The Vision of Rejuvenation Science: An Interview with Howard Simon

Howard Simon of Rejuvenation Science is the visionary behind the Mucosal Milieu Theory of Health, a new medical paradigm that examines the intricate relationship between the human body and its microbiome. His approach challenges established medical doctrines and emphasizes the importance of understanding and supporting the body’s microbiome for improved health, wellness, and longevity.

Blinded by Science, Rejuvenation Science

Simon acknowledges the benefits of the scientific method and technological advancements but criticizes their limitations in advancing crucial health concepts. He believes that a critical mass of researchers has yet to fully grasp essential truths about human health. His Microbial Mucosal Milieu Theory, developed and applied to his health recovery, offers a simple yet profound alternative to traditional medical practices.

Reality Check for Howard Simon

Simon calls for scientists to break free from linear thinking and restrictive research funding, which often hinder the pursuit of complex health solutions. He stresses the importance of addressing the root causes of health issues rather than merely treating symptoms. His work aims to enhance the understanding of the “Mucosal Milieu” (MM) and the symbiotic relationship between the host and its microbiome.

Necessity is the Mother of All Invention

Simon’s personal health journey, marked by his battle with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and ulcerative colitis (UC), inspired his research into the relationship between the human body and its microbiome. Despite advancements in DNA identification and gene sequencing, there remains a significant gap in understanding how microbiota communities co-exist with host tissues to promote health.

Diagnosed with proctitis in college, which later progressed to UC, Simon endured years of discomfort and uncertainty. Despite using various drugs to manage symptoms, he found that traditional medicine often focused more on treating symptoms than identifying the underlying cause. His determination to address the root causes of his condition led him to retire from his career and focus on nutraceutical medicine.

How You Respond to Challenges Life Presents

Simon’s story is a testament to resilience and innovative thinking in the face of health challenges. His diagnosis of UC presented numerous difficulties, including abdominal discomfort, gas, bloating, diarrhea, and urgency. Despite these challenges, he pursued higher education and a successful career in a Fortune 200 company, further exposing him to environmental toxins.

Simon founded Rejuvenation Science® to provide sophisticated supplements to doctors and their patients. His research and personal experimentation led to the development of the Mucosal Milieu Theory, which posits that a balanced and diverse microbiome is crucial for preventing and treating autoimmune diseases.

The Birth of the Mucosal Milieu Theory

Simon’s innovative protocols, based on the Mucosal Milieu Theory, aim to address the root causes of autoimmune diseases and other inflammatory conditions. Despite a high-risk diagnosis for colon cancer, Simon’s protocols helped him manage his UC symptoms and ultimately undergo a successful surgery. Following his recovery, Simon continued to share his knowledge through the Maximum Vitality® brand, bringing sophisticated supplements to consumers.

Personal Insights for Howard Simon

Simon’s personal health journey, including his battle with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and ulcerative colitis (UC), inspired him to explore the relationship between the human body and its microbiome. Despite advancements in DNA identification and gene sequencing over the past 15 years, there remains a significant gap in understanding how microbiota communities co-exist with host tissues to promote health.

Addressing the Root Causes of Health Issues, Howard Simon

Simon’s journey and the development of the Mucosal Milieu Theory highlight the importance of addressing the root causes of health issues through a holistic approach. His commitment to scientific exploration, innovative research, and the advancement of wellness continues to inspire and guide the field of health supplements.

Rejuvenation Science stands at the forefront of the health supplement industry, with a clear mission to enhance wellness through scientifically-backed nutritional supplements. The company’s goal is to complement diet, environmental initiatives, exercise, and medical care rather than replace them. Their mission includes educating doctors, their patients, and the public about the microbiome’s critical role in overall health, its susceptibility to environmental toxins, and the causes, treatment, and prevention of disease as outlined in their innovative MMM Theory.

Rejuvenation Science is dedicated to using the best ingredients available, continually updating their formulations based on the latest scientific research, and sharing these studies with physicians and patients. The company strives to keep costs reasonable, simplify supplement regimens for busy individuals, and ensure that their formulations are targeted and straightforward. They believe in the importance of investing in one’s health and operate with a foundation of honesty and integrity.

Philosophy of Rejuvenation Science

Rejuvenation Science firmly believes that nutritional supplements are essential complements to a healthy lifestyle. They emphasize that supplements should support, not replace, diet, environmental initiatives, exercise, and medical care. The company’s philosophy includes several key principles:

  • Educating doctors and patients about the microbiome’s role and its susceptibility to environmental toxins.
  • Using the best available ingredients and up-to-date science for their formulations.
  • Sharing research studies with physicians and patients.
  • Keeping costs reasonable and supplement regimens simple and targeted.
  • Supporting physicians who refer patients and offering discounts to patients.
  • Treating customers with respect and care.
  • Operating with honesty and integrity.

Founding Inspiration and Market Distinction

Rejuvenation Science was inspired by the need to combine requests from CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) physicians, the opportunity to educate practitioners within FDA regulations, and the demand for high-quality nutritional supplements from a reliable source. The company’s consumer brand, Maximum Vitality, aims to support demanding lifestyles by providing optimal performance and health.

Rejuvenation Science distinguishes itself through its commitment to scientific integrity, the use of branded components with demonstrated efficacy and safety, and a focus on complex formulations that consider the body’s need for various cofactors.

Research and Development

The research and development process at Rejuvenation Science is grounded in the belief that the body is highly intelligent and complex. Their formulas tend to be complex, incorporating multiple nutrients and cofactors for optimal utilization. The company uses branded components from companies that sponsor research to ensure efficacy and safety. They also rely on reputable contract manufacturers, rigorous formulation standards, and high-quality raw materials.

Scientific evidence is crucial to Rejuvenation Science’s formulation process. Howard’s new book, “MMM Theory: A New Paradigm in Medicine,” includes 39 pages of references that support the theory’s novel approach to understanding the underlying causes of various diseases. This and other research form the basis of the company’s current and future product formulations.

Product Range and Focus

Rejuvenation Science offers a diverse range of supplements, each designed to address specific health needs. Their most popular product, Maximum Vitality multivitamin, is the top-rated practitioner multivitamin in “The Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements” by Lyle MacWilliam. This multivitamin fills nutritional gaps, providing foundational health support.

Another key product is Biom3ga Krill Oil, which delivers omega-3s in a natural phospholipid complex that passes through vascular and blood/brain barriers more effectively than fish oil. Krill oil has been shown to benefit heart health, reduce inflammation, and improve quality of life.

The company’s new Detox Probiotics help degrade, bind to, and remove toxins from the body, while Diversity Probiotics support the human microbiome with up to 60 bacterial strains.

Rejuvenation Science focuses on health areas guided by MMM Theory, which aims to protect the body from environmental contaminants and address diseases characterized by inflammation, such as autoimmune diseases.

Quality and Sourcing

Rejuvenation Science maintains the quality and purity of its ingredients by using branded components whenever practical. The company emphasizes quality in formulation, manufacturing, and scientific integrity. They prioritize the use of whole-food ingredients over synthetic ones to avoid contaminants and ensure the presence of beneficial cofactors. They work with reputable contract manufacturers and adhere to strict quality control measures.

Rejuvenation Science’s products are third-party tested to ensure their purity, efficacy, and safety. This process is important for verifying that the products meet the company’s high standards and for providing customers with confidence in the quality of the supplements they are using.

Customer-Centric Approach, Rejuvenation Science

Rejuvenation Science tailors its products and services by distributing through medical practitioners, ensuring that consumers’ needs are addressed based on their health diagnoses rather than market trends. The company’s consumer website focuses on achieving aspirational health goals rather than addressing specific diseases or symptoms.

Several success stories highlight the effectiveness of Rejuvenation Science’s products. Former athletes and seniors have reported significant relief from joint pain, allowing them to resume running and regain mobility. One doctor shared the story of a diabetic patient whose extremely high blood sugar levels were significantly reduced with the help of GlucoOptimizer, a product from Rejuvenation Science.

Innovation in Supplements, Rejuvenation Science

Rejuvenation Science is leading the trend of addressing the root causes of diseases rather than just treating symptoms. MMM Theory proposes that many diseases stem from the body’s response to environmental contaminants. The company’s products are designed to prevent and address these underlying causes, promoting long-term health.

Howard is particularly excited about the implications of MMM Theory for societal health and the potential National Science Foundation SBIR grant application. These initiatives represent significant opportunities for advancing the company’s mission and expanding its impact.

Regulatory Compliance and Industry Standards

Rejuvenation Science navigates the regulatory landscape by vetting contract manufacturers to ensure manufacturing quality, marketing to medical practitioners to comply with FDA and FTC guidelines, and using technology to manage product and batch compliance requirements.

The company ensures compliance by adhering to FDA regulations, working with reputable manufacturers, and maintaining rigorous quality control standards.

Health and Wellness Philosophy

Rejuvenation Science’s philosophy is rooted in the belief that a complex interplay of environment, lifestyle choices, diet, healthcare, and supplements determines overall health. The company advocates for a holistic approach that supports the body’s natural processes and promotes long-term wellness.

Howard’s book, MMM Theory, outlines the importance of a holistic approach to health that considers environmental factors, lifestyle choices, and dietary habits alongside the use of supplements. The company believes that supplements should complement, not replace, a healthy lifestyle.

Challenges and Opportunities

The biggest challenge Rejuvenation Science faces is navigating pharmaceutical-promoted FDA and FTC guidelines, as well as overcoming the influence of pharmaceutical sponsorship in medical education and scientific publications. The company addresses these challenges by providing balanced information to doctors and adhering to regulatory requirements.

Howard sees significant opportunities for growth through the application of MMM Theory, which offers a new perspective on disease prevention and treatment. The company’s focus on environmental health and innovative product development positions it for continued success.

Community Engagement and Education

Rejuvenation Science engages with the community primarily through its network of doctors, who educate their patients about the importance of a holistic approach to health and the role of high-quality supplements.

The company collaborates with various medical practitioners and participates in educational initiatives to promote health and wellness.

Personal Insights

Howard finds the development of his new theory of disease, the research that supports it, and the writing of his book to be incredibly rewarding. He doesn’t consider it work most of the time, as he is passionate about advancing the field of health and wellness.

Howard believes that the role of dietary supplements in healthcare will evolve slowly due to entrenched medical dogma and the influence of pharmaceutical companies. However, he is optimistic that MMM Theory will provide insights to drive future change and improve healthcare practices.

In conclusion, Rejuvenation Science is dedicated to enhancing wellness through scientifically-backed supplements, a commitment to quality, and a holistic approach to health. The company’s innovative research, high-quality products, and customer-centric philosophy set it apart in the health supplement industry.

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