Chris Holt: Merging Mental Health Support with Personalized Training

In the ever-evolving world of fitness, personal coaching has taken a significant leap into the digital realm. Chris Holt, a former architect turned fitness coach, has harnessed the power of technology to offer a unique online coaching service that emphasizes mental health alongside physical well-being. This article delves into the innovative approach of Chris Holt’s fitness coaching business, exploring the services offered, the motivation behind the venture, client engagement processes, and the distinctive features that set his coaching apart.


Bridging Mental Health and Fitness

Chris Holt’s online coaching business is not just about physical fitness; it integrates mental health to support comprehensive wellness. His services are designed around daily accountability and emotional support, crucial for those struggling to balance weight-loss with mental well-being. This holistic approach addresses the psychological aspects of fitness, making it a standout feature in his programs.

Journey from Architecture to Fitness

Chris’s transition from architecture to fitness began in 2008 when he opened one of Miami’s first CrossFit affiliates. This venture was not only a business endeavor but a personal transformation that ignited his passion for fitness. After selling his stake in the business in 2018, Chris ventured into online coaching, aiming to leverage his experience to help others achieve their fitness goals remotely.

Tailored Coaching Programs

Understanding that each client has unique needs, Chris begins his coaching with a focus on nutrition, which he considers the foundation of good health. His programs are adaptable, adjusting to the client’s progress and feedback. This personalized approach ensures that every client receives the specific guidance they need to succeed.

Engagement and Accountability

New clients start by watching three introductory videos, creating a base understanding before diving into the program. They must then send three real-time food pictures daily, ensuring Chris remains in the loop with their eating habits. His 24/7 availability for any queries or support underscores a commitment to constant communication, crucial for maintaining motivation and accountability.

Technology’s Role

Technology is pivotal in Chris Holt’s coaching strategy. It facilitates the real-time interaction that his coaching model relies on and supports various features of his app, such as goal setting and community interaction. This digital approach allows Chris to offer an on-call service that would be impossible otherwise.

Tracking Progress and Outcomes

Chris measures client success through various metrics such as weight, physical appearance, clothing fit, and overall vitality. This multifaceted tracking ensures that clients see the broader impact of their efforts beyond the scale, which can be a significant motivator.

Client Goals and Success Stories

Most clients aim to feel comfortable and confident in their bodies, focusing less on rigorous exercise and more on effective nutrition. Chris encourages movement for health benefits but prioritizes dietary habits for weight loss. Success stories, available on his website, attest to the effectiveness of this methodology.

Overcoming Online Challenges

Addressing challenges in an online setting, Chris focuses on simple, achievable fitness activities like walking, which are easy to integrate into daily life. His engagement strategies keep clients active in the program, countering the typical drop-off in motivation seen in less interactive online fitness programs.

Staying Current and Client Support

Chris avoids fleeting trends, focusing on proven nutrition principles and continuous learning to refine his coaching. His app includes a variety of resources that keep clients engaged and supported, including challenge videos and a community forum.

Advice for Prospective Clients

For those considering online fitness coaching, Chris emphasizes the importance of understanding one’s motivations and choosing a coach that aligns with personal needs and goals. Establishing a strong foundation of trust and relatability is key to a successful client-coach relationship.

Pricing, Community, and the Future

Chris’s coaching is priced to reflect the high level of personalized service provided. He fosters a strong sense of community among clients through the Open Forum on his app, helping everyone feel connected and supported. Looking ahead, Chris believes in the growth of online coaching and plans to expand his global reach, demonstrating that effective coaching can transcend geographical boundaries.


Chris Holt’s online fitness coaching business represents a forward-thinking blend of technology, personalized care, and comprehensive health strategies. By focusing on both mental and physical health, offering round-the-clock support, and utilizing digital tools effectively, Chris has established a model of online fitness coaching that not only meets but anticipates the needs of modern clients looking for sustainable, impactful fitness solutions.

Visit Chris Holt. If you’d like to follow Chris on social media, you can find him on IG, Threads, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok @beyondthetats. If you’d like to get started with his nutritional program, you can fill out an intake form on her website

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