Mrs. Fish: Downtown LA’s Subterranean Japanese Dining Retreat

Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) houses an eclectic array of dining experiences, and Mrs. Fish stands out as a modern culinary marvel. Combining the sophisticated flair of Japanese cuisine with an impressive whisky selection, Mrs. Fish beckons diners into its art-centric world. This downtown oasis, nestled 15 floors beneath its sister establishment, Perch, provides a multi-sensory feast for both the palate and the eyes.

Design and Atmosphere: A Subterranean Sanctuary

As guests descend into the heart of Mrs. Fish, they are greeted by the centerpiece—a stunning 5,500-gallon saltwater fish tank, a symbol of the deep connection between the ocean’s bounty and the restaurant’s sushi offerings. The interior design, an infusion of Tokyo’s vibrant art scene, features pieces sourced from the city’s hottest galleries, creating a backdrop that is as much a conversation starter as it is a visual delight. The ambiance is a balance of serenity and buzz, making it a versatile spot for a casual drink or an exquisite dining experience.


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The Culinary Adventure: Sushi, Small Plates, and Uni Pasta

At Mrs. Fish, the menu is a palette of Japanese flavors, crafted to offer a bespoke dining journey. Patrons can choose from an array of Japanese small plates, expertly sliced nigiri, and heartier fare like the indulgent uni pasta. The small plates offer a perfect beginning to the adventure, each a delicate balance of flavor and texture, setting the stage for the sushi masterpieces that follow.

A Whisky Collection to Savor

The whisky program at Mrs. Fish is as robust as it is eclectic, featuring a range of spirits that would intrigue both the novice and the connoisseur. Each whisky is selected to complement the umami-rich Japanese fare, from the silky nigiri to the larger, bold dishes that demand a drink with character.

Dining Options: Choose Your Own Experience

Mrs. Fish understands that dining is a personal experience, and as such, provides a plethora of seating options to suit any preference. Whether it’s the sushi counter, where the dance of the chefs‘ preparation can be observed, the intimate five-seat sushi bar offering an omakase experience, the vibrant main dining room, or a cozy booth or second-floor table for a more secluded affair, every corner of Mrs. Fish offers a unique perspective on Japanese dining.

The Art of Sushi and More

At the heart of Mrs. Fish’s menu is sushi, an art form that requires precision and passion. The sushi chefs at Mrs. Fish are artists in their own right, each dish a canvas where the freshness of the ocean comes to life. The sushi bar’s omakase offering is a journey through the finest selections of the day, each course telling a story of flavor and craftsmanship.

A DTLA Oasis of Culture and Comfort

Mrs. Fish is not just a restaurant; it’s a cultural experience that fuses the best of Tokyo’s art scene with the culinary artistry of Japan. It stands as a beacon of comfort in the bustling energy of DTLA, offering a retreat where art and cuisine coalesce. For those seeking an escape that indulges all senses, Mrs. Fish is a destination that truly encapsulates the essence of downtown Los Angeles‘ diverse and dynamic spirit.

In conclusion, Mrs. Fish offers a dining and drinking escapade that is both luxurious and welcoming. With its curated art, impeccable flavors, and inviting ambiance, it stands as a testament to DTLA’s thriving gastronomic landscape, waiting to welcome locals and tourists alike into its subterranean embrace.

An Unforgettable Entrance: Under the Sea

The journey into Mrs. Fish begins with an entrance under a magnificent 5,500-gallon saltwater fish tank—a mesmerizing welcome that transports guests from the urban sprawl to an aquatic haven. The allure of this aquatic display sets the tone for an evening where every detail is part of a carefully orchestrated experience.

Art Meets Cuisine: The Fusion of Senses

The commitment to art at Mrs. Fish is evident not just in the pieces that adorn the walls but in the plating of each dish. The restaurant partners with some of the most avant-garde galleries in Tokyo, ensuring that the visual feast matches the culinary one. It is a place where contemporary Japanese artists‘ works live alongside the artistry of the chefs, creating a dynamic atmosphere that is both a gallery and a gourmet destination.

A Culinary Canvas: The Menu at Mrs. Fish

The menu at Mrs. Fish is a testament to the creativity and diversity of modern Japanese cuisine. Each item is thoughtfully designed to reflect the complexity and elegance of the culture. The Japanese small plates, ranging from delicate sashimi to innovative tempura, are perfect for sharing and set the stage for the sushi and larger entrées that follow.

Nigiri and sashimi are treated with reverence, honoring the integrity of the fish, sliced to perfection, and served with accompaniments that accentuate their natural flavors. For those seeking an exploratory dining format, the omakase menu at the sushi bar presents a series of dishes curated daily by the sushi chefs, offering a true taste of their craft.

Beyond sushi, Mrs. Fish’s larger options, such as the uni pasta, embody a bold approach to fusion while respecting the essence of Japanese flavors. The uni pasta, creamy and rich, topped with sea urchin, is a dish that marries the sea’s bounty with the comfort of a classic pasta dish.

Whisky and Spirits: An Elevated Drinking Experience

The whisky program at Mrs. Fish is a curated collection that invites exploration. Each bottle has been chosen for its ability to complement the Japanese cuisine offered, with a selection that spans from smooth, subtle flavors to robust, peaty varieties. This program is designed not just for whisky aficionados but also for those new to the spirit, encouraging guests to find the perfect pairing for their meal or to enjoy a dram on its own.

The Allure of Choice: Varied Seating Options

Choice is central to the Mrs. Fish experience. The restaurant offers a range of seating options to suit any occasion. The main dining room buzzes with energy, perfect for a night out with friends or a celebratory dinner. The booths and second-floor tables offer a more intimate setting, ideal for date nights or quiet conversations.

For those looking to immerse themselves in the art of sushi-making, the sushi counter and the exclusive five-seat sushi bar provide a front-row seat to the chefs’ dexterity and skill. And for guests seeking a more relaxed vibe, the lounge near the bar serves as a casual spot to enjoy drinks and small bites.

The Fusion of Tradition and Modernity

Mrs. Fish represents a space where traditional Japanese culinary techniques meet contemporary dining expectations. The experience is an interplay of the time-honored and the innovative, where age-old recipes are given a modern twist, and classic dishes are reimagined with a contemporary edge.

Hosting the DTLA Community

Mrs. Fish isn’t just for the epicurean tourist; it’s a cultural staple for the locals. It’s a testament to DTLA’s rich tapestry, drawing in a diverse crowd from the city’s many walks of life. From the after-work crowd looking for a happy hour retreat to the weekend diners out for a special meal, Mrs. Fish provides a sanctuary for all.

Sustainability and Sourcing: The Ethos of Dining

In today’s culinary world, sustainability is key, and Mrs. Fish addresses this by sourcing its ingredients responsibly. The seafood is carefully selected to ensure quality and sustainability, so diners can enjoy their meal knowing it’s been sourced with care for the ocean’s ecosystems.

A Toast to Japanese Hospitality

The concept of ‘omotenashi’, or Japanese hospitality, runs deep at Mrs. Fish. The attentive staff and knowledgeable sommeliers provide service that is both meticulous and discreet, ensuring every guest’s needs are anticipated and met. This level of service, combined with the exceptional dining experience, encapsulates the omotenashi spirit.

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