where well-being is not just a goal but a harmonious journey.

His Book: Unveiling “Primal Resonance: Discover the Secrets to Health Vitality and Optimal Human Peformance.”

Amidst a plethora of books on wellness, health, and personal growth, “Primal Resonance: Discover the Secrets to Health Vitality and Optimal Human Performance” by Dr. Steven Schwartz stands out as a unique offering. Written in 2014 and released the subsequent year, this book intertwines ancient wisdom with modern scientific understanding, promising insights that are just as relevant today.

The Central Theme

“Primal Resonance” delves deep into the essence of our being, exploring the profound idea that at our core, we are beings of vibration. Everything, from our thoughts to our emotions, reflects a certain frequency or resonance. Dr. Schwartz suggests that by understanding and harnessing these resonances, we can tap into unprecedented levels of health and vitality.

Addressing the New Epidemic

One of the book’s pivotal discussions revolves around what Dr. Schwartz refers to as the “New Epidemic in America” – Chronic Systemic Inflammation. Contrary to popular belief, he posits that it isn’t just diseases like COVID-19 that threaten us, but rather the complications arising from chronic inflammation.

Aging: Why and How We Can Reverse It

A standout section of “Primal Resonance” deals with the phenomenon of aging. Why do we age? Is it possible to halt, or even reverse, the aging process? Dr. Schwartz doesn’t just pose these questions – he provides insights. Drawing from the principles of sound, light, frequency, and vibration, he offers the top 10 ways to reverse aging and prevent degeneration.

A man in a light green suit stands with his hands over his chest against a grey background.

Applied Sciences for Teachings

The book isn’t just theory. Dr. Schwartz emphasizes the application of these principles. Readers will find that many of the technologies he has developed, including the renowned VIBE System, are grounded in the teachings from “Primal Resonance.” These technologies serve as practical tools that allow us to apply the book’s teachings in our daily lives.

The Relevance Today

Although written almost a decade ago, “Primal Resonance” is even more pertinent in today’s context. With global challenges like pandemics and rising mental health issues, understanding the foundational aspects of health has never been more crucial. Dr. Schwartz’s book offers a timely reminder of the age-old principles of harmony, balance, and resonance, urging readers to reconnect with their primal selves.

In Conclusion

“Primal Resonance” by Dr. Steven Schwartz isn’t just a book – it’s a journey. A journey into understanding the vibrational essence of our being, the challenges of modern living, and the path to optimal health and performance. As Dr. Schwartz prepares to launch the audiobook version, it’s a testament to the timeless nature of the knowledge encapsulated within its pages. For anyone seeking a deeper connection with themselves and a blueprint for holistic health, “Primal Resonance” is a must-read.


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