The Oasis by Weosh: A Transformative Wellness Sanctuary

In today’s fast-paced world, many individuals are caught up in a lifestyle dominated by stimulants and relentless activity. Despite an abundance of information about health and wellness, lifestyle-related health issues remain prevalent. The Oasis by Weosh was created to address this need for a shift in societal norms, offering a space where wellness becomes a joyful, communal experience rather than a mere task.

A Vision for Holistic Wellness

The Oasis by Weosh embodies a vision where wellness is accessible, enjoyable, and holistic. Located in a serene villa near the beach, The Oasis provides a retreat where individuals can relax, recharge, and connect with like-minded people. The community at The Oasis values physical, mental, and emotional health, fostering a supportive and engaging environment.

The Genesis of The Oasis: A Serendipitous Journey to Launch

The inception of The Oasis started with a dream of creating a luxurious wellness villa by the beach, fostering community and promoting a healthier, interconnected lifestyle. Despite initial inexperience, the idea gained traction through a series of serendipitous events.

Early in the year, under the first new moon, symbolizing fresh beginnings, Geummy Lee reconnected with a potential business partner during a hike. This partner immediately resonated with the concept. Shortly after, a wellness event attendee involved in real estate expressed interest and joined the team.

Their quest for the perfect location led them to a property slightly above budget. However, fate intervened when Geummy’s business partner coincidentally met the property’s owner, a doctor deeply rooted in the wellness community. The owner embraced their vision and offered a property that perfectly matched the interiors outlined in the pitch deck. This serendipitous alignment led to securing the villa, which featured a flourishing lemon tree and other elements aligning with their brand.

Just three days after securing the villa, The Oasis hosted its inaugural wellness gathering. The swift transition from concept to reality was propelled by a series of fortuitous encounters and aligned relationships, transforming the dream into a tangible reality. Despite challenges and personal setbacks, each step brought them closer to realizing their collective vision.

Enhancing Wellness with Technology at The Oasis

At The Oasis, technological innovation is integral to the wellness experience. By utilizing a web3-based membership platform, The Oasis ensures secure, private, and immutable transactions for its members through blockchain technology.

Beyond security, the blockchain platform allows for innovative community engagement. Members can earn and use tokens for various wellness activities, products, and experiences, creating a vibrant ecosystem that encourages participation and rewards engagement in novel ways.

This integration of technology fosters a more connected and motivated community. Members can earn tokens through community-building activities, such as participating in group wellness challenges or contributing to community-led projects. This not only enhances their personal wellness journey but also builds a strong, supportive network committed to health and wellbeing.

The use of web3 technologies at The Oasis enriches the wellness journey of its members, making it more interactive, rewarding, and community-focused, reflecting the needs and values of their community.

Discover the Unique Allure of The Oasis: Where Nature Meets Modern Wellness

Exclusivity and Community

The Oasis is a curated, private community where every member is vetted to ensure a harmonious atmosphere. Members enjoy the comfort and security of a like-minded community dedicated to mutual well-being and respect.

Accessibility to Wellness

Believing that wellness should be accessible to everyone, The Oasis offers engaging events and workshops designed to introduce guests to practices such as sound baths and meditation. This approach makes it easy for anyone to start their wellness journey in a supportive, non-intimidating environment.

Fusion of Technology and Tradition

The Oasis blends the latest health technologies with time-honored wellness modalities, providing a holistic experience that caters to both physical and spiritual needs. This integration offers transformative experiences usually found in distant retreats like those in Bali.

Prime Location and Natural Beauty

Set against the backdrop of Santa Monica’s breathtaking beach, The Oasis utilizes its prime location to enhance the wellness experience. The natural surroundings are an integral part of the healing and rejuvenation process, promoting deep relaxation and connection with nature.

Curated Wellness Experiences

Each aspect of The Oasis is thoughtfully designed to foster personal growth and health. From expert-led retreats to bespoke wellness programs, everything is tailored to maximize health benefits and ensure a memorable stay.


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A Personal Journey: Geummy Lee’s Vision and Legacy

Geummy Lee’s personal history and family heritage have significantly shaped the philosophy and offerings at The Oasis. Coming from a family of traditional medicine doctors across three generations, wellness has always been more than just a practice—it’s part of her DNA. This legacy includes significant contributions to integrating Western medicine in Korea, emphasizing the importance of bridging different medical traditions.

Growing up, Geummy relied on hanyak, a traditional Korean elixir, highlighting the effectiveness of holistic health approaches over quick pharmaceutical fixes. Her experiences of frequent moves and isolation during childhood, compounded by a personal health crisis in the United States, underscored the limitations of the conventional medical system. Despite clear symptoms, the lack of a definitive diagnosis and reliance on temporary solutions left her feeling neglected by healthcare professionals.

These experiences inspired the creation of The Oasis, a space that embraces holistic and integrative wellness practices while fostering a warm, inclusive community. The Oasis prioritizes alternative methods to de-stress and actively promotes building friendships through events. The goal is to provide a sanctuary where guests can find both healing and connection, addressing physical symptoms and the emotional and social aspects of health often overlooked in traditional settings.

Integrating Art and Technology into Wellness

Integrating NFT art and immersive environments into events at The Oasis goes beyond embracing new technology; it deepens the wellness experience in unique and meaningful ways. Each artistic medium, whether digital like NFTs or traditional like print, offers a distinct avenue for expressing and exploring wellness themes.

At the first web3 wellness event in Los Angeles during the NFT LA conference, The Oasis showcased how blockchain technology could foster a sense of community, mindfulness, and personal well-being. By minting these events on the blockchain, The Oasis creates a permanent, immutable record of the experience, enhancing the value of the memory for participants.

This innovative approach allows The Oasis to deliver wellness experiences that are not only impactful in the moment but also enduring, giving guests something tangible and lasting to take away. By blending art, technology, and wellness, The Oasis creates a holistic environment appealing to both the aesthetic and emotional senses of guests, enhancing their journey toward health and well-being.


The Oasis by Weosh represents a transformative approach to wellness, combining holistic health practices, technological innovation, and community-building. Through serendipitous beginnings and a commitment to a shared vision, The Oasis has become a sanctuary where individuals can find peace, support, and effective wellness therapies. By prioritizing personal well-being and environmental health, The Oasis cultivates a conscious community that values intentional living and unity.

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