Discovering Dasom by Chef Kang: A New Jewel in K-Town

Los Angeles‘ vibrant Koreatown has long been a hub for authentic Korean cuisine, bustling nightlife, and cultural immersion. Adding to this rich tapestry is the latest culinary delight, Dasom by Chef Kang. This new restaurant is quickly becoming a staple for those seeking homestyle comfort food, especially after an evening out with friends.

Homestyle Comfort in Every Bowl

Dasom, meaning “love” in Korean, is more than just a name; it’s a philosophy that Chef Kang imbues into every dish served. The restaurant’s menu is a heartwarming ode to traditional Korean stews, known for their rich flavors and soul-satisfying warmth. These stews are not just food; they’re a narrative of Korea’s culinary heritage, perfect for diners looking to find solace in a delicious, steaming bowl of goodness.

Perfect Post-Celebration Cuisine

Dasom’s stews have earned a reputation as the perfect nightcap for those winding down after a night of revelry. Whether it’s the spicy kick of Kimchi Jjigae or the savory depth of Doenjang Jjigae, these dishes are known to comfort the soul and revitalize the spirit, making them the go-to for late-night diners in search of a hearty and fulfilling meal.

Dasom’s Signature Dishes

The restaurant’s menu is adorned with an array of stews, each carrying the signature touch of Chef Kang. The Army Stew, priced at $40, is a crowd favorite, combining an assortment of meats and vegetables in a spicy broth that has diners coming back for more.

Korean Army Stew, or Budae Jjigae, originated during the Korean War when food was scarce. Resourceful Koreans combined surplus processed foods from U.S. military bases, such as canned ham and Spam, with traditional Korean ingredients like kimchi and gochujang to create this hearty stew. Initially a symbol of survival, Budae Jjigae has evolved into a beloved comfort food, representing a unique fusion of Korean and American culinary cultures. Today, it’s a popular dish that varies in its recipe and is enjoyed for its rich flavor and as a reminder of the resilience and ingenuity of the Korean people during a challenging historical period.


For those seeking something a bit more luxurious, the Braised Wagyu Ox Tail at $59 is a testament to Dasom’s commitment to quality and flavor.

smaller portion of wagyu ox tail…absolutely divine.

The Beef Rib & Bone Broth Soup, listed as the #1 Seller and Signature dish at $16, is a testament to Dasom’s expertise in creating meals that not only taste good but feel good. These dishes represent just a glimpse of the culinary treasures awaiting at Dasom.


A Space of Warmth and Modernity

The interior of Dasom by Chef Kang mirrors the food’s comforting essence, with modern decor that pays homage to Korean aesthetics. The warm lighting and wooden accents create an inviting atmosphere, while the artful presentation of the dishes adds a contemporary flair to each dining experience.

Open Late for the Night Owls

Currently welcoming patrons until 10 pm, Dasom is set to extend its hours, catering to the night owls of K-Town. The extended hours are in anticipation of the demand for a late-night spot that serves top-notch Korean comfort food in a stylish yet cozy environment.

A Culinary Experience to Fall in Love With

Dasom by Chef Kang is more than just a restaurant; it’s a culinary experience that celebrates the joy of Korean comfort food. It’s a place where every visit is a journey through the flavors of Korea, served with a side of Los Angeles flair. Whether you’re capping off a night on the town or simply in the mood for some top-tier Korean stews, Dasom is the place to be. Dasom is a name that stands for quality and a love for the craft of culinary arts.

Join the many who have already discovered this gem in Koreatown, and find yourself falling in love with the flavors that only Dasom by Chef Kang can provide.

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