Jazz Angels Celebrate Community and Music: Antonia Bennett’s Gala Performance

On May 25, 2024, the resonant tones of jazz music filled the Salvation Army Red Shield Theatre in Long Beach, California, for a special performance titled “One Night Only” by Antonia Bennett. This unique event, orchestrated by Jazz Angels, a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering young musicians, brought together enthusiasts of the genre for a celebration of music and philanthropy.

Antonia Bennett, a seasoned jazz vocalist and the daughter of the iconic Tony Bennett, headlined the event, marking a significant moment in her career and for Jazz Angels. Her performance included timeless pieces from the Great American Songbook, such as “Old Devil Moon,” “Night and Day,” and “Every Time We Say Goodbye.” Known for her rich musical heritage and having grown up around legends like Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra, Bennett’s artistry has a profound connection to jazz history. This lineage has seen her perform in prestigious venues around the world, including Radio City Music Hall, the Hollywood Bowl, the Newport Jazz Festival, and Royal Albert Hall in London.

The concert not only showcased Bennett’s vocal prowess but also supported Jazz Angels’ mission of providing musical education and mentorship to youth across Los Angeles County. The funds raised during the event were earmarked to expand the organization’s programming into underserved communities, thereby empowering more young talents to explore and nurture their passion for jazz music. This cause is close to Bennett’s heart, as reflected in her enthusiastic participation and her aim to use her platform to make a significant impact on the lives of aspiring musicians.

Barry Cogert, the managing director of Jazz Angels, expressed immense gratitude for Bennett’s collaboration, noting that this concert was hopefully the first of many such events. He emphasized the organization’s commitment to not only preserving jazz but also using it as a conduit for empowerment, community building, and social change.

The event was set against the backdrop of the newly renovated Salvation Army Red Shield Theatre, which provided a fitting ambiance for an evening dedicated to classic and contemporary jazz renditions. Attendees not only enjoyed the musical offerings but were also able to participate in a broader conversation about the importance of arts education in fostering well-rounded, confident individuals.

Tickets for the concert were strategically priced to encourage broad participation, with special rates for youth and various VIP options, including a unique opportunity for a meet-and-greet with Bennett. This tiered pricing structure underscored Jazz Angels’ inclusive approach, aiming to make cultural events accessible to a diverse audience.

Beyond the immediate excitement of the evening, the concert served as a poignant reminder of the transformative power of music education. Jazz Angels continues to reach over 350 children weekly through its in-school and after-school programming, which not only teaches music but also instills confidence, creativity, and leadership skills in its participants.

The event also highlighted the organization’s forward-looking initiatives and ongoing community engagement strategies. Jazz Angels is actively working to expand its reach and impact, ensuring that the legacy of jazz continues to inspire and shape the futures of young musicians in Los Angeles and beyond.

As the echoes of the night’s performances lingered, both Bennett and the Jazz Angels team looked forward to the future, hopeful about the continued growth of their collaborative efforts to support and celebrate jazz music. With continued support from the community and dedicated artists like Antonia Bennett, Jazz Angels’ vision of empowering young musicians and preserving the rich heritage of jazz is set to soar to new heights.

Empowering Young Musicians Through Jazz

Jazz Angels is a vibrant non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of young musicians in Los Angeles County through the vibrant rhythms and expressive soul of jazz music. Founded in 2007 by a trio of professional musicians and educators, Jazz Angels has evolved from a simple music program into a comprehensive educational initiative that impacts over 350 students weekly.

Educational Programs and Impact

At the core of Jazz Angels is its innovative educational approach, which integrates traditional jazz education with modern music trends to cater to the diverse interests of young musicians. The organization provides a dynamic learning environment where students engage in both performance and improvisation, helping to boost their musical skills and personal confidence. Through regular performances, students experience the thrill of live music in real-world settings, enhancing their practical skills and exposure to the jazz community.

Community Engagement and Expansion

Jazz Angels isn’t just about teaching music; it’s about building community and expanding access to arts education. The organization collaborates with schools and community centers to bring jazz to a wider audience, particularly focusing on underserved areas. These partnerships have been crucial in broadening the reach of their programs, ensuring that more children have the opportunity to learn and grow through music.

The Future of Jazz Angels

Looking forward, Jazz Angels is poised for significant growth. With plans to expand their programming to include a thousand students weekly, the organization aims to foster an even greater sense of community and collaboration among young musicians. This expansion will likely include more performance opportunities and perhaps even a nationwide jazz festival, further solidifying the role of Jazz Angels in promoting and preserving the rich heritage of jazz music.

For those interested in supporting or participating in Jazz Angels’ programs, opportunities abound for volunteering, donating, or simply spreading the word about their impactful work. Each contribution helps ensure that jazz, an essential part of America’s cultural heritage, continues to inspire and empower the next generation of musicians.

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