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Jack Bedirian was born and raised in Beverly Hills, California. He got his start in fashion at the age 15 as a sales associate at Bloomingdales. By 18, he was a personal shopper for the elite of Beverly hills. He has worked with Heidi Klum, Kate Middleton and various designers such as Dior, McQueen, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino and Phillipp Plein. Bedirian is now the Global Ambassador of Phillip Plein, which is the highest level of corporate.

Tell us about your upbringing and background? 

Every since I was a child I’ve always had a love for fashion. I used to draw sketches of outfits from runaways, dreaming about the glam/rockstar lifestyle.  Flashforward, being recruited by Dior, Dolce, McQueen and Valentino, I saw myself where I’ve always wanted to be. Now having the highest position in luxury corporate with Philipp Plein.


How do you find your creativity? 

I find working with other young talents that inspire me to be the better version of myself. My grandmother is my biggest inspiration and fan, as well my clients  and circle of friends.

How did you find your passion for fashion? 

It’s in my blood.



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How would you describe your fashion sense? 

I have two different looks I love to do: one is very sophisticated with blazers and bow ties. On the other hand, my rockstar looks consists in leather, spikes and studs.

One’s reality is achieved through the thoughts one believes in their head. How do you take a thought and manifest it into your dreams?

I set myself goals, I work hard I’m passionate about what I do, and it comes along the way. 


How would you recommend anybody to take their career to the next level?

I recommend that if you love what you do, stick to it. Don’t change your career path just because at the moment what you are dreaming is too big. All good things comes in a matter of time and patience. 


What projects are you working on now?

A few major big projects in the making in 2023. Your going to  have to wait and see.

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty for me is a reflection of what’s held inside. The most important thing in life for me is to be healthy, take my vitamins daily and a religious skincare routine. Oh, don’t let me forget Dr. Ben Talei.


How would you describe success?

By leading a strong team, motivating and encouraging them to reach their goals. Their success is my success.

Tell us about some success and key moments you are proud of?

Im very proud of the relationship circle I have build over the years, which has made me want to give back. I have been very successful in having some amazing charity’s  I have created. I help many city’s  with Children’s Hospital as well as education and sports for Latin American.. I’m now in the works to start a charity event connected with Womens domestic violence, Hoping to have even more opportunities to give back in the near future. 

Where can we find you?


Worldwide, everywhere else, and to the moon. 

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