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Thoren Bradley (Thor for short) was raised in a very rural section of the Sierra Nevada mountains of northern California. The nearest “town” of Groveland was where his social life essentially existed. After the passing of his father in my teens, he inherited his arboring and tree service equipment and used that as a way to make some money in high school.

Thoren Bradley

A smiling tattooed man with a beard is featured on the cover of  David's Guide  magazine, highlighting his role as a social media influencer and expert in physiology.
Although, college was not a realistic or common route in his social circle….he listened to his mother and gave it a shot. After earning a masters degree in physiology, it turns out…he was a great student and writer. Spending the beginning of his professional life in NCAA Division 1 athletics, he decided to step away and pursue a very different life. What you see now is a blend of it all. 
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With a whopping 4.9 million Tik Tok Followers and 488k Instagram followers, he is quite the influencer.
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Thoren Bradley Background

Where are you from? Tell us about your upbringing.

Just outside of Yosemite National Park exists a different culture. There was no full time sheriff appointed to the area and people really have developed a sense of self-governing independence. Not so much in that politically polarizing way either, more so from a sense the of not having a sense of efficacy in governance because Washington couldn’t feel further away. My parents were both raised in Oakland, California during racially tense process of desegregation…so they’d be damned if I didn’t get a taste of cultural awareness. But, all in all….Groveland California is a different planet. And one that builds a toughness that is quite literally tangible. 
thoren bradley
How do you achieve higher consciousness? You must be regularly present in places that thrive without the fingerprint of humanity. Rivers, forests, ecosystems where the life cycle of a living thing is only in synch with the will of it’s surroundings. I don’t think problems in humanity stem from people thinking they are too important….I think they stem from people thinking they aren’t important enough. It’s why people litter, it’s why they say horrible things. If you think your action has no downstream impact, you’ll cease to hold yourself to a higher standard. The more important i feel, the better I treat people.
thoren bradley
What is the My Fitness App? So you remember that Masters Degree I was talking about? Yeah! Science is one of my loves in this world. But I learned, people don’t want to hear me be a nerd. They want the knowledge that impact their health and fitness and don’t want the excess. Well I give people access to all of that expertise. All of that knowledge. In my app Ōhk. But I make it available in layman’s. Programs. Nutrition. All of it with a goal of closing the socioeconomic health knowledge gap for people who can’t afford to spend 10 years learning this sh*t. 
thoren bradley
What’s a typical day like for you? 4:30 am Wakeup. Cardio.  5:00 egg white omelette while I begin answering emails to my app users.  9 am workout for a little over an hour. (Some days fight practice with Muay Thai training too)  11-1 Money making ventures through social media communication or email for modeling or ad jobs.  3-7 Outside labor. Take care of property or help others do the same.  7:00 Shower. Eat and pursue business opportunities until I cant focus any longer.   Keep in mind. Some days, i’ll throw some of this out the window…and work for 12 hours or play for 12 hours outside. 
thoren bradley
Tell us about your tattoos: All spontaneous. Get a random symbolic idea and just throw it on there. My friends and I, Todd and Connor started getting tattoos at a very young age out of sheer fun. Never went into it with the goal of changing my look. Music lyrics, inside jokes and dead friends probably fueled most of them. But i never walked into a tattoo shop and said “give me a sleeve of clocks and smoke” 😂 They came with metaphorical growth. 
A tattooed man in a white t-shirt is standing against a wooden wall, looking off to the side.
A tattooed man in a white t-shirt is standing against a wooden wall, looking off to the side.
A tattooed man in a white t-shirt is standing against a wooden wall, looking off to the side.
How did you get into fitness? What is your workout routine like? So I am an extremely active human already with the tree work, the outdoorsy lifestyle. But I struggle immensely with anxiety and ADD. It seems physical exertion momentarily calms that storm in my head and allows me to exist calmly. So bodybuilding style exercise seems to bring a lot of relief because of the pain of that style of tissue building. But also, Muay Thai and JuiJitsu also help tremendously.  Do you have any meditation/mindset practices? Yes. No intake until my brain calms back down. So sometimes I’ll take 8 hour breaks without taking in music with words, without podcasts, without screens. Just until I’ve mentally digested my inner thoughts to completion.  One’s reality is achieved through the thoughts one believes in their head. How do you take a thought and manifest it into your dreams? Just coming to the realization that pursuit is fun. Instead of relating achievement to a ratio of something being “possible or not” I relate everything to the process being a blast. Let’s try ______ blank. Because I’ll learn new things. I feel we all are playing this asinine game of weighing new pursuits based on how realistic they sound. So to whoever is listening. Stop doing that. How silly.  Everyone has a past…sometimes, it can be quite dark. How would you suggest letting go of your past so that you can achieve great results for the future? Mine certainly is. Anger and pain were both on my right and left shoulder for many years. No light. But it’s not because it wasn’t there…it’s because I learned to love being in dark places. I was a martyr to trauma. But here’s the thing, rarely do things happen TO us. No. Things just happen, and as selfish beings we like to attach ownership to proximity. Really. Bad things happen, learning to cope with the challenge trauma brings to your life is very different than learning to use trauma as a reason not to cope with challengeWhat is the best way of connecting with someone? Conversation is better than sex. It’s better than the culmination of all things. Conversation changes two people forever. If someone is not willing to feel stimulated enough to remain in conversation for extended periods of time out of sheer interest. Then that is not my type of human.  Do you have any biohacking practices that you do? 5 mg of fast acting edible THC and caffeine are great before a good workout. And I’m a big fan of a microdose of Psilocybin before a good music making session with friends. I also am very interested in drug technology. Like Psilocybin and Ketamine for depression, Ibogaine for addiction, MDMA for ptsd, gaboxidol for sleep, even 2CD for cognitive behavioral therapy. But of course, these things are not to be messed with without the legalities of a professional present.  Who inspires you? My friends. They’re truly the epitome of seeing the silliness of progress for the sake of monetary gain only. And most of them wont sacrifice their way of living just because you wave a dollar on front of them. It’s commendable in a time where we trade moments for coins.  What projects are you working on now? I’d like to buy some more rural property. Write a more esoteric and qualitative book. And maybe start a traveling health and fitness seminar.  What does beauty mean to you? I think there is a point that an individual reaches of comfort within their body and soul. Where you can feel a sense of effortless charisma. A place where mannerisms even become fluid. It’s not a landmark that can be measured, but more felt in their presence. It’s a balance of humble awareness and being attracted to oneself.  How would you describe success? Waking up with the sensation of looking forward to the day you’ve just started. Success Is not a milestone. It’s a sensation.  Where can we find you? If anybody is interested in more intimate help from me with their health you can find me on the ōhk app. (Both Google play and Apple) But if you just want to connect with me on social….you can find me on all platforms just by searching my name Thoren Bradley.  Instagram Tik Tok
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