Mikkoh Chen: A Visionary Leader Redefining Wellness, Diversity, and Innovation

Mikkoh Chen is a Taiwanese-American entrepreneur, investor, and diversity champion based in New York. He has a background in building and scaling companies in wellness, future of work, the creator economy. Mikkoh is currently the Chief Operating Officer of PACT Management, DPARKS.co, and Feeling Good Corporation. Beyond his operational responsibilities, he advises various startups, focusing on go-to-market strategies, new verticals, and innovation.

Mikkoh is the former General Manager of Gold House Futures, a next generation series of accelerators, and has helped craft partnerships with major industry titans. Mikkoh also co-founded the Gold House Ventures accelerator (formerly Gold Rush), the nation’s leading API-focused accelerator, and has built a symbiotic ecosystem, connecting successful founders and investors within Gold House’s extensive networks.

Early Life: The Foundation of Resilience

Mikkoh’s journey began under the weight of familial expectations. Growing up as the youngest of three siblings, he navigated a childhood where decisions were made for him, limiting his exploration of personal desires. This early life experience, coupled with the struggle of coming to terms with his sexual orientation, set the stage for a profound transformation. His move to San Francisco post-college marked the beginning of his true self-discovery, eventually leading him to embrace his identity as a gay man. This critical phase in Mikkoh’s life wasn’t just about self-acceptance; it was the foundation of his future endeavors in promoting authenticity and diversity.

Professional Milestones: A Diverse Portfolio

Mikkoh’s professional achievements are as varied as they are impressive. His tenure as the General Manager of Gold House Futures and co-founder of the Gold House Ventures accelerator showcases his dedication to nurturing API-focused talent. These initiatives have forged partnerships with industry giants, providing a platform for emerging leaders and innovators. His advisory roles in various startups highlight his expertise in market strategies and innovation, making him a sought-after figure in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Advocacy for Wellness and Mental Health

Mikkoh’s personal struggles with identity and mental health have deeply influenced his professional focus on wellness. His journey has been marked by a search for healing, leading him to explore non-traditional methods like plant medicine and psychedelics. These experiences have not only been transformative for him but also shaped his vision for a more inclusive and diverse approach to health and wellness. He advocates for a multifaceted view of healing, encouraging individuals to find methods that resonate personally, beyond societal norms.

Redefining Beauty and Diversity

Mikkoh’s stint in the modeling industry, particularly with Wilhelmina in 2017, exposed him to the narrow standards of beauty and representation. This experience, though challenging, reinforced his commitment to being a ‘diversity warrior’. He actively champions the inclusion of diverse faces in media and entertainment, recognizing the value and necessity of representation in all forms.

Strategic Acumen in Business

Mikkoh’s approach to developing company strategies is both methodical and empathetic. He emphasizes the importance of understanding a company’s unique challenges, planning for contingencies, and maintaining adaptability. His mantra of listening, planning, and executing reflects a deep understanding of the dynamic nature of business and the need for agile leadership.

A key aspect of Mikkoh’s success is his approach to developing strategies for companies. Recognizing that each company is unique with its own set of challenges, he emphasizes a three-phase approach:

  1. Listen & Learn: Mikkoh believes in clarity amid chaos. By asking intentional questions and listening to the perspectives of founders, executives, and employees, he gains a comprehensive understanding of a company’s current state and challenges.
  2. Plan for the Best and Worst: Drawing from his early career lessons, Mikkoh values agile strategies like OKRs and SMART goals. He stresses the importance of detailed execution plans and the need for leadership commitment to guide teams effectively.
  3. Press on the Gas Pedal: Understanding and building requirements into tangible plans is just the start. Mikkoh emphasizes the need to test these initiatives rigorously, adjusting strategies as necessary to ensure growth and success.

This strategic approach is about adaptability and effective communication, ensuring that every team member is aligned with the company’s overarching goals. Mikkoh’s methodology reflects a deep understanding of the dynamic nature of business and the need for agile leadership in today’s rapidly changing global economy.

Current Endeavors and Future Aspirations

Mikkoh continues to focus on advising startups in health, wellness, and the creator economy. His goal is to aid these startups in creating impactful solutions that enhance quality of life and promote well-being. His passion lies in fostering innovation and positive change within these sectors, demonstrating his commitment to making a material impact on society.


Mikkoh Chen’s story is one of transformation, resilience, and unwavering commitment to authenticity and diversity. His multifaceted career, marked by significant contributions to wellness, diversity, and business innovation, makes him a true visionary in today’s fast-paced world. As he continues to advocate for inclusivity and personal growth, Mikkoh Chen remains a leading figure in shaping a more equitable and empathetic society.


Website: www.mikkohchen.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/mikkohchen/

TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@mikkohchen

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