The Resilient Journey of Mizuho Sato: Flamenco, Freedom, and Legacy

Mizuho Sato’s journey into the world of dance began with a harsh realization. At 17, after attending a summer school at The Opera Ballet School in London, she faced discrimination that shattered her ballet dreams. Advised that her “Japanese knees” would hinder her future in ballet, Sato spiraled into a dark period upon entering university, grappling with suicidal thoughts. However, her indomitable spirit led her to flamenco, a dance form that promised a lifelong pursuit and ultimately saved her life.

  Thursday, March 7, 2024; 8 p.m.: $35-$90

  • Tomatito, Flamenco Guitar; with special guest dancer Karime Amaya
    • Andrés Barrios, Piano; with special guest dancer Mizuho Sato

Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center
1935 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Redondo Beach, CA  90278

  Saturday, March 9, 2024; 8 p.m.: $40-$90

  • José Maya, Flamenco Dancer withRycardo Moreno, Flamenco Guitar
    • Andrés Barrios, Piano; with special guest dancer Mizuho Sato

Cultural Transition

Sato’s path took a pivotal turn when, while performing and teaching in Tokyo, she met her future husband from Los Angeles. Despite winning prestigious awards and being offered a scholarship to a renowned flamenco school in Sevilla, Sato chose love and freedom over tradition, moving to LA to start anew. This decision, fraught with regret and hardship, marked the beginning of her journey in flamenco outside of Japan’s rigid societal expectations.

Award and Recognition

The recognition Sato received early in her career was met with mixed feelings. After winning awards from the Japanese Flamenco Association and the Spanish ambassador, she contemplated refusing them due to feeling undeserving. This period was marred by bullying and sabotage from senior dancers in Japan, contributing to her decision to leave her homeland in search of a more supportive environment.

Artistic Contributions

Sato’s artistic endeavors include memorable but challenging projects like “Puss in Boots,” where the physical toll of performing in a motion capture suit led to health issues. Despite these challenges, her involvement in projects like KUMPANIA brought recognition but also attracted negativity, testing her resilience.

Teaching Philosophy

Emerging from her trials, Sato dedicated herself to becoming a compassionate teacher and dancer. Drawing from experiences with over 35 flamenco teachers, she aims to make flamenco accessible and inclusive, breaking down language barriers and stereotypes, and emphasizing the art’s historical roots in overcoming racism and discrimination.

Workshops with Spanish Artists

Sato highlights the unique opportunity in the flamenco community to learn directly from top Spanish artists. This direct lineage and exchange of styles enrich the flamenco tradition, distinguishing it from other dance genres.

Overcoming Personal Challenges

Inspiration from legendary flamenco dancers like Farruca and Angelita Vargas, who navigated personal tragedies through their art, provided Sato with the strength to persevere. Flamenco’s storytelling, often reflecting deep emotional and historical struggles, resonated with her own journey.

Flamenco as Therapy

For Sato, flamenco serves as a powerful therapeutic tool, fostering community support and emotional expression. The art form’s recognition by UNESCO as a World Intangible Cultural Heritage underscores its global significance and healing potential.

Formation of Mizuho Sato Flamenco Company

The pandemic prompted Sato to establish her flamenco company, focusing on inclusivity and therapeutic benefits over technical perfection. This decision reflects her adaptive response to the challenges posed by COVID-19 and her commitment to flamenco’s communal spirit.

Diverse Ensemble

Sato’s company embodies a philosophy of equality, rejecting traditional divisions and fostering a supportive, inclusive environment. This approach draws on her experiences and the influence of her late friend, Jesus Montoya, emphasizing the universal connection through flamenco.

Impact of COVID-19

The pandemic brought significant challenges, halting Sato’s teaching and leading her to explore other creative outlets. However, the shift to online classes and the support of her community reignited her passion for flamenco, affirming her dedication to the art form.

Return to Live Performances

The transition back to live performances was a humbling and motivating experience for Sato and her company. The joy of performing together and engaging with the audience reinforced her role in the flamenco community.


Sato emphasizes flamenco’s healing power, or “Flamencura,” especially in challenging environments like the Bay Area. Her efforts to spread this therapeutic aspect of flamenco aim to support and uplift those facing personal struggles.

Community Engagement

Beyond dance, Sato fosters a sense of community among her students, highlighting flamenco’s role in supporting emotional well-being and stress relief. This holistic approach to teaching reflects flamenco’s capacity to enhance life beyond the dance studio.

Future Projects

With projects like ¡FLAMENKING! and collaborations with musicians, Sato continues to push the boundaries of flamenco, focusing on inclusivity and resilience. Her leadership and vision aim to broaden the impact of flamenco, both locally and beyond.

Advice for Aspiring Dancers

Sato offers candid advice to aspiring dancers, acknowledging the challenges and rewards of pursuing flamenco. Her advocacy for greater appreciation and support for the art form reflects her commitment to its future growth.

Influence of Spanish Culture

Sato’s affinity for Spanish culture and artists has deeply influenced her artistic identity. The passion and vibrancy of Spanish art, coupled with her admiration for figures like Mikhail Baryshnikov, have shaped her approach to flamenco and life.

Personal Growth for Flamenco

Flamenco has been a catalyst for Sato’s personal development, encouraging her to abandon harmful habits and adopt a healthier, more positive lifestyle. This transformation has not only benefited her artistry but also fostered a supportive community among her students.

Celebration of Life

Sato’s performances aim to connect with audiences on a profound level, celebrating the resilience and beauty of the human spirit. Through flamenco, she invites others to embrace life’s challenges and joys, fostering a sense of unity and shared experience.

Legacy and Impact

While Sato is modest about her legacy, her hope is to leave a lasting impact by inspiring others to embrace flamenco and its transformative power. Her journey from adversity to artistic and personal fulfillment embodies the spirit of flamenco, offering a beacon of hope and possibility to all who encounter her work.

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