Miriam Deliva: Pioneering a Multicultural Approach to PR and Marketing

Miriam Deliva career in public relations (PR) is marked by a serendipitous beginning that ignited a trailblazing journey. Drawn to the PR industry during her university years, Deliva was captivated by a key figure at a media summit who was well-connected within the journalistic community. This encounter sparked her curiosity and led her to pivot her academic focus towards media and communications, ultimately shaping her future in the PR industry.


Her foundational years were transformative, thanks to a pivotal internship that not only changed her career trajectory but also her educational path, moving her to a top media and communications university. This decision laid the groundwork for what would become Press Run, her renowned PR agency that stands today as a testament to her strategic foresight and innovative approach to media relations.

Mastering Global Markets

Miriam Deliva’s approach to handling diverse international markets is deeply informed by her multicultural background and extensive global experience. Having worked across continents—from Asia to the United States—Deliva emphasizes the importance of understanding the target audience’s cultural preferences and media consumption habits. This nuanced understanding ensures that Press Run’s campaigns are not only culturally sensitive but also highly effective, resonating well with varied demographics.

Leveraging Multicultural Insights

Born in the Philippines and raised in Australia, with significant time spent in Singapore, Deliva brings a rich tapestry of cultural insights to her PR strategies. Her experiences have instilled a deep appreciation for an omni-channel and multicultural approach, which is crucial in today’s globalized market. Deliva’s personal journey of rarely seeing Asian representation in the media influenced her mission to amplify voices from diverse backgrounds, particularly within the Asian community.

This commitment extends into her campaigns, where she aims to foster inclusivity and ensure that diverse narratives are part of the mainstream media dialogue, reflecting a broader spectrum of identities and stories.

Overcoming Industry Challenges

As the Director and Founder of Press Run, Deliva has navigated numerous challenges within the PR industry, most notably the common misconceptions about what PR entails. To combat this, she began offering educational programs in 2019, focusing on clarifying the distinctions between PR and general marketing, and emphasizing PR’s role in earned media. These initiatives have not only educated clients but also elevated the practice within the industry.

Educating the Next Generation

Through her role at Hacker Exchange, Deliva mentors aspiring professionals, helping them build reputable personal brands and understand the intricacies of PR. She addresses common misconceptions head-on, teaching that PR is about earning media through authenticity and strategic communication, not just about paid marketing efforts.

Convergence of Passions and Professional Growth

Deliva’s diverse interests in startups, business, personal development, communications, and human design converge in her professional endeavors. Her experiences with the HEX accelerator program and her subsequent mentorship roles allow her to integrate these interests seamlessly. She emphasizes the importance of personal development and mental well-being, advocating for a balanced approach to professional and personal life.

Anticipating Future Trends

Looking forward, Deliva predicts significant transformations in the PR and marketing communications industry, particularly with the rapid digital transformation and the growing importance of social media. She emphasizes the necessity of personal branding and the strategic use of AI, advocating for maintaining a human touch in an increasingly digital world.

Memorable Campaigns and Measuring Success

One of Deliva’s standout campaigns was the Donut & Beer Campaign in Melbourne, which brilliantly showcased the effectiveness of integrated marketing communications. The campaign’s success was largely due to a cohesive team and expert knowledge from the client. It taught Deliva the importance of trust in the process and the power of expert collaboration.

To measure the success of a PR campaign, Deliva looks at audience feedback, media impressions, and long-term changes in community behavior. These metrics help gauge the immediate impact and the lasting influence of a campaign on its target audience.

Advice for Aspiring PR Professionals

Deliva encourages aspiring PR professionals to immerse themselves in storytelling across different mediums—from films to RPG video games—to better understand narrative dynamics. She stresses the importance of resilience and the ability to handle rejection, which are critical in navigating the competitive landscape of the PR industry.

In summary, Miriam Deliva’s career is a testament to the power of curiosity, adaptability, and strategic innovation. Her journey from a curious student to a leading PR strategist exemplifies how diverse experiences and a deep understanding of cultural nuances can shape a successful career in public relations and beyond.

Miriam Deliva’s impact on the public relations and marketing industry is not only measurable through her successful campaigns but also through her visionary approach to leadership and mentorship. Deliva’s leadership style is deeply influenced by her personal values and her dedication to inclusivity, which permeates every level of her work—from team management to global campaign strategies.

Innovative Leadership in Practice

Leading Press Run, Deliva applies a management philosophy that prioritizes well-being and personal development, both for herself and her team. This approach fosters a work environment that encourages creativity and innovation, crucial in the dynamic field of PR. Deliva believes that a balanced life, where personal needs and professional responsibilities are in harmony, results in higher productivity and more meaningful work output. Her leadership style is characterized by empathy and integrity, ensuring that every team member feels valued and motivated.

Deliva’s commitment to mental health and holistic well-being in the workplace is part of a broader trend in modern management, where the success of a company is increasingly measured by the quality of life it offers its employees. In her own words, Delvia aims to lead in a way that “works for my team and I,” a testament to her belief in tailor-made leadership strategies that adapt to the needs of individuals.

Global Strategies and Local Nuances

Deliva’s global experience has equipped her with the ability to craft PR strategies that are not only effective on a global scale but also finely tuned to local nuances. Her work across different continents has highlighted the importance of cultural competency in PR—a skill that involves understanding and respecting the cultural contexts of each market. This competency allows Deliva and her team at Press Run to create campaigns that resonate on a personal level with diverse audiences, making each campaign more effective and impactful.

Her ability to navigate these complex cultural landscapes is a result of her multicultural upbringing and professional experiences abroad, which have provided her with insights that are invaluable in the globalized market of today. Deliva’s strategies often involve a blend of traditional and modern media approaches, allowing her to reach audiences across various platforms and demographics.

Forward-Looking Insights

Looking to the future, Deliva is particularly keen on the integration of technology in PR and marketing. She acknowledges the transformative power of digital tools and platforms, but also warns against losing the human touch that distinguishes compelling PR campaigns. Her focus is on leveraging technology to enhance human connections rather than replace them. This balanced approach is likely to define the next wave of PR practices, as professionals navigate the digital landscape with a focus on authenticity and engagement.

Deliva also sees the potential for PR to play a more significant role in societal change, particularly through campaigns that promote diversity and inclusion. By using PR as a tool to amplify underrepresented voices and address social issues, Deliva envisions a more socially responsible practice that could influence public opinion and policy on a large scale.

Lasting Impact and Legacy

Miriam Deliva’s career offers numerous lessons for anyone in the field of communications, marketing, and beyond. Her emphasis on understanding audiences, her strategic use of cultural insights, and her commitment to ethical leadership are all qualities that set her apart as a leader in her field. Moreover, her dedication to education and mentorship ensures that her influence will extend far beyond her immediate professional network, inspiring the next generation of PR professionals to approach their work with the same level of integrity and vision.

As Deliva continues to shape the landscape of public relations, her strategies, leadership, and innovative campaigns not only enhance her clients’ success but also contribute to the evolution of the industry. Her work demonstrates that PR, when done well, can be a powerful tool for business success and a catalyst for positive change in the world.

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