The Women’s Cardiometabolic Health and Wellness Masterclass 2024: A Convergence of Medical Expertise and Wellness at Laguna Cliffs

The Women’s Cardiometabolic Health and Wellness Masterclass, an esteemed event hosted by the Cardiometabolic Health Congress (CMHC), recently unfolded at the scenic Laguna Cliffs Marriott Resort and Spa in Dana Point, California. This gathering of medical professionals from April 18-20, 2024, focused on the advancement of women’s health, specifically in the areas of cardio-renal-metabolic care.


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A Harmonious Blend of Science and Wellness

The masterclass uniquely integrated cutting-edge medical insights with wellness activities, reflecting a holistic approach to health care. Esteemed experts in the field shared their knowledge on a range of topics, including the impact of psychosocial stress on cardiovascular disease (CVD) in women, the relationship between cognition and CVD risk factors, and the complexities of cardiometabolic diseases in women across different life stages​ (Cardiometabolic Health Congress)​​ (Cardiometabolic Health Congress)​.

A Roster of Renowned Speakers

The event featured a lineup of distinguished speakers, including Dr. Peter Libby, who offered an overview of inflammation and its relation to cardiometabolic health, and Dr. Michael Honigberg, who discussed Clonal Hematopoiesis of Indeterminate Potential (CHIP) as a predictor of premature menopause and CVD​ (Cardiometabolic Health Congress)​. Dr. Pam R. Taub and Dr. Erin D. Michos, co-chairs of the event, were instrumental in creating an educational and collaborative environment where participants could engage in meaningful discourse​ (Cardiometabolic Health Congress)​​ (Cardiometabolic Health Congress)​.

Groundbreaking Sessions and Interactive Discussions

The masterclass sessions spanned various subjects, from metabolic liver disease in women to the optimization of pre-pregnancy cardiometabolic health. Interactive panel discussions, such as those moderated by Dr. Christie M. Ballantyne and Dr. Pamela B. Morris, facilitated audience engagement and allowed for an exchange of strategies and clinical experiences​ (Cardiometabolic Health Congress)​.

A Setting for Collaboration and Connection

Attendees had the opportunity to participate in wellness activities, including Zumba sessions and an exhibitor hall featuring industry solutions and practice-delivery improvements. These elements complemented the educational aspects, allowing attendees to connect with each other and focus on self-care amidst the rigorous learning schedule​ (Cardiometabolic Health Congress)​​ (Cardiometabolic Health Congress)​.

A Commitment to Continuing Education

In addition to the robust educational programming, the masterclass offered up to 6 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ for physicians and corresponding credits for nurses and pharmacists, underlining the commitment to continuing medical education​ (cme.tarsusmedicaleducation)​.

The Impact of the Masterclass

The event was more than a series of lectures; it was a celebration of community and a testament to the power of collaborative learning. As Dr. Taub put it, the masterclass provided an “incredible spirit of collaboration” where dedicated professionals could uplift each other and advance the standard of care for women’s cardiometabolic health​ (Cardiometabolic Health Congress)​.

Looking Ahead

With the success of the 2024 masterclass, CMHC has already opened registration for the next year, encouraging all clinicians, trainees, and health professionals to mark their calendars for another enriching experience in Dana Point​ (Cardiometabolic Health Congress)​.

The Women’s Cardiometabolic Health and Wellness Masterclass stands as a beacon for healthcare professionals, emphasizing the necessity of gender-specific care and the value of integrating wellness into medical education. As we look towards future events, it’s clear that the commitment to advancing women’s health continues to grow, promising better care and outcomes for women worldwide.

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