A Grand Vin Unveiling at Urban Press Winery: Celebrating Fuil Wines

Urban Press Winery in Burbank, California, recently hosted an exceptional event – the Grand Vin Unveiling of Fuil Wines, created by the passionate husband and wife winemaking team, Matt and Carolina. This exclusive launch showcased the culmination of their winemaking journey and the fruits of their labor, offering attendees an immersive experience with the couple’s exceptional wines.

 photography by Michele Marotta

A Winemaking Journey Rooted in Love and Passion, Fuil Wines

Matt and Carolina’s story is one of love, dedication, and a shared passion for wine. From their first date to their engagement and wedding, wine has been a constant presence, marking significant milestones in their lives. Nearly 20 years ago, they decided to dive headfirst into winemaking, embracing what some might call a mild insanity or a foolhardy fancy, and they haven’t looked back since.

Bonding Over Wine: A Love Story ( Fuil Wines)

Their journey into winemaking was driven by their mutual love for wine. “Wine is the only work of art we can enjoy with all five senses,” Matt often says, encapsulating the couple’s philosophy. This shared passion led them to create Fuil, an extremely small production, boutique winery specializing in the wines of the Santa Ynez Valley in Santa Barbara County.

The Essence of Fuil Wines

Fuil, a Gaelic word meaning blood, kin, land, passion, and temperament, perfectly captures the essence of Matt’s Irish heritage and the couple’s commitment to winemaking. Fuil Wine is a blend of California’s rich, diverse fruit and the old-world structure and complexity they cherish.

Sustainable and Organic Practices

All Fuil wines are sourced from sustainably managed, certified organic, or biodynamically farmed vineyards. Matt and Carolina’s goal is to bring out the best in California’s vineyards while maintaining a deep respect for nature. They celebrate the variations in each harvest, striving to highlight the unique characteristics of their vineyards.

The Grand Vin Unveiling Event of Fuil Wines

The Grand Vin Unveiling at Urban Press Winery was a meticulously planned event, reflecting Matt and Carolina’s dedication to their craft. The evening began with guests being greeted with the first wine on the list, the 2023 Viognier from J+K Vineyard, Ballard Canyon.

2023 Viognier (J+K Vineyard, Ballard Canyon)

The 2023 Viognier, priced at $42 ($35.70 for club members), was a perfect introduction to the evening. With honeysuckle on the nose teasing lychee, gold pineapple, and honey supported by a creamy mouthfeel, it received a notable 91 points from Wine Enthusiast. This wine was paired with Shrimp Carpaccio, radish, and caramelized allium puree, setting a high standard for the dishes to follow.

2023 Solas Nua (Chilled Red Blend, SBC)

Next was the 2023 Solas Nua, a chilled red blend from SBC, priced at $35 ($29.75 for club members). Solas Nua, meaning “New Light” in Gaelic, offered a burst of red berry on the nose, with a hint of orange peel. It finished with bright acid and a touch of earthy funk, earning 91 points from Wine Enthusiast. This wine was excellently paired with Roasted Pheasant Leg, parmesan, and pappardelle, enhancing the complex flavors of the dish.


The Heart of the Evening

As the evening progressed, guests were introduced to the 2022 Syrah from J+K Vineyard, Ballard Canyon. This cool climate Syrah delivered all the cherry, smoke, and pepper one expects, balanced with a savory, earthy nature. With 17 months in one-third new oak, it offered tannin and ageability, promising even more complexity as it matured. This wine, priced at $50 ($42.50 for club members), was paired with Braised Short Rib and brown butter potato puree, a hearty dish that complemented the wine’s robust flavors.

A Sweet Conclusion

The event concluded with the 2021 Rua Rhone Red Blend from Sta. Rita Hills, priced at $36 ($30.60 for club members). Rua, meaning red or ginger-haired in Gaelic, presented creamy cherry on the nose with round chocolate-covered cherries on the palate. This delightful wine was paired with Bombolina and hazelnut chocolate mousse, providing a sweet and satisfying end to the evening.

Meet the Winemakers: Matt and Carolina

A significant highlight of the event was the opportunity to meet Matt and Carolina, the passionate winemaking duo behind Fuil Wine. Their stories, told in the beautifully crafted booklets provided to each guest, added a personal touch to the event.

Matt: The Winemaker

Matt grew up in rural Wisconsin, a region known for beer and bratwurst, not wine. His journey into winemaking began when his father took a community college wine appreciation course. The experience of analyzing wine’s color, aroma, feel, and taste captivated Matt. This fascination turned into a pivotal role in his life, leading him to take extra jobs in his 20s and 30s to afford the wines that made an impression on him. Today, Matt channels this passion into creating wines that leave an impression on others.

Carolina: The Beauty and The Brains

Carolina’s journey began in Chile, where wine was a part of daily life. Her career in restaurants and wine bars introduced her to the world of wine, leading her to appreciate the art and reverence involved in winemaking. Carolina sees wine as a living entity, reflecting the environment in which it was grown. Her background in filmmaking and storytelling adds a unique perspective to their winemaking process, making each bottle of Fuil Wine a narrative of nature and passion.

The Future of Fuil Wines

The Grand Vin Unveiling was not just a celebration of the present but a glimpse into the future of Fuil Wine. Matt and Carolina are committed to continuing their journey, producing wines that honor the land, their heritage, and their shared passion. They are excited to explore new varietals and techniques, always with the goal of creating wines that tell a story.

Conclusion, Fuil Wines

The Grand Vin Unveiling at Urban Press Winery was a testament to Matt and Carolina’s dedication and love for winemaking. It was an evening filled with exquisite wines, delicious pairings, and heartfelt stories. As they continue their journey, they invite wine lovers to join them in experiencing the art and passion behind every bottle of Fuil Wine. With their commitment to sustainability and quality, Matt and Carolina are sure to make a lasting impression on the world of wine.

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