Jeany Zhao: A Paradigm of Passion and Perseverance

Jeany Zhao is a multifaceted entrepreneur whose career spans multiple industries, from technology to gastronomy. Her journey is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and the willingness to take calculated risks. This article explores her insights and experiences, highlighting her dynamic approach to business and life.


The Turning Point: Embracing Risk for Growth

Jeany vividly recalls a pivotal moment early in her career when she decided to leave a secure corporate job to explore her interest in foreign policy. “When I was a year and a half out of college and into my first real corporate job, right when I was doing well, proving myself, and had just gotten a promotion and raise, I had the inspiration to pursue my interest in foreign policy, and quit my job to start a certification in International Security at Stanford to explore,” she shares. This bold move not only led to doubling her salary through a consulting arrangement but also positioned her to work on groundbreaking projects in new technology, significantly boosting her career trajectory within three years.

Diverse Ventures: Aligning Passions with Opportunities

Jeany’s entrepreneurial ventures range widely from consulting services to running a BBQ restaurant. She emphasizes the importance of aligning opportunities with personal passions and working with people she trusts. “My rules are simple: I work on things I feel passion for and I work with people I like and trust,” she states. This approach has enabled her to venture into various fields, demonstrating that being a jack of all trades can indeed be a formidable asset in the modern business landscape.


Managing Multiple Ventures: Strategies for Efficiency

Handling multiple businesses requires effective time management and prioritization. Jeany admits that this is an area of constant learning for her, focusing on activities that grow her business while outsourcing lesser tasks. “Efficiency, quick decision-making, and taking action are really important when time is lacking,” she explains. By sleeping fewer hours and learning from mistakes quickly, she continues to advance her ventures effectively.

Problem-Solving and Social Impact

For Jeany, business is not just about profit but also about making a positive impact. She plans to launch a podcast and membership program focused on holistic well-being. “My end goal is to make a mark on the world and help make life better for other beings,” she reflects, highlighting her commitment to contributing positively to society through her entrepreneurial efforts.

Suck It Up Coaching: Inspiring Action and Resilience

Jeany’s coaching program, Suck It Up Coaching, is designed to inspire participants to take action and embrace challenges. With her corporate background providing a solid foundation, she emphasizes professionalism and clear communication in all her business interactions. “Professionalism really boils down to being considerate of everyone you work with,” she notes, underscoring the importance of respect and consideration in successful business practices.

From Passion to Publication: A Journey in Automotive Journalism

Jeany’s love for writing and cars has led her to publish articles in automotive magazines, a niche that combines her interests perfectly. She recounts her start in this field: “Greg at Excellence Magazine took a chance on me, and my first writing assignment was a cover article for the new 992 Porsche 911 Turbo S back in 2020.” Her enthusiasm for cars not only fulfills a personal passion but also opens professional doors, illustrating the power of aligning one’s career with one’s passions.

The Influence of Family: Lessons from Risk-Takers

Jeany credits her parents, Chinese immigrants who started anew in the U.S., as her initial examples of risk-takers. Their sacrifices and resilience have profoundly influenced her approach to business and life. “They took the ultimate risk…all for a chance to be in a better place,” she reflects, drawing inspiration from their journey to navigate her own entrepreneurial path.

Overcoming Challenges Abroad: Lessons from a Texas BBQ in Bogota

Jeany’s foray into the restaurant business in Bogota came with unique challenges, from navigating local regulations to dealing with unforeseen circumstances like COVID-19. She emphasizes the importance of local knowledge and research when entering foreign markets, sharing candidly about the venture’s eventual closure.

Continuous Learning and Adaptation

Throughout her career, Jeany Zhao has demonstrated an ability to adapt and thrive in diverse fields. Her story is a powerful reminder of the benefits of embracing risks, continuously learning, and aligning one’s professional endeavors with personal passions. Through her varied experiences, she continues to inspire entrepreneurs and business leaders to pursue their passions with diligence and creativity.

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