Vladislav Doronin and the Aman Group: Redefining Luxury Hospitality and Real Estate Development

Vladislav Doronin, the visionary real estate developer and chairman and CEO of the OKO Group, has made a significant mark on the luxury residential and hospitality properties landscape. One of his most notable ventures is the Aman Group, renowned for its exquisite Aman branded residences and resorts. Let’s delve into the world of Aman and Vladislav Doronin’s contributions to this esteemed brand.

vladislav doronin

Aman Group’s Global Expansion:

Founded by Adrian Zecha, it became synonymous with luxury and exclusivity. Vladislav Doronin’s OKO Group and Capital Group Development LLC acquired Aman in 2014. Under Doronin’s leadership, the brand continued to expand its presence globally, offering awe-inspiring locations that set the standard for luxury hospitality.

Aman’s First Destination in New York (Aman New York):

Aman New York, situated in the iconic Crown Building on Fifth Avenue, marked Aman’s first foray into the bustling New York City real estate market. The property seamlessly blends historic charm with modern luxury, setting a new standard for urban hospitality.

Vladislav DoroninAman’s Sister Brand, Janu:

In addition to Aman, Doronin introduced Janu Tokyo, a sister brand that brings a contemporary and social aspect to luxury travel. These properties offer a fresh take on hospitality, attracting a new generation of travelers seeking unique experiences.

Aman’s Presence in Miami Beach:

Miami Beach welcomed Aman with open arms as they unveiled Aman Miami Beach. This luxury resort combines the vibrant spirit of Miami Beach with the serene ambiance that Aman is renowned for, making it a sought-after destination.

Aman Nai Lert:

Aman Nai Lert in Bangkok, Thailand, offers a lush and tranquil oasis in the heart of the bustling city. This destination showcases Aman’s commitment to preserving historical landmarks while creating a haven for guests.

The Iconic Aman Interiors:

Aman properties are celebrated not only for their stunning locations but also for their meticulously designed interiors. The brand’s collaboration with renowned architects and designers like Zaha Hadid has resulted in spaces that are as visually stunning as the surrounding landscapes. (Aman Destination)

Aman Essentials and Private Jet Tours:

Vladislav Doronin’s passion for creating unforgettable experiences led to initiatives like Aman Essentials and private jet tours. These offerings elevate the Aman experience, allowing guests to explore the world in unparalleled luxury.

Doronin’s Commitment to Better Cities:

Beyond luxury hospitality, Vladislav Doronin is dedicated to improving urban environments. Projects like Missoni Baia in Miami and Sama in Moscow aim to enhance cityscapes and offer residents a better quality of life.

Challenges and Achievements:

Vladislav Doronin’s journey hasn’t been without challenges. Legal matters, such as the wire fraud case and financial dealings, have made headlines. Still, Doronin’s determination and commitment to his projects have secured additional investment and propelled his ventures forward.

Vladislav Doronin

Aman’s Future and Vladislav Doronin’s Vision:

The Aman Group continues to evolve and expand into international markets, with upcoming projects that promise to redefine luxury travel. Vladislav Doronin’s vision for Aman and his real estate developments reflect his unwavering commitment to creating exceptional spaces that leave a lasting impact on the world.

In the world of luxury hospitality and real estate development, Vladislav Doronin stands as a visionary, shaping the future of urban living and travel experiences through Aman and the OKO Group. As Aman continues to flourish under his leadership, it remains a symbol of opulence, offering guests a chance to immerse themselves in the finest destinations worldwide.

Vladislav Doronin

Vladislav Doronin: A Visionary Real Estate Developer and Businessman

Vladislav Doronin is a name that resonates in the world of luxury real estate development and hospitality. With a keen eye for exceptional properties and a passion for delivering unparalleled experiences to discerning clients, Vladislav Doronin has made a significant mark in the industry. In this article, we will delve into the life and achievements of this visionary entrepreneur, exploring his journey from humble beginnings to becoming a renowned figure in the world of high-end real estate and luxury hospitality.

Early Life and Education

Vladislav Doronin was born in Leningrad, Soviet Union (now Saint Petersburg, Russia), in 1962. His upbringing was marked by the historical and cultural richness of the city, which played a significant role in shaping his worldview. He pursued his higher education at Moscow State University, where he studied international relations and law. This educational background would later prove invaluable as he ventured into the world of international business and real estate.

Vladislav Doronin

Entering the Business World

Doronin’s foray into the business world began in the early 1990s, a period of significant economic and political change in Russia. During this time, he recognized the opportunities presented by the privatization of state-owned assets and the emerging real estate market. He seized these opportunities with determination and a clear vision.

In 1993, Vladislav Doronin founded the Capital Group Development LLC, a real estate development and investment company. Under his leadership, the company focused on identifying prime real estate locations and transforming them into luxurious and innovative properties. Doronin’s ability to identify promising projects and his dedication to excellence quickly set Capital Group Development apart in the industry.

Luxury Residential Developments

One of Doronin’s most notable achievements has been the creation of luxury residential properties that redefine modern living. He understands that discerning clients seek more than just a place to live; they desire an elevated lifestyle. With this in mind, Doronin has developed residential properties that combine exquisite design, state-of-the-art amenities, and breathtaking views.

One of the standout projects in Vladislav Doronin’s portfolio is Aman Sveti Stefan in Montenegro. This stunning resort, situated on a private island, offers a harmonious blend of historical charm and contemporary luxury. It has received acclaim for its preservation of the island’s heritage while providing guests with the utmost in comfort and exclusivity.

Aman New York, located in the iconic Crown Building on Fifth Avenue, is another testament to Doronin’s commitment to excellence. This project involved the meticulous restoration of a historic landmark, transforming it into a luxury hotel and private residences. Aman New York represents a harmonious fusion of architectural heritage and modern sophistication.

Bloomberg recently broke the news about Vladislav Doronin’s strategic partnership with Thoma Bravo, a leading private equity investment firm. This collaboration marks a significant step in Doronin’s pursuit of innovation in the real estate and hospitality sectors. Together, they aim to redefine the concept of luxury office space, catering to the evolving needs of modern businesses.

The ambitious Project Sama, born from this partnership, is set to revolutionize the office space landscape. Doronin envisions office spaces that seamlessly blend functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. With a commitment to creating awe-inspiring locations, Project Sama aims to provide businesses with environments that inspire creativity and productivity.

As a testament to the project’s significance, renowned publications like the Robb Report and Vogue Business have taken notice. The partnership between Vladislav Doronin and Thoma Bravo, backed by their combined expertise and resources, has captured the attention of the business and luxury lifestyle sectors.

Cain International, a real estate investment firm known for its strategic vision, has also expressed interest in supporting Project Sama. This collaboration further reinforces the project’s potential to reshape the future of office spaces, making them more than just workspaces but also destinations in their own right.

In summary, Vladislav Doronin’s latest endeavor, Project Sama, has attracted significant attention from both the business and luxury sectors. This partnership with Thoma Bravo and the involvement of Cain International demonstrate the industry’s recognition of Doronin’s ability to innovate and create extraordinary spaces. As the project unfolds, it is poised to set new standards for office spaces, aligning perfectly with Doronin’s legacy of excellence in real estate and hospitality.

Expanding the Aman Brand

Vladislav Doronin’s collaboration with the Aman Group has been a pivotal part of his career. The Aman brand is synonymous with exceptional hospitality and unique destinations. Doronin recognized the potential to expand this brand further and introduce it to new markets.

Aman continues to grow under Doronin’s leadership, with new properties and destinations constantly being added to the portfolio. Notably, Aman Nai Lert in Bangkok, Thailand, is an exquisite urban sanctuary that exemplifies the brand’s commitment to creating serene and luxurious environments in the heart of bustling cities.

Additionally, the Aman brand has ventured into branded residences, allowing individuals to own a piece of the Aman experience. These private residences offer a lifestyle that mirrors the Aman ethos, combining exclusivity with impeccable service.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Vladislav Doronin’s ability to form strategic partnerships and collaborations has been instrumental in the success of his projects. His partnership with the legendary architect Zaha Hadid for the Aman New York project resulted in a masterpiece of design and innovation. This collaboration showcases Doronin’s commitment to working with visionaries to bring his projects to life.

Vladislav Doronin

Doronin’s Vision for the Future

As a forward-thinker and innovator in the real estate and hospitality sectors, Vladislav Doronin continues to set his sights on new horizons. He recognizes the importance of sustainability and environmental consciousness in modern development. Doronin’s projects incorporate eco-friendly practices and embrace the beauty of natural surroundings.

His dedication to creating awe-inspiring locations extends to new markets and destinations. The acquisition of Aman Alula in Saudi Arabia marked the brand’s entry into the Middle East, further diversifying its portfolio.

In addition to his work in real estate development, Doronin has expanded into other ventures, including private jet tours and art collections, reflecting his diverse interests and passion for delivering extraordinary experiences.

Recent News

In recent news reported by the Wall Street Journal, Aman’s commitment to creating a flagship destination has garnered attention. With its dedication to providing awe-inspiring locations, Aman has consistently pushed the boundaries of luxury hospitality. The brand’s remarkable journey has even led it to the federal court, where its unique approach to hospitality and real estate development is under scrutiny.

One of Aman’s remarkable developments is the Oko Tower, a symbol of opulence and innovation in the heart of New York. Aman’s presence in the city signifies its mission to contribute to a better urban landscape, and its collaboration with visionaries like Eduard Berman, the owner, chairman, and CEO, has been instrumental in achieving this goal. The Wall Street Journal’s coverage highlights Aman’s dedication to transforming cities and creating unparalleled experiences for its guests.

Vladislav Doronin: A Multifaceted Visionary

Vladislav Doronin’s influence extends far beyond his role as a real estate developer and hospitality magnate. He is a multifaceted visionary with a diverse range of interests and accomplishments that reflect his insatiable curiosity and desire to make a positive impact on the world. In this section, we’ll delve into some of the lesser-known aspects of Vladislav Doronin’s life and career.

  1. Art and Culture Enthusiast: Beyond his business acumen, Doronin is a passionate patron of the arts and culture. His love for art is evident in his impressive art collection, which features works by renowned artists from various periods and styles. Doronin’s appreciation for art goes beyond collecting; he actively supports artists and cultural institutions, fostering creativity and innovation.
  2. Philanthropy: Vladislav Doronin is not only focused on business success but also on giving back to the community. He is involved in various philanthropic initiatives that aim to make a positive impact on society. His philanthropic efforts encompass areas such as education, healthcare, and environmental conservation, reflecting his commitment to social responsibility.
  3. Global Perspective: Doronin’s international background and extensive travel have given him a global perspective that transcends borders. He has a keen interest in international markets and continuously explores opportunities to expand his business ventures globally. His ability to navigate diverse cultural landscapes has been instrumental in the success of his projects in various countries.
  4. Innovative Ventures: In addition to his real estate and hospitality endeavors, Doronin has ventured into innovative projects that push the boundaries of what is possible. His foray into private jet tours, for example, offers discerning travelers the opportunity to explore the world in unparalleled luxury and style. These ventures reflect his passion for creating extraordinary experiences.
  5. Environmental Consciousness: Sustainability and environmental consciousness are integral to Vladislav Doronin’s vision for the future. His commitment to eco-friendly practices in real estate development aligns with the growing global emphasis on environmental responsibility. Doronin’s projects aim to harmonize with their natural surroundings, preserving the beauty of the landscapes they inhabit.
  6. Cultural Preservation: Doronin’s projects often involve the preservation of historical and cultural landmarks. His dedication to maintaining the heritage and authenticity of these sites while transforming them into modern masterpieces demonstrates his respect for history and culture. This approach has garnered recognition and accolades from preservationists and historians.
  7. Leadership in Luxury: Vladislav Doronin’s leadership in the luxury sector extends to his role as the Chairman and CEO of the Aman (Aman Hotel). Under his guidance, the Aman brand (Aman Hotel) has continued to set the standard for luxury hospitality and destination experiences. Doronin’s commitment to excellence is evident in the brand’s expansion (Aman Beverly Hills) and ongoing success. 



Vladislav Doronin’s journey from his early days in Russia to becoming a global leader in luxury real estate development and hospitality is a testament to his vision, dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence. His ability to transform historic landmarks into modern marvels and create destinations that offer the utmost in luxury and tranquility has earned him a revered place in the industry.

As Vadislav Doronin continues to shape the landscape of luxury living and travel, his legacy as a visionary real estate developer and businessman is firmly established. His projects stand as living proof that the combination of architectural brilliance, environmental stewardship, and exceptional service can redefine the way we experience the world of luxury.

In the world of luxury real estate and hospitality, Vladislav Doronin is not just a developer; he is a creator of timeless experiences, and his journey is far from over.

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