Reach’s Pre-Coachella Gifting Suite

The pre-Coachella gifting suite hosted by Reach at the London Hotel in West Hollywood brought together a plethora of brands, each with their unique offerings and ethos, showcasing a variety of products from cosmetics to nutrition, and sustainable goods to fashion.

Alter Eco Foods stands out with its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices, producing a range of organic, non-GMO, and fair-trade chocolate products. Their focus on regenerative agriculture and full-circle sustainability ensures that their chocolate is not only delicious but also contributes positively to the environment and the well-being of their farmers.

For those in attendance, it wasn’t just about exploring products; it was about experiencing the ethos and narrative that each brand brought to the event. This exclusive event served as a hub for networking and brand engagement, providing an intimate platform for brands to connect with influential figures and guests.

Mavely App, in particular, is notable for empowering creators to earn from brand campaigns, demonstrating the interconnectivity of commerce, content creation, and community.

Each participating brand, from Revlon’s beauty innovations to Quest Nutrition’s health-conscious snacks and Beyond Meat’s plant-based alternatives, presented guests with a taste of their latest products and initiatives. The suite was a celebration of innovation, wellness, and style, set in the luxury of the London Hotel’s penthouse, providing an indulgent prelude to one of the year’s most anticipated music festivals.

Leave The Feed captured the zeitgeist of the social media age, offering products or services designed to enhance digital lifestyles, whether through curated content or tools to foster online connections.

PSD Underwear showcased the intersection of comfort and style with their trendy underwear designs. They’ve mastered the art of creating intimate apparel that doesn’t sacrifice fashion for function, a blend that resonates with Coachella’s stylish crowd.

Droplette introduced a revolutionary way of skincare with their device that enhances the absorption of skincare products, promising a more effective routine that aligns with the festival-goers’ desire for quick and efficient beauty solutions.

Cupshe added a flair of summer fashion with their collection of swimwear. Their designs reflected the carefree spirit of Coachella, capturing the essence of California’s sunny beaches and festival chic.

Impo Shoes put their best foot forward, showcasing a variety of footwear that combines modern trends with comfort, ideal for the days spent dancing and nights exploring the festival grounds.

Beyond Meat catered to the plant-based preferences of many attendees, providing a taste of how delicious and satisfying meatless options can be, reflecting a growing trend in sustainability and health.

Vitamin Water kept guests hydrated with their nutrient-enhanced water, offering a burst of vitamins and a hint of flavor to refresh and revitalize.


Nosotros Mezcal provided an authentic sipping experience with their craft spirits, embodying the spirit of Coachella with its bold flavors and smooth finish.

LesserEvil proved that snacks can be both delicious and health-conscious, offering organic popcorn and other treats that are as good for the body as they are for the tastebuds.

Dudewipes offered a practical solution to stay fresh in the desert heat, emphasizing convenience and hygiene in a festival environment where such commodities are golden.

Vacation Sunscreen made sure everyone was covered with their protective and skin-nourishing sun care products, essential for the sunny days of Coachella.

ChuggerKnights turned hydration into an epic quest with their innovative drinking accessories, bringing fun and functionality together.

Flower Song LA bloomed at the suite with their beautiful floral arrangements, reminding everyone of the beauty of nature amidst the festival’s electrifying environment.

Breluxe and Brow Essence provided beauty and brow services, ensuring that every attendee was camera-ready for those festival selfies.

Carvery Kitchen tantalized taste buds with their gourmet offerings, demonstrating that festival dining can be a culinary adventure.

HNR Crew, Moss, Barebells, NOCCO, and Jinx Drinx contributed to the suite with their unique range of nutritional and lifestyle products, while Liquid Death quenched thirsts with a branding twist that caught everyone’s eye.

Lemon Perfect, Power Crunch, The Ryl Company, Noca, Besa, BOMANI, Dink Sip, and Fanfix continued the theme of health and indulgence, each with their unique spin on wellness and enjoyment.

Alexah Iced You dazzled with their jewelry, The IV Girl provided wellness infusions, and Royal Treatment Wellness ensured that guests left feeling rejuvenated and cared for.

Each brand at the Reach Pre-Coachella Gifting Suite not only provided products but also contributed to the overall narrative of sustainability, wellness, and indulgence, defining the landscape of the festival season and beyond. With the collective efforts of these brands, the suite was not just a precursor to Coachella but a destination in itself, offering a taste of luxury, innovation, and mindful living.

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